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How to Worship Lord Hanuman

DateMarch 20, 2020

What is Hanuman Jayanti?

Hanuman Jayanti or Hanumath Jayanti is celebrated on 8th April 2020 to celebrate the birth of Lord Hanuman, one of the iconic Gods of the Hindu Pantheon. His devotion towards Lord Ram is unfathomable and recognized as one of the “Chiranjeevi’s”, immortals of this world. Hanuman Jayanti 2020 falls on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra, which commemorates April or May according to the Gregorian calendar. It also coincides with Vaishaka month which commemorates during May and June according to the Gregorian calendar. The word Jayanti denotes Victory, where the birth of Lord Hanuman has a significant impact in the course of Indian history, where his valor and divinity have still reverberated across the globe.

How to Worship Lord Hanuman

It is interesting to note that, in various parts of the country, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on different days. In some places, Hanuman Jayanti is observed on Chitra Pournami. In Tamilnadu and Kerala, it is celebrated in the month of Margazhi, which corresponds to the Gregorian calendar between December to January. According to the Odiya calendar, it is celebrated on the first day of Vaishaka month. In the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it is celebrated on Vaishaka Krishna Dashami, the 10th day of the waning moon in the month of Vaishaka.

The significance of Hanuman Jayanti

Lord Hanuman is considered as one of the manifestations of Lord Shiva. He is represented as an ape, born to King Kesari, and Queen Anjana. He was one of the ministers of King Vaali, and his brother Sugreeva. He is portrayed with a mammoth power and the personification of great strength and valor. He has devoted his life only for his Lord Rama and Mata Sita and never shows his bravery and intelligence without any resolve.

Lord Hanuman is also the embodiment of true devotion and dedication he showed towards Lord Rama, his contributions towards bringing back Goddess Sita from Srilanka has been critically acclaimed by many Saints, Gods, and DemiGods. He still lives in his amorphous form, and continuously helping his devotees to gain positive aspect, and protect them as an amulet. He was cursed that he will forget his might, and only when someone reminds of his power, he can understand and become cognizant of his power.

Legend of Hanuman Jayanti

Lord Hanuman is the son of Wind-God Pawan. His presence has been noted in several kinds of literature. His contributions in Ramayana has helped to rescue Goddess Sita. As a young child, he flew straight to the Sun and tried to swallow it, thinking that it was a fruit. When Lord Indra tried to attack him with his Vajra, his weapon, he fell on earth, and his jaw got disfigured, that’s why he is referred to as Hanuman, a person with a disfigured jaw. He is one of the four people who heard the divine chanting of Bhagwad Gita directly from Lord Krishna. King Arjuna during the war, was instructed and was given wisdom. He has also seen the Vishvarupa form, the gigantic manifestations of Lord Krishna, during the great Kurukshetra war.

Rituals of Hanuman Jayanti

It is a day of spiritual enlightenment, where prayers, at home and temples, would see a different elevation while performing Hanuman Puja. Many people visit the temples, where there would be ritualistic worships. At home, people would decorate the houses, adorn garland, burn incense sticks. Offering fruits flowers, and butter is imperative. Distributing alms to underprivileged, and distributing food to the needy is also highly important.

Benefits of celebrating Hanuman Jayanti

It is believed that worshipping Lord Hanuman would appease Lord Rama. Goddess Sita is an incarnation of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Whenever Lord Vishnu blesses a devotee, Goddess Lakshmi also follows. Thus a person would be blessed with good mental power, confidence, health, wealth, wisdom and above all, Lord Vishnu would protect them like an amulet.


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