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Lucky Colours

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Color Therapy

Colors have always remained as things that appeal to people’s sense of beauty. Their value, however, is not confined only to aesthetics. Many may be surprised to learn that these can actually impact our lives in many ways. It is strongly believed that colors essentially remain representative by nature. In the system of numerology, colors are said to represent different numbers; in our body, they denote the various Chakras, the energy centers; and in the vast universe, they indicate the different planets, including the Sun. Thus, it is held that every numerical digit, energy Chakra and the celestial body in the Solar family has its own particular color. Hence, it is held that whenever a number, a Chakra or a planet is seen as weak or unfavorable through any system like astrology, these can be healed, rectified or fortunes improved to good extent, by putting the corresponding color to effective use. This corrective measure done by using colors is known as Color Therapy.

Some Aspects of Color Therapy

It can normally be seen that people will have their own individual color preferences. This color choice can actually be linked to the strongest planet that was governing at the time of their birth. While strong planets will provide their own characteristics to the natives, the weak planets can contribute to the denial of their energy. People can choose and consciously use the colors of such not so strong planets in their daily life, so as to please those planets and compensate for weak points. In this regard, Sun bath is considered highly beneficial, as the person will get the benefit of all the natural colors that constitute the Sun rays, while also improving the health.

Apart from this experiencing of all colors through Sun bath, the required ones can be used by individuals in various ways like in the food they eat, for painting rooms and houses, wearing clothes, having vehicles, using things, etc.

The Natural Colors and their Qualities

The natural colors are 7 in number. These are the Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red and together, these are referred to as VIBGYOR. The Sunrays are made up of these 7 fundamental colors only, while all other colors are formed due to the combination of 2 or more of these.


Violet denotes coolness in character and diversity, and can cure tuberculosis.


Indigo, which is a darker shade of blue, is also cool, can cure fever and bestow peace through its tranquility.


Blue, which is actually sky blue, is symbolic of hope and can cure fever by its coolness.


Green represents a variety of positive traits like good intellect, enthusiasm, freshness and vitality. It is also cool, can purify blood and cure wind-related diseases.


Yellow indicates its own set of characteristics like intellect, self-control, glory and social welfare. It can be an antidote for cough, and for heart, stomach and heat related ailments.


Orange represents qualities like immunity and spiritual pursuits. It can heal heat, cough and mind related illnesses.


Red is the color of love and passion. It can provide one with enthusiasm and massaging effect, and has the ability to cure cough.

Days, Colors and their Meanings

The individual weekdays have their own colors too and each of them has its own beneficial attributes.

Monday’s color is White and that stands for purity and sacred ceremonies. It can promote overall well-being.

The colors of Tuesday are Red and Brown. While the former can be said to denote sacrifice and sex, the latter represents earth.

Green is the color for Wednesday, which denotes fertility, wealth and prosperity.

Thursday’s colors are Yellow and Violet. While Yellow indicates enlightenment, Violet stands for creativity and also shyness.

The colors White, Half-White, Blue and Indigo are the ones for Friday. While White represents purity, well-being and holy ceremonies, Blue denotes nobility of character and peace, and Indigo, the artistic temperament, mysterious nature and occult power.

Saturday’s colors are many. While Black and Dark Blue represent might; Violet indicates creative talents and reserved nature; and Indigo denotes interest in occult sciences and mysterious things, apart from artistic nature.

Orange and Pink are Sunday’s colors. While the former indicates mutation and a spirit of adventure, the latter denotes love.

Knowing the Lucky Color

People can get to know about their lucky colors from their dates of birth. There are many websites also available for this purpose, which people can get into, provide their dates of birth and get to know their favorable colors just by a click of mouse, free of cost.