Spiritual Technology to Deeply Connect with the Divine and Gain Immense Blessings

Grand Homa (Fire Lab) Spiritual Technology Mentioned in Vedas

A Homa (Fire Lab) is an ancient, spiritual technology mentioned in the earliest of the Vedas that helps you connect with and receive immense blessings from the divine. Also called as ‘Yajna’ or ‘Yagya’, the term has a special mention in all the sacred texts such as Vedas and Puranas.
According to Yajur Veda, a fire ritual is a basis for physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual progress and prosperity. During the Fire Lab , skilled Vedic priests to infuse your aura with positive vibrations and to invoke the divine blessings chant Vedic mantras.

“The Fire Lab is a Divine Technology. It does not need your belief to be effective. In the Rig Veda, the Yogis contacted the Fire God through fire ceremony by giving food offerings to various Gods. Fire is a messenger that takes all of these offerings to the various Gods. What’s the benefit? Once the Gods are fed, then they come and give you whatever you want.” – Dr. Pillai

Grand Homa (Fire Lab)

Agni: The Messenger Of Our Prayers To God

Rig Veda, the most ancient sacred text begins with a sacred hymn to Agni, who is regarded as the ‘God of Fire.’ Agni is one of the most worshipped archetypes and praised in several Vedic hymns in Vedic texts. Agni is considered as the messenger who carries our offerings to the God.
“Pra Yajnamanmaa Vrijanam Tiraate” (Rigveda 7-61-4)
Meaning: Performing sacred Yajna (homa) solves all problems of life
‘Jatavada’ is one of the two forms of Agni – the one that carries our offerings to the Gods. The sacred hymn from Rig Veda I.26.3 mentions Agni as the messenger who carries the oblation from humans to the gods, bringing the Gods to sacrifice, and mediates between gods and humans.

Significance And Blessings Of Individual Grand Homa

Mantras are sacred syllables from ancient Vedic texts and Puranas chanted to appease a deity and invoke their blessings. Chanting or listening to these powerful mantras can fill your aura with positive vibrations and the sacrificial fire invites the deities to grant specific blessings.
During a grand homa, our skilled Vedic priests chant the divine mantras for the prescribed number of times such as 1008, 10008, etc. and offer oblations to the sacrificial fire. The reverberation of the mantras chanted during the homa and invoking Agni (fire), the messenger of our prayers to the Gods can augment positivity and enhance the chances of our sincere prayers being answered!

AstroVed’s Grand Homas (Fire Lab)

A ‘Grand Homa’ is an exclusive Fire Lab performed by several skilled Vedic priests chanting the sacred mantras to elicit specific blessings. AstroVed offers you an excellent opportunity to participate and sponsor Grand Individual Homas (Fire Lab) to the deity of your choice. You have an option to choose to perform these Fire Labs as a remedy or to receive the ongoing blessings of the divine for you and your loved ones. Book your Grand Homa with us and have our experienced priest perform it for you!
AstroVed Individual Ganapati Atharvashirsha Homa
5 Priest Individual Ganapati Atharvashirsha Homa
Ganapati Atharvashirsha Homa is the most effective and powerful prayer to Lord Ganesha. This homa invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha by chanting the sacred hymn known as Ganapati. As mentioned in the Ganapati Upanishad, appeasing Lord Ganesha through the homa can…
What Will You Receive: Raja Ganapati statue
AstroVed Individual Dashavatar Homa
10 Priest Individual Dashavatar Homa
Dashavatar Homa is a unique fire ritual invoking the blessings of Dashavatar or the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu as a remedy for life challenges. Perform this homa to receive the life-sustaining blessings of the Lord of Wealth for overall power, prosperity, abundance, and well-being.
What Will You Receive: 5-Metal Dashavatar Statues Set
AstroVed Wealth Attraction Package
Wealth Attraction Package
Attract wealth and positive energy by performing the 3-in-1 homa for Kuber-Lakshmi and Swarnakarshana Bhairava. The combination of these three powerful celestial beings showers one with untold wealth, prosperity and success. Invoking these deities enhances…
AstroVed Dasa Maha Vidya Homa
Dasa Maha Vidya Homa
The world is the domain of every living being and it is meant to accommodate not only all animate but also inanimate beings which constitute an integral part of existence. To awaken the dormant concept of selflessness inherent in all beings, a grand homa is conducted to the Dasamahavidyas.
AstroVed Individual Dasa Chandi Homa
10 Priest Individual Dasa Chandi Homa
Dasa Chandi Homa invokes the blessings of Goddess Chandi, the most ferocious form of ‘Aadi Parashakti’ (Supreme Goddess). AstroVed’s 10 expert priests will invoke Goddess Chandi’s supreme blessings for protection by performing this elaborate fire ritual…
What Will You Receive: Black Tourmaline Mala
AstroVed Individual Ashta Bhairava Homa
8 Priest Individual Ashta Bhairava Homa
Ashta Bhairava Homa is a powerful homa which invokes the blessings of the 8 unique forms of Bhairava, the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. According to scriptures, Bhairava has the power to annihilate negativities and destroy evil forces. Performing this unique homa can…
What Will You Receive: 5-Metal Bhairava Statues Set
AstroVed Prathyangira Devi Homa
Prathyangira Devi Homa
Performing Pratyangira Devi Homa will gift you with the best things of life. The powerful vibrations of this Homa will help you get rid of negative energy in any form– enemies, accidents, evil eye casting and other hostile elements. The Goddess will shield you with positivity, peace…
What Will You Receive: 3-Inch Pratyangira Devi Yantra
AstroVed Individual Ashta Dikpalaka Homa
5 Priest Individual Ashta Dikpalaka Homa
Ashta Dikpalaka Homa invokes the blessings of Ashta Dikpalaka, who are the guardians of the eight directions. These eight Archetypes rule the eight quarters of the universe. The blessings of the Ashta Dikpalaka can help drive away negativities, attract good fortune and purify…
What Will You Receive: 3×3 inch Vastu Yantra
AstroVed Total Power Package
Total Power Package

