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Beauty And Health Astrology

‘Where there is health, there is beauty’. Being beautiful denotes good health on both inside and outside one’s body. A healthy body, mind and a healthy soul soothes the inner you and invariably adds beauty and charm to your face. According to Vedic Astrology, our horoscope and planetary placements in our birth chart decides our health and beauty. Our ancient seers and saints have endowed us with many practical solutions and a wealth of information to maintain and enhance our health and beauty hand-in-hand.

Our expert team of astrologers can analyze your birth chart thoroughly and predict the cosmic influences on your health and beauty. It is possible to understand ourselves thoroughly through our natal charts and obtain remedies for our health illnesses and beauty flaws.

Beauty And Health

Planetary Positions and Health

Generally it is important to identify the planetary placements of the following planets in one’s horoscope to understand the health track of an individual:

  • Mars – Vigor and vitality
  • Sun – Life-affirming energies
  • Saturn – Longevity and endurance

In addition, the following planetary houses and their influences are studied in detail:

1st House

Framework of general well-being, body and personality

5th House

Aids suggest how to overcome afflictions

6th House

Provides details about the nature of complications your body may encounter

8th House

Discloses important information upon obstacles and loss of an organ due to a disease and other significant illnesses

11th House

Provides suggestions on how to recover from physical ailments

12th House

Assists in determining causes for hospitalization and helps analyze possible defects in physique

Beauty and Planetary Placements

Though inner beauty and character are regarded to be priceless, in today’s modern world, physical appearance is given equal importance as the first impression makes the best impression in the society.

Our trained Vedic astrologers will carefully examine the following factors in your birth chart to understand the planetary influences upon your looks.

  • Moon sign – Mental and emotional outlook
  • Placement of Moon – Relationship with the divine feminine. A stronger Moon in one’s horoscope makes a person beautiful with charming face and prominent eyes
  • Placement of Venus – Venus governs beauty and grace. A stronger Venus makes a person more youthful and attractive with good features, hair, skin etc.
  • Relationship between Jupiter and Moon – It is an important combination in determining a person’s beauty and charm. If Moon is not in Kendra or Trikona (Angle and Trine) house of Jupiter, then it might affect the beauty of an individual negatively
  • Relationship between Moon and Venus – If this combination is favorable, it makes a person more beautiful and attractive

Hence, a badly placed planet in your horoscope can result in good or bad features, and physical appearance. It is important to find out which planet is causing the defect and pacify the planet for benefic effects. Our beauty professional astrologer will examine your chart, and identify these planets for you.

When our minds and bodies are strong and vibrant, we can do so many things with ease and comfort. It is important to note that astrology is no substitute for proper medical advice and treatment.

Report for Beauty and health Astrology One Year Detailed Health & Well Being Report

Our astrologers can give you an accurate and precise insight of what year ahead has in store for your health. A careful evaluation of your Birth Chart will reveal the planetary positions of Sun, Saturn and Mars (who regulate health and diseases) in the following houses:

  • The 1st house – reveals general wellbeing of a person
  • The 5th house – tells whether you will be cured from diseases or not
  • The 6th house – represents your health and physical fitness
  • The 8th house – indicates chances of accidents, surgery, etc.
  • The 11th house – mentions total cure from all diseases.
  • The 12th house – indicates chances of hospitalization

So get your detailed month-to-month health forecasts on what to expect for the year ahead. This forecast will give you peace of mind and knowledge on how to avoid possible challenging health circumstances by alerting you to the timings of potential health compromising conditions. This forecast will also give you the best days to consult a doctor or to undergo a hospital stay.

Note: Please give us 7 to 10 working days to deliver the report

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