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What is Chandrashtama?

According to Vedic astrology, Chandrashtama denotes a day when the Moon transits the 8th house from your Moon sign. The word ‘Chandrashtama’ is derived from two words – ‘Chandra’ meaning Moon and ‘Ashta’ meaning eight. Moon takes two and a half days to move from one moon sign to the next and hence, this period is known as Chandrashtama for the particular moon sign natives. Chandrashtama days are generally considered inauspicious to commence any activity.

Significance of Chandrashtama

Moon exerts predominant expressions and frequencies on your mind and unconsciously affects during the Chandrashtama days. General effects during Chandrashtama include confusion, indecisiveness, absent mindedness, depression, and fear. As Moon acts as a major indicator of your mind and thoughts, during this transit, you may not be able to perform up to your true potential. Hence, this period of 21/2 days is considered unfavorable for any important task.

You can involve in spiritual practices including prayers, mantra chanting and charity. Important decisions related to family, relationship, business, and deals are to be avoided. You can counter the ill effects of Chandrashtama by performing remedial measures and prayers.

Know Your Chandrashtama Days

Being aware of your Chandrashtama days offers you an advantage to be more careful in choosing your activity and avoid taking any major decision. It is the most favorable period for self-study and contemplation to identify and rectify your mistakes.

Use this page to know the Chandrashtama days for your Moon sign in a single click and plan your day effectively!