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Lucky Numbers

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Numbers in our Lives

Numbers play an important role in the lives of people; whether they realize it or not. Their association with the numerals begins right from the time of birth and continues throughout their lives, till their very end. While the date of birth, consisting of the time, date, month and year, all stated in terms of numbers, marks perhaps the most defining aspect of a birth, numbers continue to remain as a part of their lives right through too. These numerals can be in the form of dates of important events in their lives, birth dates of dear ones like spouse, children, elders and others, house and vehicle numbers, etc.

The belief that numbers wield a significant influence over the lives of people has led to their study in great detail and this has gradually developed over the period into a widely believed and respected occult science, called Numerology.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers

Numbers are said to have their own individual vibrations. These are believed to be quite strong and can have an impact on us in many ways, both, in our day-to-day lives and also in principal events of far-reaching consequences.

There are also believed to be numbers which can work to the advantage of particular individuals and these are known as the Lucky Numbers.

Getting to know such lucky numbers and putting them to effective use, may help people to synchronize happenings in life, make right choices in a given situation, take well-considered decisions, tie loose-ends and smoothen out issues.

These can, thus, help in the clearing of impediments, succeeding in endeavors and in living a life of fulfillment.

Knowing the Lucky Numbers

There are many websites through which people can get to know about their Lucky Numbers, quite easily and also free of cost.

They can simply provide their date of birth at the appropriate place in the sites and get their number of fortune, by a mere click of the mouse.

People who do not know their date of birth can also know their lucky numbers, and many of these sites have made provisions for the eventuality. For this, such people may have to answer some simple questions which may normally be linked to their nature, frame of mind, lifestyle, the way they may react to a particular situation, etc. Many options will generally be given as answers against each of the questions, and out of these, an individual may have to choose the answer that comes nearest to his behavior.

The topics or questions may be related to aspects like — nature, characteristics, temperament, behavioral patterns, food habits, health condition, personal hygiene, discipline and punctuality, assertiveness, money matters, spending habits, favorite activities or hobbies, subjects of their liking, types of entertainments, time spent on various activities, dressing sense, travel, favorite color, education and field of study, type of employment, profession, expectations from life, religious beliefs, spiritual inclination, personal philosophy, etc.

The options for answers against behavioral patterns, for instance, may be — idealistic, emotional, pragmatic, professional and casual, and a person may have to choose his or her most probable behavior that may come closest to one of these options.

The responses will help experts to work out and advise on the lucky number for an individual, which may then be used sensibly by him or her, for all-round betterment.