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Moon Phases(Thithi)

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The Vedic calendar is based on the lunar month and firmly believes that the fortnightly cycle of Moon has a significant effect on the universe and its beings. Though Full Moon (Purnima) and New Moon (Amavasya) are regarded to have the maximum influence, there are certain Moon phases, which hold special energies to help access the divine and receive their graceful blessings.

We, at AstroVed have compiled a list of important Moon phases in a lunar month that is considered auspicious to worship and appease a God/Goddess/Planetary deity and highlighted their interesting mythologies, unique rituals, and benefits of observing Vrat (fasting) and other rituals on these power days. Read on to understand the important lunar days and know when it falls every month with our exclusive calendar, to stay connected with the divine and gain immense benefits to lead a blissful life.

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