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Love Calculator

Love Calculator

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Are you in the quest of your true love? Do you want to know if your date is your best match? Knowing how compatible you are with your partner can help you work on your love life to make it better. Our Love Calculator App does just for you!

Find out the compatibility between you and your love or future life partner in a single click. Our Love Calculator App is FREE and easy-to-use for finding out how good is the match between you and your special one.

You can know the level of bonding between you two in 3 ways using our Love Calculator App:

  1. birthchart By Name
    Enter your name and the name of your love to know how perfect is your match
  2. birthchart By Moon Sign
    Moon sign is considered an important factor in deciding the compatibility amongst a couple. Know it for you and your special one by entering both of your Moon signs
  3. birthchart By Date of Birth
    Enter the date of births of you and your partner and get the love % between you two

Understand how good is your match and know how you can improve it for a lovely and happy love life with our simple tips. The compatibility and relationship tips on this App are based on Numerology and Vedic Astrology.

So, what are you waiting for? Download our Love Calculator App and know how perfect you both in a moment FREE!

True love is unconditional. Never a truer word said. As humans and living beings, we are all about emotions. There are so many facets to emotions. There is one emotion which is the strongest in terms of expression and perhaps the most powerful of them all, the expression of love. The feelings are unlimited in love. It is a summation of all emotions put together, be it anger, pain, grief, hate, laughter, patience, you name it. Love encompasses all these emotions and runs through them in terms of different expressions at different times.

Love cannot be defined in any particular term. It is an individual’s perception. It is the basis to form any relationship and looking for someone is a matter of the heart and mind. However, there is that one special person you may meet. Do you know someone you are drawn to, interested in, feel something special for?

What is a Love Calculator?

There is nothing better than the Love Calculator, which helps discover the love percentage. This is a calculation that can check compatibility scores between two people and see if there can be a successful relationship.

Love Meter: Find Compatibility

Do you have a real liking for someone? Are there unique feelings that you have for someone? Do you feel some sort of connection you cannot quite understand? There is a way for you to find out. Try the Love Meter, which will help you be sure and find the person you are most likely looking for. The Love Meter is a simple Love Calculator which displays the love percentage when you enter names. You need to enter your name and the name of your possible partner and see how much love compatibility exists between the two of you.

How Does a Love Calculator Work? The Love Meter Algorithm

The Love Calculator calculates the love percentage based on certain factors. Once the names are entered, the calculator matches the first name against specific parameters associated with love, romance, and relationship. The calculator then calculates the second name against the same parameters.

The Love Calculator sees how many parameters both people have in common. The Love Calculator then displays the love percentage, which is an indication of the love compatibility between the two individuals.

The Love Calculator gives a score between 0 to 100% and indicates love compatibility. It tells you how well it matches in terms of love between two people. When the percentage is higher, the match is that much better.

Some Love Calculators need the names and dates of birth of both people to estimate their love compatibility.

Love Intensity Calculator

The Love Meter is an online love detector which can help you find the love compatibility by calculating the love percentage between two individuals. It is a love tester that indicates love compatibility, and it can state the possibility of a successful relationship between two individuals.

Online Love Calculators based on names, and the date of birth can give out scores on compatibility; the scores may be high or low.

Note: The Love Calculator is meant in a lighter vein, for amusement purpose, rather than being a real indication of love. So please be informed that the results of a love calculator are more for amusement. Itis best to understand Love Calculators do not bear testimony to real love. In case of going through a tough phase in your love life, we highly recommend you to seek Astrology Consultation with an expert early on.

Names Scores
Dog-Cat 68%
Justin - Sophie Trudeau 46%
Prince Harry - Meghan Markle 16%
Mukesh Ambani - Nita Ambani 76%
Dhanush - Aishwarya 43%
Virat Kohli –Anushka Sharma 55%
Barack Obama-Michelle Obama 24%
Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone 40%
Elephant-Giraffe 76%
Zebra-Gazelle 80%