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Juptier Retrograde in Aries
from Sep 04, 2023 to Dec 30, 2023

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Ratha Saptami

Jupiter will begin its journey backward in the sign Aquarius on June 20th and stays in retrograde movement for 121 days. Until 14th September 2021, it will be in retrogation in the sign Aquarius. Later, with the same movement, he goes back to the sign Capricorn and stays in retrograde until 18th October 2021.

Jupiter is supposedly the most auspicious planet among the nine planets. Being a benefic planet, its retrograde movement is not much appreciated in the Vedic texts.

Each sign will witness different results, depending on other planetary support and personal chart.

The most affected signs would be Cancer and Leo, and to some extent, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. The rest of the signs may witness moderate results.


Jupiter is the Lord of the 9th and 12th houses and will be in retrograde movement in the 11th house of income, gain, and desire. This movement can slow you down from reaching your goals. Money-wise, there could be sluggishness. This is not the right period to make any major investments or heavy money transactions. No speculation is recommended during this period.

As this big planet will be influencing your 5th house of romance and 7th house of relationships, you need patience when handling your relationships. Jupiter will also be influencing the 3rd house of communication. So always be careful while communicating with your dear ones. In professional matters, keep your communication straight as there are good chances for unwanted misunderstandings. Do not expect any appreciation for your work. Plan and execute your work as you may have to redo the work.

You may go into a reflective mood and contemplate your past decisions. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle would save you from major health issues.

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  • Chant Om Gunaka raaya Namaha 108
  • Feed 3 priests on Thursdays


Jupiter rules the 8th and 11th houses and is transiting in the 10th house of career, name, and fame. There will be a shift in your focus towards career, and good recognition is round the corner. However, don't get carried away by your success, and maintain patience as the retrograde Jupiter in the 10th house can mislead you or make you commit mistakes by overlooking things. Do not over-promise or commit to impractical tasks, as the retrograde Jupiter is influencing your 2nd house of speech and family. So, both on the professional and personal fronts, watch your words and promises. Those who are planning to change jobs should wait until this backward movement ends. Business people may stumble when making decisions. Reversal of decision is also possible. Patience is the watch word.

Family and participation in auspicious events bring happiness. Domestic peace increases.

More attention to health is required now, so avoid eating outside food and junk food to stay fit and healthy.


  • Fast on Thursdays if health permits
  • Chant Om Brihaspatiye Namaha 108 times daily
  • Feed cows on Thursdays


Jupiter rules the 7th and the 10th houses and is transiting in the 9th house of fortune and luck. Even though the 9th house is a good placement for Jupiter, his turning retrograde in that house is not appreciated. It would be difficult to receive the blessings of your Guru or mentor. Some misunderstanding with your Guru would affect your belief. Geminians expecting a visa or an extension of stay in a foreign country may experience delays, and they might return back home. Students pursuing higher education should be very focused during the 120 days of Jupiter’s backward journey. People embroiled in legal battles may not succeed, so avoid filing law suits during this period.

Professionally, there could be disturbances at work. You will be carried away by new job opportunities and ultimately lose your current job. Hence patience is required in decision-making.

You may witness peace and harmony at home. However, some misunderstanding with loved ones will appear and get resolved by itself. Do not let your ego block you from enjoying a good relationship.

Health concerns are likely. You may suffer from shoulder and neck pain frequently. Natives suffering from chronic ailments need more care. Chest congestion and water-related issues may also disturb you.


  • Distributing sweets to children on Wednesday is important
  • Feed birds
  • Chant Om Subha Laksha Naya Namaha 108 times on Thursdays


Jupiter rules the 6th and 10th houses and will be transiting in the 8th house of unexpected events and changes. You will initiate plans to enhance financial capacity for future operations. It is a time to be more careful while planning upcoming expenditure. You will try your best to get pending ancestral property. Finances may be challenging, and some wrong investments can push you into loss. Be aware.

There are chances for your long-cherished desire to become fruitful in an unexpected way. Your hard work will fetch you recognition and eligible perks. You would have many interactions with your co-staff and will be training them. Do not enter into any gossip or back-biting, as it may backfire.

Most attention is required during this transit for your health. Beware of falls, fractures, and leg injuries. Avoid lack of sleep, fatty foods, and untimely meals to prevent gastric maladies. Mental stress and anxieties need to be handled well.



Jupiter rules your 5th and 8th houses and will be transiting in the 7th house of relationships and partnerships. Money matters, in general, may trip you up. Stay away from stock trading and other speculative activities, so you may not lose everything. Lending or borrowing money or materials can lead to misunderstandings and enmities.

For people in business, no expansion of business is recommended during this period.

During this period, confidence will nourish your mind and balance your mental energy. There will be a possibility of progeny happiness. You will get respect from your circle of friends and relatives for the progressive actions done earlier. Social get-togethers and meetings will keep you happy this entire month.

Romantic breakups and failures are likely, due to some ego clashes. Handle loved ones with care. Your spousal relationship may become strained. Be watchful.

Health-wise, stay vigilant, as you are accident-prone during this period, Avoid rash driving nor bypassing traffic rules.



Jupiter rules the 4th and 7th houses, and will be transiting in the 6th house of ailments and debts. Your financial debts may see a decline and closure. Profits through family are indicated. Your siblings will enjoy financial prosperity. You will spend more money on charitable and religious causes. You may plan to buy a house or a new car. Old investments on your lands and properties will yield good returns.

Some dispute with business partners is likely. Professionals see good growth; however, some situations at work may make you feel insecure.

Relationships will turn sour. Your happiness may go kaput. Quarrels with relatives may make your cup of bitterness run over. But, like stars twinkling in the sky on a dark night, there may be many bright spots for you in life to rejoice over. Cherish them.

