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Nalla Neram and Gowri Nalla Neram for Jul 23,2024

Subrise Morning

Sunset Evening

Nalla Neram

01:16 PM to 03:03 PM

Gowri Nalla Neram

06:37 PM to 08:24 PM

12:03 AM to 01:16 AM

Sunrise and Sunset Timing

Sunrise Sunrise 06:08 AM

Sunset Sunset 08:24 PM

Gowri Panchangam

The Tamil Gowri Panchangam for Jul 23,2024, shows the Muhurtham (auspicious) and Durmuhurtham (inauspicious) timings.

Day Gowri Timings

Rogam Rogam : 06:08 AM - 07:55 AM
Labam Labam : 07:55 AM - 09:42 AM
Dhanam Dhanam : 09:42 AM - 11:29 AM
Sugam Sugam : 11:29 AM - 13:16 PM
Soram Soram : 13:16 PM - 15:03 PM
Uthi Uthi : 15:03 PM - 16:50 PM
Rahu Kala Rahu Kala : 16:50 PM - 18:37 PM
Amridha Amridha : 18:37 PM - 20:24 PM

Night Gowri Timings

failure Soram : 20:24 PM - 21:37 PM
professional Uthi : 21:37 PM - 22:50 PM
rahukala Rahu Kala : 22:50 PM - 00:03 AM
best Amridha : 00:03 AM - 01:16 AM
disease Rogam : 01:16 AM - 02:29 AM
profit Labam : 02:29 AM - 03:42 AM
income Dhanam : 03:42 AM - 04:55 AM
comfort Sugam : 04:55 AM - 06:08 AM

As indicated above, the Gowri Neram is in a sequence on a given weekday. This sequence follows a pattern and does not change.

Introduction: What is Nalla Neram?

Nalla Neram (auspicious time) is a general observation most people follow around the world, according to the interpretations of their religion and community. The word means good time or the right time to start or do some activity.

The Nalla Neram, like good things, comes every day but only on rare occasions. Finding the occasion with a Nalla Naal (good day) in a month is another rare occurrence. This is that time of the day when all celestial planets align together for you in such a manner, that it will help you achieve things successfully.

People generally know when to avoid poor timing like the Rahu Kalam, Yamagandam, Gulika Kalam (works both ways-good and inferior, and is ruled by Saturn).

Initiating activities in Nalla Neram bears fruit and is considered favorable.

What is Gowri Nalla Neram?

People, especially from the Tamil community, follow Nalla Neram and the Gowri Panchangam for good time to start something new or significant. It refers to the superior and promising time when heavenly forces align in your favor. It indicates that the stars support you, especially while starting something important. The time should be right to initiate an activity.

What is Panchangam?

People in South India are accustomed to the Tamil Calendar called the Panchangam to find the occasion for initiating activities or conducting something positive. Panchangam is Pancha (5) plus Angam (parts). These five parts indicate Thithi, Nakshathiram, Yogam, Nall, and Karanam.

People mostly follow Panchangam daily. The Panchangam gives a clear indication of the proper date and good time to conduct an activity and indicates the unfavorable time of occasion and day when it cannot go forward. A Tamil Panchangam shows the ShubhMuhurtham (favorable timing) and Durmuhurtham (unfavorable timing).

What is a Gowri Panchangam?

The Tamil Gowri Panchangam tells us the favorable time to start new or salient work and how also to avoid unfavorable time. The calendar is easy to follow, and the simple manner of indication helps us find the Nalla Neram, based on this Panchangam’s timings given in the tabulations/columns, published in the renowned Pambu Panchangam. Tamil astrology is closely associated with this Panchangam.

The almanac divides the day and night into eight equal parts with a ruling planet assigned to each of them, that begins with the weekday for sunrise and goes into the 5th day of the weekday for sunset, that will indicate the positive and negative impact on activities undertaken during that time. It is divided into the Day Gowri Panchangam and Night Gowri Panchangam. The Day indicates the time between sunrise and sunset, while the Night Panchangam indicates the time between dusk and the next dawn.

The Panchangam gives the positive timings that include Amirdha, Uthi, Dhanam, Laabam, and Sugam. The timings indicated as unfavorable in the Gowri Panchagam include Soram, Rogam, and Visham.

Benefits of observing Gowri Panchangam

The Panchangam helps us identify the auspicious and inauspicious time of the day and night. Traditionally, the celestial planets rule us, and our astrological birth chart depends on their alignment. Similarly, we need to know the correct time to initiate or perform an activity that will bring us success and profit. For this, too, the stellar forces need to be aligned in our favor, indicating a favorable time.

The Gowri Panchangam helps us ward off the bad moments or timings of the day and night that could otherwise affect our growth and progress.