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Jupiter Transit Personalized Prediction Report


Jupiter’s Transit in Aries Sign till May 1, 2024

Jupiter (Brihaspati) is also revered as Dev Guru (Teacher) of the Devas (Celestial Beings). Known as ‘Jiva’, the Planet of Positive and Life-Enhancing Attributes, or Saubhagya Karaka (Significator of Fortune), it embodies knowledge, wealth, luck, success, joy, and prosperity.

This benevolent planet will be transiting in the Aries sign until May 1, 2024. Jupiter’s transit in Aries is favourable, as it enters the 1st House of the natural zodiac, representing the self, personality, physical appearance, and aspirations.

This transit carries the benevolent blessings of Jupiter and can help attract money, fortune, wealth, and success. It can bring many positive changes, allow you to make the best of good opportunities, and help you realise your goals. Jupiter’s transit in Aries is beneficial, as Mars, the Ruler of Aries, is friendly with Jupiter. The combination of both these Power Planets can help you maximise new opportunities by optimising your skills to fulfil your ambitions.

Jupiter’s Transit in Taurus in 2024

From May 1, 2024, Jupiter will transit in Taurus at 2:29 pm, on Wednesday, Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi, Shravana Nakshatra, Sukra Hora, Subha Yoga and Balava Karana (Spiritual Nature). The transit will take place after 12 years in Taurus, the 2nd House of the natural zodiac signifies family and relationships: material comforts, luxury, abundance and self-expression.

During its stay in the earthy Taurus sign, Jupiter’s benevolent blessings can enhance your career, harmonise your relationships, help you fulfil your material desires, and, through good opportunities, help you attract success and wealth.

The Planet of Relationships and Wealth, Venus rules Taurus. When auspicious Jupiter enters Taurus, it is very favourable as it forms a friendly union with Venus. Both are beneficial planets, and they can lead to significant collaborations and connections that can enhance your personal and professional life.

It may be a year of expanded horizons and partnerships where you can nurture your passions, explore your creative powers, and forge deeper bonds with loved ones. This period can also lead to a broader social circle and productive networking.

The combined energies of Jupiter and Taurus can help you gain financial stability through a progressive career or business, enhance your potential to attract wealth and prosperity, bring positive vibes and harmony within the family and relationships, and give spiritual growth and success in academic pursuits and undertakings.

Jupiter Enters Combust Stage

On May 3, 2024, at 10:08 pm, Jupiter will get to the combust stage, a time of negativity. It is an inauspicious period where no auspicious events can be performed. This phase Is called Brihaspati Tara Doobna or Guru Tara Doobna(Setting of Jupiter). During this period, when Jupiter is in the setting phase, events like marriage or Griha Pravesh (Housewarming Ceremony) are traditionally avoided. Jupiter will exit this stage after a month, on June 3, 2024, at 3:21 am, and rise again.

Jupiter Transit Through 3 Stars Boosts
Personal & Professional Growth

When Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus, it will transit three Nakshatras (Stars), Krittika, Rohini and Mrigashirsha.

  • Krittika is a powerful and transformative star in Vedic Astrology. It is co-ruled by Venus, and the Sun, and is associated with the powerful energy of fire. The star possesses Dahana Shakti (Power to Burn & Purify). It is called the Star of Purification and Transformation.
  • When Jupiter transits this star, the combined power of Krittika and the Planet of Expansion Jupiter can remove negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and doubts and improve self-confidence. It can boost your motivation and help you create opportunities to progress in life.
  • Brahma, the Prajapati and the Creator of all creatures, rules Rohini Nakshatra. The power of Rohini is Rohana Shakti (Power of Growth). It allows growth and creation at all levels. The Moon rules it and Rohini is its favourite star. It gives the power to grow, ascend, and flourish with wealth and prosperity. It is called the Star of Growth.
  • When Jupiter transits Rohini on June 12, 2024, at 7:10 pm, it can boost your creative skills, enhance your material comforts and financial abundance, and bring the ability to bond in your relationships. It gives you spiritual progress and grants liberation.
  • Mrigashirsha Nakshatra gives a lot of Ananda (Joy). Ruled by Mars, it possesses the Prinana Shakti (Power of Fulfilment). It has a curious nature and is always in search of knowledge and answers. This power brings joy and fulfilment from its ability to explore deeply within, bringing with it a great sense of adaptability and transformation.
  • When Jupiter transits this star, it can combine to fulfil your ambitions, dreams, and financial goals and enhance happiness with your ability to be versatile and resourceful and your desire to achieve.

