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Wealth and Finance Astrology

Money is an indispensable factor in leading a happy and stress-free life. Some may easily accumulate wealth and enjoy financial stability despite doing less work, while others may find it difficult to save even meager amounts, though they slog all their lives. This can be very frustrating for some people. The good news is that Vedic astrology can help you understand the reason behind it and prescribe remedies to improve your wealth and finances.

According to Vedic astrology, your wealth and financial potential can be traced back to planetary combinations at the time of your birth, as well as the present. Wealth and Finance Astrology can help you fix your financial issues. It enables you to gain insights into your finances, clear away obstacles to income and attract more opportunities to fulfill the financial needs for you and your family.

Our expert astrologers will analyze your birth chart and help you stabilize your fiscal condition based on the positions of planets in particular houses and the current major/minor planetary transits that you undergo. The positions of planets in your birth chart can help you find answers to all the questions you have in your mind related to your finances, and thus define your financial success or failure.

Wealth and Finance Astrology

Houses in Birth Chart That Determine Your Wealth

There are many ways of acquiring wealth. Some people gain income through steady sources as a result of powerful wealth yogas (planetary combinations) in the birth chart, while others acquire wealth through planetary influences in the second, ninth and eleventh houses. Those engaged in business and employment are impacted by planets associated with the seventh, tenth, and eleventh houses, which are connected with business relationships, profession, and gains.

The following houses in the birth chart are mainly related to the wealth and financial condition of an individual, and the position of planets in these houses are considered more important to predict your financial future:

2nd House (House of Finance/Money)

Signifies wealth creation, assets, and possessions

9th House (House of Luck and Fortune)

Represents fortune and luck

11th House (House of Gains)

Prominently signifies gains and fulfillment of desires. The 11th house indicates income and gains, prosperity, profits, and abundance

Apart from these, the 6th House denotes debts and loans, and the 12th House represents expenses and loss of income. These two Houses are also important in determining your financial fortune.

Get Your Personalized Wealth & Finance Reports

Do you have the following questions regarding your wealth/financial condition?

  • How secure is my wealth condition in the future?
  • Will I inherit?
  • How to attract wealth?
  • Are there chances for multiple incomes?
  • Can I repay my pending loans?
  • Will there be a break in my income?
  • How to overcome financial obstacles in life?

Speculation Report

An important factor for success in speculative activities is the suitable timing. A Speculation Report will guide you astrologically on the times to perform your speculative activities. It not only identifies the role of speculators with respect to their planetary positions but also provides informative inputs related to intra-day activities.

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One Year Detailed Money & Prosperity Report

Detailed month to month Money & Prosperity Report forecasts on what to expect for the year ahead. We will analyze your financial status including what income you will gain from, what expenses you will incur and also their sources.

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