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Horoscope Matching (Marriage Matching)

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Quite a few things make human life worth living in this world. A vital one among them is a good relationship. A harmonious relationship between couples or partners counts the most for a satisfying life. While a close association among family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors play a significant role in healthy living. Hence, elders in India, who celebrate traditional marriages, attach great importance to the compatibility factor between the prospective bride and the groom. The process of finding out this concord between the two is Match Making, also known as Horoscope Matching or Marriage Matching.

Traditional Kundali Matching

Match Matching

In conventional marriages known commonly as arranged marriages, matchmaking is done primarily by matching the horoscope or Kundali of the boy and girl. The scale of agreement between the two charts will be the indicator to show if they can make a good pair and lead a happy life together. Also, this matchmaking will be the deciding factor in a marriage for going ahead with the sacred marriage ceremony and pronouncing the two as husband and wife.

Dasama Porutham (Ten Compatibility Factors) of Horoscope Matching

Sages since ancient times have devised methods of assessing the levels of adaptability and adjustability between the two, through the matching of horoscopes. There are ten such factors of agreement in vogue today, though there seemed to be as many as 20, once. These are known as Porutham and more precisely, as Dasama Porutham, the top ten compatibility factors in the horoscope. These Porutham (compatibility factors) are assessed based mainly on the study of the Nakshatras or birth stars of the boy and the girl.

Compatibility Factors (Porutham) for Match Making

The ten important factors in horoscope matching (marriage matching) are listed below:

Among these, the following six compatibility factors - Dina(m), Rasi, Gana(m), Yoni, Rajju, and Mahendra are considered more important; but out of these, Rajju is considered most important, followed by Mahendra and Dina(m).

Poruthams in Brief

Now let us have a closer look at these poruthams and learn what each of them indicates.

  • Nakshatra or Dina Porutham - indicates long life and good health of the couple along with luck
  • Rasi Porutham - shows the agreement of their Rasi or zodiac signs. An agreement indicates good mental compatibility, expansion of family
  • Marriage Matching
  • Gana Porutham represents compatibility in temperaments between husband and wife. There are three types of Gana(m). These are Deva - the good and kind-hearted; Manusha - a mixture of both good and bad; and Rakshasa - the rude and aggressive
  • Yoni Porutham points to sexual compatibility. Agreement in this is considered so important that if there is found to be a mismatch in this, marriage is unlikely to be proceeded with
  • Rajju Porutham is perhaps the most important consideration for matchmaking as it denotes the longevity of the partner. A group of stars has a common Rajju, and for a compatible match, the Rajjus of the boy and girl should be different
  • Rasi Athipathi Porutham means the compatibility between the planetary lords of the couple’s zodiac signs. Good compatibility of this factor can result in enjoying a long-lasting relationship with all types of wealth
  • Mahendra Porutham denotes the chances of progeny blessing for generations to come or lineage. This is also an important factor in determining the compatibility; the horoscopes of the boy and girl can be considered as a good match if there is Mahendra Porutham, in spite of the absence of Dina and Rasi Athipathi Poruthams
  • Stree Dheerkha Porutham tells about whether the girl would be bestowed with all kinds of wealth and prosperity after marriage
  • Vasiya Porutham speaks about the couple’s mutual attraction, adjustability, love, and affection
  • Nadi Porutham This is important compatibility This indicates the health and well-being of the couple.

Matchmaking is a time-tested technique that our ancients have given to us as their legacy. Let us understand and master the subject, and put this into practice, for the bright future. Simply enter the birth details of the prospective bride and the groom to get their compatibility report FREE.