What Jupiter’s Transit Can Foretell

Jupiter’s transit in Taurus will occur on May 1, 2024, ending on May 14, 2025. This highly auspicious and beneficial planet carries with it the powers of wisdom, expansion, progress, and positive energy stimulating success. Its influence will fall on the following planets it will affect during its transit period.

  • Virgo– 6th House of Health, Debt, Service & Wellbeing. When Jupiter aspects the 6th House of the natural zodiac, it can grant wealth and abundance, give you good opportunities in government-related jobs, victory in litigations, and help you fulfil your ambitions.
  • Scorpio– 8th House of Transformation, Wealth Accumulation Through Inheritance & Relationships- Jupiter’s aspect on the 8th House of the natural zodiac can bring you wealth through inheritance of ancestral property, give you self-confidence, and help you discover new skills. It can bestow happiness, and harmonise your relationships at the personal and professional level.
  • Capricorn– 10th House of Career, Social Status, Ambition & High Reputation- Jupiter’s aspect on the 10th House of the natural zodiac can bring you fresh experiences on the career front, success in achieving your professional objectives, business undertakings, good luck, fortune, fame and elevated status in social life.

Jupiter is turning retrograde in Taurus from October 9, 2024, to February 4, 2025. This period may prompt reflection on the inner self and reassessment. Practice caution and review your plans. This time of reflection can help you take stock and steady your finances.

Jupiter’s transit in Taurus can help uplift your confidence and stimulate growth. It can give you the necessary courage to turn challenges into possibilities through your determination and hard work. This transit brings with it the optimistic energy of Jupiter to help clear all blocked areas of your life and help pave the way for success.

You can also know about the Jupiter transit impact on you by talking to the best astrologers in India instantly on the phone.

Unique Features of the Report



The Jupiter Transit 2024-2025 Report is personalised and underlines the detailed impact and result of what this Planet of Expansion predicts for you.

Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis

During its stay in Taurus, Jupiter will be transiting the stars Krittika, Rohini and Mrigashirsha. Our expert astrologers will thoroughly analyse your horoscope and provide predictions based on the positions of the Star Lords in your horoscope.

 Planetary Period Influence

Planetary Period Influence

The report will include the impact of your current Dasa (Major Planetary Period) and Bhukti (Minor Planetary Period) during the transit.

 Dos & Don’ts of the Transit

Dos & Don’ts of the Transit

Be aware of what you can do and what to avoid, as Jupiter influences the houses during this period.

Transit Summary

Transit Summary

An overall summary of Jupiter’s beneficial and malefic effects and influence during his transit will be included in your horoscope report.

Simple Home Remedies

Simple Home Remedies

Our astrologers will provide essential and personalised home remedies to boost the positives and correct the negatives during this transit.

Jupiter Transit 2024 to 2025 Predictions by Moon Sign


Jupiter Transit 2024-2025 Report

2024 Prediction Report

Each native’s birth chart is unique. Depending on Jupiter’s ownership, dignity, and position in your birth chart, Jupiter can help optimise your growth, prosperity, and development. Your personalised Jupiter Transit in Aries and Taurus Report will help you recognise the opportunities and challenges you may encounter during this transit period. The horoscope report will suggest remedial measures that you can perform to deal with adversities that may occur during the Jupiter transit.

Note: Please allow at least seven to ten working days to deliver the report.

Live Astrology Consultation

Book your 30 minutes/1 Hour Live Astrology Consultation with our expert astrologers, who will scrutinise your birth chart and advise you on the impact of Jupiter on your personal and professional life, besides your financial aspects. Our astrologers will also recommend simple measures to maximise this transit period.