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Today's Horai Timings

Day Hora

  • Hora Time
  • 05:58:52 - 07:10:10
  • 07:10:10 - 08:21:28
  • 08:21:28 - 09:32:46
  • 09:32:46 - 10:44:04
  • 10:44:04 - 11:55:22
  • 11:55:22 - 13:06:39
  • 13:06:39 - 14:17:57
  • 14:17:57 - 15:29:15
  • 15:29:15 - 16:40:33
  • 16:40:33 - 17:51:51
  • 17:51:51 - 19:03:09
  • 19:03:09 - 20:14:27

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Night Hora

  • Hora Time
  • 20:14:27 - 21:03:05
  • 21:03:05 - 21:51:43
  • 21:51:43 - 22:40:22
  • 22:40:22 - 23:29:00
  • 23:29:00 - 00:17:38
  • 00:17:38 - 01:06:16
  • 01:06:16 - 01:54:55
  • 01:54:55 - 02:43:33
  • 02:43:33 - 03:32:11
  • 03:32:11 - 04:20:50
  • 04:20:50 - 05:09:28
  • 05:09:28 - 05:58:06

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Hora, an Introduction

Hora or Horai refers to a division of time, as propounded by the Vedic system of Astrology. It divides a day of 24 hours into 24 durations of time and each of these divisions is known as a Hora. A day, as per the traditional Indian system, starts at the time of sunrise and lasts until the sunrise of the following day and it is this ‘day’, which is divided into 24 Horas. This day is also spread across 2 periods, the first being, from sunrise to sunset and the other, from sunset to the next day’s sunrise. Both these periods are divided into 12 Horas each. The duration of time falling in the day light hours, that is, from sunrise to sunset is divided into 12, which becomes the duration or length of a Hora falling during the daytime. Similarly, the sunset to sunrise time divided by 12 gives the length of a Hora during the nighttime. The Hora period or its length, thus, remains in the range of about 1 hour each. It is only from this Indian origin ‘Hora’ that the English word ‘Hour’ itself was born, which is being used all over the world.

The Pattern of the Horas

Each of these Horas is unique and is ruled by a particular planet or the planetary Lord. Thus, there are 7 different Horas, which remain dedicated to the 7 Planetary Lords, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. These 7 Horas follow a particular order of occurrence and keep on repeating in cycles throughout the day and beyond. The first Hora for a weekday starts at the sunrise time and is ruled by the Planetary Lord of the day. For instance, Sun is the Lord for Sunday and so, Sun Hora remains the first Hora of all Sundays; Moon is the Lord for Monday and so, Moon Hora remains the first Hora of all Mondays; and so on. Further, the order that the Horas follow remains as — Sun Hora, Venus Hora, Mercury Hora, Moon Hora, Saturn Hora, Jupiter Hora and Mars Hora; and once again, Sun Hora, Venus Hora, and so on. This cyclic order keeps on repeating throughout the day that is spread across 24 Horas, and then proceeds into the next day, following the same pattern. Thus, for instance, on a Sunday from sunrise to sunrise, the Sun Hora starts the day and repeats in a regular interval of 7 hours.

Significance of Horas

The Horas denote the different periods of time that are generally considered propitious and suitable for undertaking particular activities. Since, different planets that are regarded auspicious or inauspicious rule them, these Horas too are classified accordingly. Thus, while the Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the waxing phase Moon Horas are generally considered as auspicious Subha Horais, the Sun, Mars, Saturn and the waning phase Moon Horas are regarded as not so auspicious Asubha Horais. Thus, people can refer to Panchang or calendars every day to know from them, the ‘Hora Today’ and the ‘Auspicious Time Today’.

Here, let us get to know about each of the individual Horas and about the activities they are best suited for, so that people can plan their jobs accordingly and get optimum benefit out of it.

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Sun Hora
Sun Hora

The Sun or Surya Hora signifies the mighty Sun and this period remains as energetic and powerful as its overlord. Hence, this is said to be highly suited for dealing with those in authority and power, meeting political leaders, handling judicial matters, applying for jobs, buying and selling, and for undertaking adventurous activities. Its impact is believed to be positive on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thrusday, and otherwise on Fridays and Saturdays. Gemstone Ruby can be worn during the Hora time to increase its effectiveness.

Venus Hora
Venus Hora

This Shukra Hora signifies the planet of beauty and love, Venus, and hence, remains propitious for dealing with matters related to love and marriage, clothes and ornaments, comforts and aesthetics, and recreation and fine arts. Its impact is believed to be positive on Fridays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and not so, on Sundays. Gemstone Opal can be worn to increase its effectiveness.

Mercury Hora
Mercury Hora

As this signifies Budha, the planet of intellect, this Budha Hora is naturally suited for education, learning, skill development, writing, publishing and media work, telecommunication, accounting and business matters. Its positive impact is believed to remain high on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and not so much on Tuesdays. It is good to wear the green Emerald during this time.

Moon Hora
Moon Hora

This Chandra Hora signifies the Moon, the planet of the Mind and is considered good for almost all activities. People can join services, travel, change residences, indulge in romantic activities, acquire clothes and ornaments, follow creative pursuits and do water-related works, during this time. Its effectiveness is believed to be better on Mondays and Thursdays and not so good on Saturdays and Sundays. Pearl remains the right stone for this Hora.

Saturn Hora
Saturn Hora

This Shani Hora signifies the slow moving planet Saturn. Hence, this period does not suit activities that require quick action. Though considered inauspicious for many activities, labor staff can be handled, oil and iron related businesses can be done and agricultural and foundation-laying work can be undertaken, during this time. Its impact can be said to be better on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and may remain otherwise on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Blue Sapphire and Hessonite can be worn during this time for better effect.

Jupiter Hora
Jupiter Hora

This Guru Hora signifies the highly auspicious planet Guru or Brihaspathi. This can hence be said as the ideal time for any auspicious activity, when all new beginnings can be made. Joining a course or a job, starting a new venture, discussions on marital alliances, starting a journey, undertaking financial dealings and doing spiritual activities can very well be done in this Hora. Its positive impacts can be even more effective on Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays. Wearing Yellow Sapphire can enhance its effectiveness further.

Mars Hora
Mars Hora

This Mangal Hora signifies the aggressive planet Mars and hence, arguments and fights can best be avoided during this time. This is also not generally regarded suitable for auspicious activities. However, work related to land and agriculture, engineering and construction, martial arts and competitive sports, fire, and litigation can be done during this Hora. This period can prove to be better on Tuesdays, Sundays and Thursdays, and not so, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Red Coral can be the suitable Gemstone to be worn during this time.