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Soul Mate Compatibility

You might be wondering…
  • Is it possible to know with whom I am compatible with, without even meeting them?
  • Do the date, time and place of birth influence my search for a partner/soul mate?
  • Is it time to move on or cling to the existing relationship?
  • Do the Moon and the other celestial bodies in our solar system influence my marriage prospective?
Then, it is time you get to know about the fusion of your combined energies. Vedic Astrology has answers to this and many other questions related to relationships. Your date, time and place of birth represent a unique celestial position of the various planets, including the Moon and the Sun in our solar system. This has tremendous influence on your emotional needs and the kind of person who would complete you. Note: Please allow minimum 7 working days for delivery of the report.
What is your love?

What is your love?

You might be wondering ... With whom I am compatible with it without meeting them, is it possible to know? A partner / spouse influence my search for the birth date, time and place? It's time to move on or to cling existing relationship? Moon and other celestial bodies in our solar system would affect my marriage? 

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