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Moon signs

In Vedic Astrology, the Moon sign is significant in determining a person. Moon sign is considered more important than Sun sign as Moon Governs the mind. Moon is the emotional side of a person, the hidden side, the subconscious mind that we don't put on display in front of the world. Our moon sign signifies our secrets, how we handle emotional moments, how we feel toward situations, and how we react to them.

If the Sun sign is your personality that everyone can easily see, the Moon sign is your private side that only you know, and only you choose to makes others known to it. To know your Moon sign, you need your date of birth since the Moon only stays in a zodiac for 2-3 days, unlike the Sun that stays for longer.

Let's get to know different Moon Signs and how each one operates in life.

Aries Moon Sign

Aries Moon Sign: These people feel passionate about things. They are self-driven, ready to act, and stay focused on their projects. They need action and challenges because this is the way they feel alive. Do not become fiery in unhealthy ways as having the fire element dominant; there are pleasant ways to say things.

Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus Moon Sign: These earthy people continuously crave financial stability, comfort, and a stable life. These fellas can often be seen as stubborn, lazy, and reluctant. A Taurus may be so much practical at times that it may bring disappointment in his relationship. The tip is to be emotionally available, as well!

Gemini Moon Sign

Gemini Moon Sign: A Gemini always craves for changes to get that mental stimulation. They crave information and new ideas to talk them all out, being one of the talkative signs. Due to this talkative nature, they may even share some secrets. Just be careful about this, Gemini!

Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer Moon Sign: Cancerians are sensitive people; their home is their heaven, and they have the strongest bonds with their mother. They have motherly instincts, and they nurture people whenever they go. However, a Cancerian always returns to home whenever they feel out of balance or depressed. These people need regular reassurance from the people they love.

Leo Moon Sign

Leo Moon Sign: Leos are born leaders, true! They, most of the time, seek attention and love to be liked by the mass. However, due to the attention-craving characteristic, they sometimes get too much indulge in getting likes on social media that they forget living the moment. Don't do this to yourself, Leos.

Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moon sign: Virgos chase mental stimulation that they find themselves always solving some or the other problem or project. They are helping people who want to service others and make something positive out of this lifetime. However, astrologers also state that this over-helping nature of a Virgo makes them prone to slavery that people take advantage of their kindness.

Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon sign: Libra is all about their balancing nature; hence they always seek harmony and equality. They avoid unpleasant situations and prefer to live in a peaceful environment. This need to establish peace may lead them to be a diplomat. Be aware of becoming a people-pleaser Librans!

Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio Moon Sign: Scorpions seem a hell of a lot of mysterious people. Of course, they are because, in the world of one-night stands and summer flings, they crave for something serious, something intense, soul-bonding. They don't open up to people, but you must have earned their trust when they do. Due to this nature, they are the most compatible with Cancer, Pisces, and their sign.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius Moon Sign: There is nothing new if a Sagittarian feels bored quickly. These people have an adventurous heart, who can't survive without having multiple trips. Always exploring experiences and meeting people, these people often stay cheerful and on the positive side.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn Moon Sign: Capricorns love to be ambitious, and they want a partner who has his ambitions too. They admire the power and want to be resourceful in a way that helps people for a year or longer, at least. However, these people may not be very nurturing and may seem depressed; hence they need their time to recharge.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius Moon Sign: A sign that always admires independence and takes every necessary step to gain that. They love their freedom, and they are a quite good observant too. They are also seen as talkative, but they sometimes can be so rigid on their beliefs that they don't care that what others are saying is right. They can be people-pleasing at times, but this rigidness may also take them away from their true friends.

Pisces Moon Sign

Pisces Moon Sign: The most sympathetic and emotional sign, these people are intuitive and psychic at times. They are very kind-hearted and sweet people to talk to. They have their depths more than any water sign, and thus it becomes hard to read them. They can be powerful healers or someone drawn to spiritual practices.

Moon Sign Calculator enlightens you about in which zodiac sign your Moon resides. You can use the free calculator and explore more about it.