Health needs attention. There will be minor issues that can be overcome with your strong immunity. Children’s health may cause some concern because of food habits. They need to be guided properly.


  • Feed birds daily or on Thursdays.
  • Chant Om Sarvatho Vibha Vey Namaha 108 times daily


Jupiter is the ruler of the 3rd and 6th houses, and will transit in the 5th house. Jupiter retrograde would be impacting your children, romance, investment, speculation, education, sports, and the stock market. More attention and care are required in the aforesaid areas. Infatuations are likely in matters of the heart and would lead to disappointment. Children may be a cause of concern during this entire period. Spending quality time with them is the need of the hour. Do not use any negative words, and converse with kindness and compassion.

In profession, weed out the old negative patterns that are stopping you from being productive and progressive. You may go out of focus very often during this period, so be clear about what you wish for and focus with untiring hard work and faith.

Money is not a challenging issue in this period. Do not enter into any speculation. Do not stand surety for others.

Health is moderate. Overeating may make you pile on a few pounds. Watch your eating habits. Problems in the legs could bother you for a short period.


  • Offer jaggery and Roti to cow
  • Chant Om Shrimate Namaha 108 times daily


Jupiter rules the 2nd and 5th houses and will transit in the 4th house, which signifies mother, comfort, vehicle, and family. Money is average. Income and expenses will be at par. Loss and expenses are unavoidable. This can pull down your savings. Keep a check on your spending habit.

Your pride and ego can be high, which will ruin your relationships. Your mother or a mother figure's health may cause some worry. You may not have a good relationship with them. Disharmony in e the domestic environment is seen.

In career, you may see progress. This might make your colleagues jealous and say bad things about you. Do not let this disturb you. Business people may get an opportunity to expand or get into a new business. Be prudent while making decisions.

Health is moderate. Unwanted stress can push you into depression. Stay healthy in your mind. Doing meditation and chanting of mantras can keep your mind at peace.


  • Water a plant daily, especially a Tulasi plant
  • Chant Om Dayavate Namaha 108 times daily


Jupiter rules the 1st and 4th houses and is transiting in the 3rd house, which indicates your siblings, neighbors, communication, meetings, short-distance travel, learning.

You may be a little aggressive and hostile, which may come as a downfall. Having patience and staying cool can help you sail through this period.

Money matters are not very promising. You may be spending more than what you planned. Watch your expenses.

At work, you may not be very happy. Most of your efforts will not bring many results. You may need to redo your work often. You may be pessimistic in whatever you do. Stay cool and calm, plan well and execute things.

Marriage and romance go for a toss. Some ego conflicts can pose difficulties in your relationship.

Health needs the most attention in this period. You may feel tired, physically and mentally. The lower part of the body can cause some trouble now. Follow your routine diet and exercises to stay fit.


  • Perform Rudra Abishekam
  • Chant Om Brihaspataya Namaha
  • Feed a priest on Thursday


Jupiter rules the 12th and 3rd house and will be transiting in the 2nd house, which signifies communication, your money, family values, voice, security in life, and close friends.

Sudden expenses will bring financial imbalances in this period. Any investment done now needs to be taken with utmost care. Disputes with siblings or relative over money transactions are likely. So avoid any kind of arguments and transactions in this period.

Verbal duels with neighbors can spoil your relationship with them, Keep a distance to maintain harmony.

Giving attention and mutual respect to your partner can make you enjoy your relationship.

Career is not very promising. Unless you display out-of-the-box thinking, it will be difficult for you to progress with your work now. Unwanted travel will pull your energy down. Be careful in your communication, both verbal and written, to avoid any confusion.

Health-wise, it is going to be alright, but family members' health issues may cause expenses.


  • Distribute yellow clothes to the poor on Thursday
  • Chant Om Sadanandaya Namaha 108 times daily


Jupiter rules the 11th and 2nd houses, and will be transiting in the 1st house, which indicates your identity, health, the way you deal with the world and gather information.

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge. His presence in the 1st house will help you gather the knowledge you seek. However, Jupiter transiting and being in retrograde movement will bring self-doubts and will not allow you to understand things easily.

There may be delays in luck and fortune, Money fortune is not promising either. You may get carried away and make a wrong investment leading to loss.

Not much change in the relationship sector. Give more attention to your special ones. Spending quality time with loved ones will increase your bonding and make this transit a special one.

Focus on fitness is very important during this retro period, as you may put on a few pounds because of emotional eating and laziness. Family member’s health could be challenging.


  • Donate books to children
  • Chant Om Sadanandaya Namaha 108 times on Thursday.


Jupiter rules the 1st and 10th houses and will be transiting in the 12th house, which indicates isolation, jail, hospital, research, and sexual pleasure. Jupiter in the 12th house would help you to attain higher wisdom. You may face problems in your personal life, however. Being calm and meditative can help you handle the situation better. Money should be handled with utmost care. There are losses indicated in this retro period as you may make some rash decisions in finances. No borrowing is recommended. Some medical expenses can pull down your savings.

In career, you will be facing a lot of stress and tension. That can make you commit errors in your work. Your hard work will be finally appreciated. Stay focused.

The relationship sector is bad during this transit. Stress due to professional commitments can affect your peace at home. So try to balance both to have mental peace. Love and romance are disappointing. Do not propose marriage during this period.

Health is challenging because of stress. You feel low in energy and will lack interest in maintaining your fitness. An ankle sprain is possible. Watch your steps.


  • Chant Om Guruve Namaha daily 108 times
  • Do acts of charity for blind people.
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