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Dasa Bhukti

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Dasa is a planetary cycle that starts based on the placement of Moon in a star at the time of birth. Dasa is a broad pattern of life experiences likely to unfold over significant segments of life. On the other hand, Bhukti (minor planetary period) is the smaller units of time within the Dasa (major planetary period). At any point in time, you will be under the combined influence of the Dasa (major planetary period) and the sub-cycles named Bhukti (minor planetary period).

The major and minor planetary influence period of a planet varies for each planet. In a planet’s Dasa Bhukti, that particular planet is said it exercise a strong influence on the fortunes of a person.

Based on the placement of Dasa/Bhukti planet in one’s birth chart, the effects of that period may give excellent and not-so-good result during that period. A precisely plotted Dasa Bhukti details can thus remain as an invaluable guide that can help one to know in advance about the various significant aspects of a person’s life like health, wealth, relationship, career, fame, joy, sorrow, etc., and also about substantial events like career, marriage, begetting children, retirement and even perhaps death.