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Ratha Saptami

Get ready for Jupiter Retrograde in Aries on September 4, 2023. It's a time to reflect and reassess your goals as Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, appears to move backward in the fiery sign of Aries. This planetary event may bring up some challenges, but it's also an opportunity to revisit unfinished business and make necessary adjustments. Stay focused, open-minded, and trust the process.

On September 4, 2023, at 4:58 pm, there will be an important event in the sky - Jupiter will be in retrograde motion in the sign of Aries. This means that Jupiter will appear to be moving backward in the sky. But don't worry; by December 31, 2023, Jupiter will move forward again.

AstroVed's experts have some insightful news for you! Apparently, the movement of Jupiter can have a mix of good and bad effects on people. It all depends on your zodiac sign and where Jupiter is located in your birth chart. In this article, we'll dive into the significance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology and how this movement might just impact you. Stay tuned!

Jupiter & Its Significance

In our solar system, Jupiter is the largest and most significant planet. According to Vedic astrology, it serves as a natural benefic planet and governs the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter symbolizes knowledge, expansion, spirituality, education, children, husband for women, wealth, religion, spiritual growth, as well as the roles of teacher, mentor, or guru. Additionally, it regulates the fat in our bodies and supports the liver's purification process.

Have you ever heard of Retrograde motion in astrology? It might sound like a planet is moving backward in its orbit, but actually, it's just an illusion caused by the way the planet and Earth move around the Sun. However, in Vedic Astrology, Retrograde planets, also known as Vakri Graha, are believed to have a big impact. They are considered very powerful and can help resolve issues from the past, future, or even past lives. So, even though Retrograde motion might not be a natural physical phenomenon, it still holds a lot of significance in specific belief systems.

Retrograde planets can offer us an opportunity to rectify our errors or complete forgotten duties. However, if we fail to recognize our mistakes, these planets can exacerbate the problems caused by them. Retrograde planets can also bring us benefits that we may have missed out on previously, based on our past actions, whether good or bad.

Impact of Jupiter Retrograde in Aries Sign

The first sign of the zodiac is Aries, which the planet Mars rules. Aries is known for its fiery and masculine energy, which is bold, daring, and independent. It is associated with new beginnings and starting fresh. Additionally, Jupiter is a friend of Mars and, therefore, Aries, so when Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries, it can have a positive impact on many people. It can help them fulfill their moral and religious obligations and take steps toward making changes in their lives.

The planet Jupiter will soon be able to provide the results that it couldn't deliver before because it was too close to another planet called Rahu. This will bring about positive changes in people's intelligence and knowledge, making them more action-oriented. Teachers, mentors, coaches, politicians, and other leaders will feel a renewed sense of energy and will be better equipped to guide and encourage their students and followers. Many countries will also expand their defense and armed forces. However, some people may start to show off in a negative way.

How Jupiter's Retrograde In Aries Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


If you were born under the Aries zodiac sign, you might face some mixed results during Jupiter's retrogression period. Jupiter is the ruler of your ninth and twelfth House, and its retrogression in your Lagna (ascendant) could cause confusion and make you second-guess your choices. But it could also help you focus on your health and well-being. You might experience some conflicts or issues with your father during this time. In case your father had a past health issue that was treated, it's important to note that it could recur during Jupiter retrograde in Aries. Additionally, there could be some unexpected medical expenses or losses.

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If you're a Taurus, you might experience some difficulties due to Jupiter's retrograde in Aries. This is especially true if you're dealing with health issues like liver problems, diabetes, or hormonal imbalances. This can lead you to rethink your approach to health and well-being. Additionally, it would be best to reconsider past financial decisions, investments, and worldly desires. Jupiter's retrograde can be challenging, but it's a good time to reflect and make positive changes.


JHello, Gemini natives. It's important to note that Jupiter has control over your seventh and tenth House, and it is now in retrograde in your eleventh House. This could be a challenging period for those who are in business partnerships. Conflicts may arise due to investments, profits, or misinterpretations from people in your professional network. It is advised to be mindful as these conflicts may end poorly in the long run.

