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Today-panchang Today's Panchangam

What does the almanac say? With a perfect calculation of the Panchangam, it opens several answers to a plethora of Questions. For several centuries together it has been holding as a perfect guide, which helps people to take the right decision, at the right time. It is impeccable and would be a perfect guide that would be in use persistently. Today Panchangam will give all the appropriate time-related guidelines, and other fundamental details, to ensure a seamless day. Panchaga today, has been used by thousands of people and is believed to have great effects on their lives. There are several uses for a perfect almanac, but introspecting deeply, it has been used for several purposes, but common among them are:

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Sun Star of the Day Dhanishta up to Jun 26, 03:35 AM

Sunrise and Moonrise

Subrise Sunrise
05:50 AM
Sunset Sunset
08:34 PM

Moon phase Moon Phase
4th Waning Moon up to Jun 25, 01:41 PM


Yoga Yoga
Vishkambha up to Jun 25, 08:43 PM Next Preeti
karana Karana
Balava up to Jun 25, 01:41 PM
Hora Hora
Jupiter up to Jun 25, 05:51 AM
Good-time Good Time
01:12 PM to 03:03 PM

Inauspicious Timings

danger-time Danger Time
09:31 AM to 11:22 AM
poison-time Poison Time
04:53 PM to 06:44 PM

Dos & Don'ts

To Do
Meditation, Arbitration, Music Lessons, Landscaping
To Avoid
Marriage, Important Meetings, Journeys

To find the star of the child:

The time of birth is highly important. Only using the time, the natal charts are prepared, and the rest of the future calculations of the child would be based upon that. To find the right star of the child, the accurate birth time has to be noted.

The right time to celebrate:

Festivals like Pongal, Kardayan Nombu, and other festivals have to be started at the perfect time. Panchangam would help to find an accurate timeframe when a person can celebrate the festival.

To buy new things:

According to the ancestors, every new thing that comes would have inbuilt karma associated with it. To invoke the blessings from each item, or the people which are associated, it is important to bring it into life in an auspicious time.

To commemorate a marriage, and other functions:

The union of two souls is a bliss. This has to be started in the perfect timing, and proper auspicious time, to ensure that life is seamless and filled with a lot of blessings.


Culture, knowledge, and heritage are the torchbearers of this country. There are many things that India and Vedas could be highly proud of. It is impeccable and incredible to have the epitome of “Vedic Astrology”, which has crossed several timelines and is still perfect in its usability, and precision. One such thing is “Panchangam”, Hindu Panchang or simply called as the Hindu almanac, which accurately calculates the planetary positions. It can be defined as the astrological daily calendar, which is calculated based on the positions of astrological bodies. It is interesting to note that each planet will be positioned on a specific alignment, and it would be easy to predict how a particular day will be.

Five elements of the Panchangam are Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana. Thithi depicts the Lunar Day, Yoga depicts the lunisolar day, Vara depicts the weekday, Nakshatra depicts the constellation, and the Karana depicts half of a lunar day. It is a common practice of Indian households, especially in Hindu families to look at Panchangam and to start anything auspicious. It is interesting to note that, they also give accurate predictions on weather forecasts, rains, solar eclipse, and several other changes in the solar system. Panchangam today has become inevitable, it is still the invincible tool which is not only used by astrologers, but also by each and every Hindu Household, where culture and tradition plays an important role.

Today-panchangOnline Panchangam

When the Vedic tradition meets the latest technology, the benefit can be harvested by people across the globe in the touch of their button. What was available to limited people, with specific knowledge to calculate and predict the auspicious time, and the other time period to be careful, has now become open, and widespread. Panchangam online is a boon, which technology has to offer the Vedic systems to enhance the progression of culture along with technology.

This can be used by people across the globe and can be customized pertaining to the timezone, and the country they live in. Panchangam today, is the boon to a lot of questions, raised by today’s generation, whose main concern is to look for tangible solutions through technology. No more, it is required to buy the hard copy of the book, it is not necessary to be savvy to decode the planetary positions.

Now it is possible to find the Panchangam for any date across any decade, and still get accurate details from it. It is possible to get a lot of other information like Sunrise and sunset timings. Additional information like Paksha, Rahu, Gulika and the selected date is also possible. Vakya Panchangam Online would help to plan the day well in advance and enjoy the gifts that the cosmos has to offer.

Vakya Panchangam is one among the methods of Panchangam calculations, which follows the simple sentences or Vakyam, which is very popular across South India. This follows Surya Sidhantha, the Sun. With the sun as the epicenter, the calculations are made. Vakya Panchangam horoscope online is one of the precise methods of calculations, which makes incredible calculations at the touch of a button. With computer-based calculations, all the necessary planetary positions are calculated precisely, and the perfect solution is derived.

NakshatraToday Nakshatra

Astrosciences and Mathematics are inseparable. The knowledge of celestial objects and the calculation are highly inevitable to calculate the almanac. The word Nak means Shy, and Shetra means, region. Thus, Nakshatra refers to the “Sky Map”. According to Vedic sciences, each zodiac consists of 360 degrees. There are over 27 Nakshatras, which are categorized into 12 Rashis, with three each. It is noted that the value of each constellation is almost 13 degrees and twenty minutes. Such is the precision, and even a change in the nanosecond would fall into the next Nakshatra.

Today Nakshatra’s position can also predict how a day is going to be. With the perfect calculation, even the fate of the country, people, and politics could be easily predicted. Nakshatra today has a lot of significance.

Legends of Nakshatras are interesting, it is believed that they are the daughters of Kind Daksha, and is married to Moon. Thus, Moon spends a day with each of the Nakshatras. The nakshatras are based according to their qualities, like the Kama (Sensual desires), Artha (Mental desires), Dharma (Principles), and Moksha.

The 27 Nakshatras are, Ashwini, Bharani Karthigai, Rohini, Mrigasheersham, Thiruvaathirai, Punarpoosam, Poosam, Aayilyam, Makham, Pooram, Uthiram, Hastham, Chithirai, Swathi, Visaakam, Anusham, Kettai, Moolam, Pooraadam, Uthiraadam, Thiruvonam, Avitta SadayamPoorattathi, Uthirattathi, and, Revathi. It is highly important during Kundli matching. A nakshatra can highly be helpful to understand a person’s nature. Thus Nakshatras plays an important role. Learning about, today tithi and nakshatra will help immensely to plan ahead and have a prosperous life.

25-06-2024 Tuesday

General General Characteristics:
A liberal, rich person, brave and fond of music.

Symbol Symbol:
Musical drum

AnimalAnimal Symbol:
Female lion

RullingRuling Planet:

Rakshasa (demonic)

Presiding Presiding Deity:
Vasus-gods of Light and Abundnace

Strengths: Insightful, perceptive, earns a good living, charitable, brave, performs well in foreign countries, lives on both spiritual and material levels, liberal, compassionate, bold, good conversationalist, enjoys music and dance, good organizational abilities, ambitious, concerned with accomplishments and developing their careers, likes old and mystifying articles, skilled at astrology.

Weakness: Aggressive, ruthless, inconsiderate, worried, can hurt others, makes up stories, lies, withholds information, doesn’t like to be told what to do, argumentative, too talkative, select incompatible companions, lusts after material, careless, sexual difficulties, delayed/denied marriage, wants everything for themselves, covetous of other's success, self absorbed, narcissistic.