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Rahu-Ketu Transit Personalized Prediction Report


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Rahu-Ketu Transit in Pisces & Virgo: Can Bring Sudden Unexpected Changes and New Possibilities with New Opportunities

Planets Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motion, and the transit of Rahu and Ketu happens in Pisces and Virgo signs, respectively, from October 30, 2023, to May 18, 2025. As a result, there can be some struggles on the economic front and sudden, unexpected changes in technology and communication. Rahu-Ketu always gives results in an unprecedented and quick way. The results of this transit could be positive for a few people but bad for those who are too much into materialistic pursuits. There might be some challenges and new transformations in the lifestyle of people around the world. There are also possibilities of some key and important cases and conflicts happening across the globe during 2023-2025.

Rahu Ketu Transit 2023 – 2025 | Rahu Ketu Transit 2023 Predictions

What does the upcoming Transit of Rahu-Ketu in 2023-2025 have in store for you?

Rahu transit in Jupiter’s own sign, Pisces, and Ketu transit in Mercury’s own sign, Virgo, can bring an inclination towards analytical and strategic pursuits besides giving spiritual bliss. Rahu and Ketu are also karmic planets that bring both good and evil results. Both rewards and sufferings could come suddenly in an unexpected way. Rahu gives urges and the wish to fulfill worldly materialistic desires by hook or crook, and Ketu imparts teachings and spiritual inclination through dedicated efforts and perseverance.

As both planets will move on an axis simultaneously in retrograde motion, there could be an inclination towards the spiritual and material aspects of life. There are chances of controversies sparking out due to miscommunication. The areas of social status, wealth, earnings, religious and spiritual knowledge, foreign travel, higher learning, creativity, analytics, artistic activities, and communication can be more active than in the past years. Through their motion in 2023-2025, Rahu-Ketu may give good as well as bad results, mainly in these areas.

Get Your Personalized Rahu-Ketu Transit Report for 2023-2025

Get your own personal report and predictions for this Rahu-Ketu transit from our expert Vedic Astrologers and be prepared for the upcoming hurdles and challenges as well as many opportunities for growth and success at given periods in 2023-2025.

You can also know about the Rahu Ketu transit impact on you by talking to the best astrologers in India instantly on the phone.

Unique Features of the Report



The Rahu-Ketu Personalized Report is specifically tailored for you and highlights the detailed effects of what this planetary transit has in store for you.

Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis

During the Rahu-Ketu transit period in Pisces & Virgo, these planets will move in different Nakshatras (Constellations) in their transit sign. Therefore, our expert astrologers will give you an in-depth analysis of your horoscope and give predictions based on these constellations and the star lords’ placements based on your birth chart.

 Planetary Period Influence

Planetary period influence

The report will also include the impact of your current period, like Maha Dasha (Major period) and Antar Dasha or Bhukti (Minor Period) during this Rahu-Ketu transit.

 Dos & Don’ts of the Transit

Dos and don’ts of the transit

Get your personalized dos and don’ts through the House that Rahu-Ketu is transiting and the Houses they aspect during the transit period in your natal chart for instant guidance.

Transit Summary

Transit Summary

A quick summary of the positive and negative periods of this transit along with its benefic and malefic influences on you for instant guidance.

Simple Home Remedies

Simple Home Remedies

Our astrologers suggest simple and personalized home remedies to boost the positive effects and reduce or nullify the adverse effects of this transit.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2023-2025 Report

Each person’s birth chart is unique. Therefore, depending on the placements and dignity of Rahu-Ketu in your birth chart, this transit effect and its impact will vary from person to person. Your personalized Rahu-Ketu transit report can help you understand the kind of opportunities and challenges you may face during this particular transit in 2023-2025. The report will also suggest remedies to overcome hurdles and difficulties arising due to this transit.

Note: Please allow a minimum of 7-10 working days to deliver the report.

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