For those who are currently working but have yet to receive a promotion or raise, now is the time to speak up. Your efforts will be rewarded with success.


Jupiter, a planet that has a big significance in astrology, is currently in retrograde motion in your tenth House. If you are a Cancer native, this may affect your professional life and cause changes in your workplace, job, or career field. It's important to consider making these changes now, as delaying may lead to problems in your professional life. Additionally, you may face conflicts with your father, and be aware that old health issues may reappear for him.

However, this retrograde also offers an opportunity for you to fulfill your responsibilities towards your father, guru, and religion. If you have had your wishes come true in the past, now is the time to give back by fulfilling your religious commitments.


Jupiter, a planet that has an influence on Leo's fifth and eighth House, is going retrograde in the ninth House. This House represents one's father, guru, mentor, or religion. Jupiter's retrograde in Aries may cause issues and conflicts with one's father. Any past illnesses that were cured may reappear, so taking care of their health is important. This position of Jupiter provides an opportunity to fulfill responsibilities towards one's father, guru, or religion. If one has made any religious promises or wishes that have been fulfilled, it is time to fulfill them.

For Leo natives who are trying to have children but are facing obstacles, this is a good time to identify the problem and find solutions. They may even come across better doctors. Leo love birds who are not serious about their relationships may face challenging times that can lead to a breakup.


If you're a Virgo, you should know that Jupiter is now going retrograde in your eighth House. This may cause some difficulties in your personal life, married life, and domestic happiness, so paying attention to these areas is important. If you plan to get married this Year, you should reconsider your decision about who you're marrying. If you're already married, it's worth looking at the issues and mistakes you might be making in your relationship.


For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, Jupiter is currently in retrograde in your seventh House, which can cause conflicts and problems in your marriage. This period is incredibly challenging for Libra natives going through a divorce, as old issues may resurface and cause a loss of confidence. If you are married, it's important to reflect on the problems and mistakes in your marriage. If you're planning to get married this Year, consider reconsidering your decision. Additionally, there may be some significant health issues to be aware of during this time.


As a Scorpio native, you may feel the impact of Jupiter retrograde in Aries in your sixth House. This could lead to conflicts and fights in your life, particularly with your family. Your love life may become challenging, and parents may have difficulties with their children, including their health. Students should focus on studies hard and should consider decisions related to their education, particularly those preparing for competitive exams.


Hello Sagittarius friends, your ruling planet Jupiter is currently in retrograde motion in your fifth House. This means that you should take extra care of your health and well-being during this time. Neglecting your health could lead to weight gain and health issues such as fatty liver, diabetes, or hormonal disorders. It's also important to be mindful of your mother's health and avoid conflicts or arguments. Remember your responsibilities towards her and take care of her as best you can.


Capricorn natives have Jupiter as the lord of their third and twelfth houses. Due to retrograde motion in the fourth House, younger siblings or visitors from foreign or distant places can visit their homes. However, conflicts may arise if their siblings live with them or nearby. You must understand and fulfill their responsibilities towards their siblings and resolve misunderstandings. Additionally, they should be mindful of their mother's health and avoid arguments or conflicts, taking on their duties towards their mother instead.


For those born under the Aquarius sign, Jupiter has control over your second and eleventh houses. As a result, it has an impact on your finances. Currently, Jupiter is in retrograde in your third House, which means your finances will be affected. Use caution with your savings and investments during this time is essential. You should review any investments you have made to determine if they are profitable and if you made the right decisions.

If you are an Aquarius professional who has not received the expected promotion or raise, now is the time to speak up. You are likely to be successful in your efforts.


Dear Pisces folks, Jupiter is a planet that rules your career and is also responsible for your financial situation. From September 4, it is moving backward in your second House, which is not a good sign for your health. You might get money quickly during this time, but you may also end up spending it on unnecessary things. Taking care of your health is important as ignoring it may lead to weight gain and diseases like diabetes, hormonal disorder, or fatty liver. Since Jupiter rules your career, this retrograde movement can bring some changes in your professional life. If you were thinking of changing your job, workplace, or field, this is the right time to do so.

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