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Janam Kundali

Free Janam Kundali Online

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Kundali means Birth Chart, which holds utmost significance in Vedic astrology. Kundali or Janam Kundali shows various insights about the native's birth, such as his ascendant and the planetary position in all twelve houses. A Kundli is used to make many predictions by a professional astrologer. By getting the Janam kundali read by the astrologer, the native can get an idea about his past, present, and future.

Free Online Kundali Software

A Kundli show cases the entire lifespan of a person. It is said that each person is born with a destiny and his planets and stars determine the destiny. Therefore, it is mandatory to create Kundli to learn the position of his stars and planets. Today various companies are offering free Kundali software.

AstroVed offers its user free Janam Kundali online software using which the native gets to know about his planetary placement and several other deep aspects of his horoscope.

The software provided here is 100% of the cost and provides the most accuracy. By creating your Kundli online, you can get to know the Doshas exist, if any, plus your birth star, your moon sign, and your sun sign. A native also gets to know about his birth chart and navamsa chart; both are used to make important predictions. The AstroVed app is available online to download for both iOS and Android. People who wish to learn about their horoscope can download this app quickly and get enlightened about what your planets say.

Using the app, one can make use of different astrology services as well. You can consult the professional astrologers there and get your queries answered.

Free Janam Kundali Online

One can get free Janam Kundali online by putting up the basic information such as your date of birth, time of birth, and location. However, people need to enter exact information to receive accurate results about various aspects of their horoscope.

People should note down these details before entering the software so they don't end up putting incorrect information. AstroVed brings you the easiest way to receive your free Janam Kundali online and get to know the upcoming adventures of your life. Our Kundli chart creation follows every needed Vedic practice, and hence we ensure our users an accurate and exact Kundali chart.

Our Kundali software prepares your Kundali in detail, which covers the maximum aspects of your life. One who is curious about any specific aspect of their life can consult our astrologers and have a live session.

We have also managed to have a clean and clear website that easily lets you go through the options. Furthermore, we provide a neat representation of your planetary details, so you comprehend without any difficulty.

Other than free Janam Kundali online, we offer many other services to get the answers to various facets of your life. Other than that, you can hire the paid services of our astrologers, which is worth every penny. This way, you can have a personalized session with them to answer your questions based on your birth chart.

Our online Kundli software is available in English, which is easy to understand by everyone. Moreover, English is the major language used by most websites today, and hence we created our Kundli creating software in English.

Try Our Janam Kundali Matching Software Now

Janam Kundli matching software compares the birth chart of a bride and groom before their marriage. This step is also called Kundli Milan, which is a common practice in Indian weddings. In the software, you can enter the details of the bride and groom and get the results. The results showcase exactly how many gunas of two people match and how compatible their marriage would be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Janam Kundli is a birth chart in English that showcases an individual's lifespan based on the native's time and location of birth. It shows the position of planets and stars of a person.

Astrology predicts the future based on the planetary position in a person's birth chart or horoscope. Like Ayurveda & Yoga, Astrology is the backbone of Vedas too.

The well-built software uses the NASA algorithm to make accurate calculations about the planetary position. People can refer to AstroVed's free Janam Kundli online software for accurate readings and charts like Namvamsa.

This is considered a sub-division of a zodiac sign which is divided into nine parts in a specific order. This is considered an important chart that is often used to analyze the marriage prediction about an individual.

Lagna chart is one of the important charts in Vedic astrology. No prediction or reading can be made without using the Lagna chart in a Janam Kundli . It shows the ascendant planer and its position in various signs. The chart is used to perform various important calculations of one's life.