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A Mantra is an incantation, a sacred chant, consisting generally of words and sounds, which are believed to have immense spiritual and psychological powers. These holy Mantras or hymns generally remain as invocations dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses, and are believed to have great efficacy in getting immense divine blessings. The Mantras can remain as a panacea for a variety of ills plaguing the devotees and can thus provide simple answers for even complex problems related to finance, health, education, vocation, marriage, marital harmony, progeny, obstacles, karmic afflictions etc. These Mantras, thus, occupy an exalted status in our spiritual system.

We at AstroVed, have put in painstaking efforts to make a compilation of such powerful Mantras, which can propitiate various deities, bestow people with a variety of blessings and help them get rid of many diseases and difficulties, apart from conferring spiritual benefits. We have created a repository of those sacred hymns in our AstroVedPedia website, along with all necessary details like what the Mantras actually are, what is their efficacy, which deity they propitiate, which aspect of life they impact, which problem they address, and when and how they should be chanted for optimum effectiveness. You can browse through the collection, identify the one most relevant for your requirement, practice as specified, and get benefitted out of it.

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