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Number 1 In Numerology

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What does your birth date say about you?

Number 1

There is a well-founded belief that there exists a relationship between the numbers, and the nature and characteristics of individuals. The date of birth is considered to be an important factor in this regard, and contributes to many of the characteristics of people. These include general qualities, personality traits, personal, professional and married lives, lucky and unlucky dates, lucky stones, etc. This article highlights various factors for people born under different birth dates.

Note: The dates of birth of 1, 10, 19 and 28 are all taken under the Number 1; 2, 11, 20 and 29 are all counted as Number 2; and this goes on similarly up to Number 9.

General Qualities for Number 1 in Numerology

Number 1 represents the Sun, the King of all planets. Hence, people whose birth date sum up to Number 1 are powerhouses and are very energetic. These people are commanding, assertive and determined personalities by nature, and hence, are natural leaders. They cannot be forced into doing anything unless they wish to do it themselves. They occupy prime positions and are generally the toppers, irrespective of the sphere of activity. They like to enjoy the comforts of life and may not hesitate to spend money.

Physique and Personality for Number 1 in Numerology

The ruling Sun will give attractive looks for those born under Number 1. They will usually be of average height and have well-proportioned limbs. However, eyesight may be an area of concern. Majority of people can be seen wearing spectacles. The Sun also represents the heart and the spinal cord in the human body. Hence, these people need to be careful about the problems that may crop up in these organs, especially when they grow old, as they may be prone to issues like blood pressure, cardiac diseases, spondylitis, etc.

They may also suffer from ailments related to the liver, like jaundice. Those born under Number 1 should consider these possibilities and plan their diet accordingly. They are generally moderate eaters. Also, it would be of some good for their health if they keep their food light, as overeating may lead to digestive disorders. It is also advisable for them to reduce spices and oil in food, as these may cause complications like epilepsy.

People with birth dates that sum up to Number 1 are inherently generous, honorable and respectable personalities. They are also intelligent, hardworking, independent, confident, influential, helpful, loyal and generally honest. Backed by the mighty Sun, they can normally do well in any vocation. However, a negative Sun can make them boastful, troubled and unsuccessful.

Among the four birth dates that sum up to Number 1, those born on the 1st may be ambitious, impatient and over-confident. People with birth date 10 are generally cautious, but pleasant to get along. People born on the 19th may look soft, but could be very adamant. They may also have a mesmerizing hold over others. Those born on the 28th may be handsome and may trust others easily.

Lucky and Unlucky Dates, Colors and Gemstones for Number 1

For the people born on birth dates that sum up to Number 1, all the numbers that add up to 1 are lucky, hence, their lucky dates are 1, 10, 19 and 28. Their powers shall increase on those days and they can perform at their best and achieve good results and success. However, the good that happens when commencing jobs on 28th may not be long-lasting. While some important or unexpected events may happen on dates that add up to 4, Number 8 may not be so lucky for them. They may feel exhausted and less enthusiastic. Hence, the number 1born may face problems and failures on the dates 8, 17 and 26 of every month of which 26 may be the most unfavorable.

Yellow color is generally considered auspicious and this remains lucky for them. Therefore, wearing yellow or golden yellow colored clothes will increase the effectiveness of these people. Light red and light blue may also do good to them. However, black and brown may become unlucky and can better be avoided.

Ruby is their lucky gemstone. This stone may be red, orange-red or violet-red in color. Wearing this precious stone on the right-hand ring finger can create positive energy and may even cure some of their illnesses. Topaz and golden topaz may also do good to them.

Profession, Business and Married Life for Number 1 in Numerology
Profession, Business and Married Life

The Sun is the self-luminary body around which all the other planets move. The Sun-blessed Number 1 people too occupy the center stage in their personal and professional lives. Born leaders that they are, they remain high in hierarchy in all managerial positions, and many of them can be found in administrative services and in senior positions in the government. With their sharp intelligence and oratorical skills, they may prove to be highly successful in politics too. Still, their rigidity may make some of them not very suitable for businesses that require flexibility. This can be overcome by collaborating with people born on birth dates that come under the numbers 1, 3, 4 and 5. The number 1 born can also be artists, writers and publishers.

People with birth dates that sum up to Number 1 believe in love, and many of them may go for love marriages. People whose birth date come under the numbers 4 and 8 may generally attract them, and such combinations may lead to pleasant and successful marriages. Unfortunately, some of the love marriages may not be successful due to their stubbornness, self-centered nature and pre-occupation with their profession. In addition, marital relationships with people whose birth dates fall under numbers 1, 7 and 9 may not be fruitful.