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Benefits Of Hanuman Pooja

December 18, 2019 | Total Views : 2,033
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Hanuman Pooja

Several epochs or yugas before, when Shiva wanted to manifest himself as an incarnation of true love, devotion, and selflessness, he took the form of Hanuman. He also became a great devotee of Rama and was instrumental in bringing back Goddess Sita, who was abducted by the demon, Ravana, who kept her in the forest of Srilanka.

He was born to the God of Vayu, Pavan, and possessed a lot of powers even as a child. He was able to manifest several miracles and even led the army of apes several times, under the reign of King Vali and his brother King Sugreeva.

Lord of Benevolence:

It is always believed that where there is a pure form of Rama’s worship, Hanuman will be present automatically. He is called Chiranjeevi (immortal) and promises  Rama that he will be present in the heart of Rama’s worshipers and would immediately attend the call of his devotees and protect them like an amulet. He roams this world in his invisible form and listens to the voice and inner calls of his devotees.

When to perform Pooja:

Tuesday is considered as the day of Hanuman and it is good to perform Hanuman pooja on this day. Especially, if the pooja is performed during early mornings, it brings a lot of benefits. When observed with complete faith, this brings a lot of positivity and blessings like successful manifestations of all pursuits, great courage, good physical and mental strength and magnificent honor. Many people who are highly mercurial, short-tempered and ferocious should certainly perform this Pooja, to achieve a calm, peaceful and tranquil mindset.

Many people observe fasting for 21 Tuesdays. It is important to wake up early and sprinkle holy Ganga water to sanctify the home. It is also highly auspicious to wear red-colored cloth. People who are taking this Pooja or Vrat should meditate for 15 minutes and read the holy scriptures of Hanuman like Hanuman Chalisa, Sundara Gandam from the epic, Ramayana. It is important to consume just one meal a day and abstain from eating garlic, onion and meat. Consuming a meal just once and that too dishes made of jaggery is highly preferred. In the evening, it is important to read Chalisa once again and offer prasadams to Hanuman before consuming it.

Things Required for Pooja:

It is important to have prior preparations before starting a Pooja, as one may require many things like incense sticks, fruits, particularly banana, water, etc., to offer to the lord and for performing Abhishekha, 108 betel leaves, butter and flowers to decorate and worship him, kumkum which is natural or organic, red-colored cloth and a photo or an idol of Hanuman.

How to Perform Pooja:

The first and foremost thing to do is to clean the entire home and decorate the entrance of the house with Kolam or rangoli. This is an indication that you are inviting Hanuman. The next step is to clean the place where the Pooja has to be performed. It is important to select the North-East direction to perform Pooja. It should be neatly decorated and on the exact spot where the idol or the photo of Hanuman has to be placed another kolam and floral decoration must be done. The idol or the image of the deity has to be kept on a pedestal. A rich flower garland should be placed on the deity. It is important to apply kumkum paste to worship Hanuman

Advantage of performing this Pooja:

  • People who perform this Pooja will get great physical and mental power
  • Hanuman will remove money blocks and enhance financial growth.
  • People looking for a suitable job and growth in career will be benefitted by this pooja.
  • It helps the couple to bear a child. Many childless couples will observe this Vrat, and get highly benefitted.
  • Hanuman is highly benevolent and removes the sins of his devotees.
  • People observe this fast to get success in their business and all their endeavors.
  • People who wish to enhance their wisdom and intelligence must perform this Pooja as Hanuman is the repository of positive vibrations and make a person highly intelligent.
  • People with the malefic position of Shani should certainly observe this fast, as to get rid of the negative effects of Shani.



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