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Everyone has a favorite God. Each God is a divine being with a power to bestow unique blessings, with interesting mythology and tale. Our ancient scriptures have captured it all - right from their incarnation, powers, consort, and family, power time and ways to worship and unique blessings. When invoked with right ceremonies and Pooja, at the right time, prescribed in the Vedic texts, you can receive his unique blessings. As mentioned in the sacred texts, a solution to every mundane problem in life can be found by submitting your sincere prayers to the Gods who answer your earnest prayers.

It is always fascinating to listen to or read the stories of Vedic deities as they teach you deeper meanings to relate to your present-day life. Here, on AstroVedPedia we are creating a repository of Gods from scriptures and Vedic texts for you to learn more about the primary Gods, their avatars and their special powers.

We have compiled every detail after detailed research to quench your thirst for divine knowledge. It is our responsibility to pass on our rich cultural and religious heritage to future generations. In this digital age, all of us are preoccupied with our electronic gadgets. AstroVedPedia acts as a vast web repository to know more about our powerful Gods and their interesting mythologies from your phone or PC.

Below you can find the list of Gods, and you can learn more about your favorite deity!

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