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Critical Elements of Time to Manage Your Day Better

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Download AstroVed’s 2021 US Calendar Here

AstroVed’s Calendar includes
  • Vedic festivals and non-Vedic events
  • Nakshatra (Birth Star) of the day
  • List of Good and Bad Times
  • Planetary Transits including, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu Transits
  • List of Thithis (Moon Phases)

Ready-to-Print Download

If you want to print your 2022 US Calendar in the same style and format, we have designed ready-to-print files for you

Specifications and Directions for Printing the 2022 AstroVed US Calendar

Paper Size

11” x 17” (7 sheets needed in all)

Paper type

Glossy or photo paper is recommended. Cover-stock (thicker cardboard) is optional.

Print type

Double-sided, full color

Print Instructions

There are 14 images attached that should be printed in sequence for double-sided printing. For instance, on the first sheet of 11”x17” paper, Page 1 image will be on the front side, and Page 2 image on the back side.

Special Note

The images labeled with odd numbers (Pages 1, 3, 5, 7) are given “upside down”. This is correct and required for the arrangement of the calendar. Once printed, folded and stapled in the middle, the “upside pages” will appear upright in the calendar.