The Durga-Lakshmi-Saraswathi Homa is performed in honor of the three Devis to acquire a high position, authority and skills. The three deities represent valor, wealth and wisdom, and performing the homa collectively confers manifold benefits. It literally alters one’s destiny…

AstroVed Individual Shatrusamhara Homa
6 Priest Individual Shatrusamhara Homa
Shatrusamhara homa invokes the warrior archetype Lord Muruga as the destroyer of demons, and this homa is performed to overcome unwanted troubles and to get rid of enemies. Participate in this fire lab to access Lord Muruga’s spiritual warrior energy to defeat the negative and unhealthy…
What Will You Receive: 3×3 Sadakshara Yantra
AstroVed Individual Maha Rudra Homa
32 Priest Individual Maha Rudra Homa
‘Sri Rudram’ is a Vedic hymn written as a prayer to Archetype Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva, to transform from his fierce form to his peaceful form and shower us with his blessings. 32-Priest Grand Chanting of 133-times Maha Rudrams (prayer to Rudra) and 121-times Chamakams
What Will You Receive: 27 Nakshatra Lingam set
AstroVed Individual Laghu Rudra Homa
12 Priest Individual Laghu Rudra Homa
Sri Rudram’ is a Vedic hymn written as a prayer to Rudra, a form of Archetype Shiva, to transform from his fierce form to peaceful form and shower us with his blessings. When the Sri Rudram is chanted for 11 times in a homa, then it is termed as Laghu Rudra Homa.
What Will You Receive: Pancha Bootha Lingam set
AstroVed Health Booster Package
Health Booster Package
People suffering from health-related issues are advised to avail the AstroVed Health Booster Package, which amalgamates the potential of 3 powerful yagnas. This package is specially designed by our priests to render instant and long-lasting relief with the spiritual help…
AstroVed 9 Planets Fire Lab Homa
Navagraha Homa (9 Planets Fire Lab)

‘Nava’ means nine; ‘Graha’ means planets. As per Vedic Astrology, there are 9 planets that influence your lives. The position of a planet at the time of your birth will have an influence on your actions and reactions to different situations in your life. Your Life will have its own ups and downs.

AstroVed Nakshatra Shanti Chanting and Navagraha Homa
Nakshatra Shanti Chanting And Navagraha Homa
Nakshatra Shanti chanting and Navagraha Homa are holy Vedic rituals created with the intent of delivering one from the inauspicious attributes accruing from the transition of the planets in relation to the birth star of the individual.
AstroVed Individual Nava Chandi Homa
9 Priest Individual Nava Chandi Homa
Nava Chandi Homa invokes the blessings of the aggressive form of ‘Aadi Parashakti,’ Goddess Chandi. When Chandi is invoked, she can extinguish the strongest negative forces in your life. The fire ritual will be performed by 9 expert priests to invoke her supreme blessings for…
What Will You Receive: Black Tourmaline Mala

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