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Hora: Jupiter up to Sep 22, 11:02 PM Next Mars

Star of the Day: Shatabhishak up to Sep 23, 12:19 PM

Moon Phase: 14th Waxing Moon up to Sep 23, 09:48 PM

Sunrise: 07:01 AM  Sunset: 07:02 PM

Yoga: Shoola (Confrontational) up to Sep 23, 06:42 PM Next Ganda (Troublesome)

Karana: Garija (Increased Effort) up to Sep 23, 09:04 AM

Poison Time: 10:02 AM to 11:32 AM

Danger Time: 02:32 PM to 04:02 PM

Good Time: 07:01 AM to 08:31 AM

Time Zone: -04:00:00 City: Ashburn

BirthStar: Shatabhishak up to Sep 23, 12:19 PM

Moon Phase:: 14th Waxing Moon up to Sep 23, 09:48 PM

To Do: Salon Visits, Negotiations, Purchasing Real Estate, Spiritual Practices, Business Settlements, Gardening, Begin Medication

To Avoid: Postponing Your Endeavors

Your current location is Ashburn.

Nakshatra (Star) of the Day:

Shatabhishak up to Sep 23, 12:19 PM

General Characteristics: Harsh at speech but truthful, suffer grief but conquer enemies, thoughtlessly engage in works, independent ways.
Symbol: An ox cart, a circle or round charm.
Animal Symbol: Female Horse
Ruling Planet: Rahu
Nature: Rakshasa (demonic)
Presiding deity: Lord Varna - the God of rain and cosmic waters.

Strengths: Truthful; sharp minds; perceptive; emotionally controlled; interested in getting to the bottom of things; prosperous; economical; clever; able to defend themselves; enterprising; interested in astrology and other mysterious subjects; likes to solve puzzles; provides good service; finds happiness within themselves; strong principles; charitable; writing skills; good memory; daring; bold; artistic nature; defeats enemies.

Weakness: Lonesomeness, melancholic, lacks self confidence, restricted, quiet; but will blurt things out in an unrefined manner, con artist, unstable, argumentative, uncommunicative, hides their true intentions, miser, dependent on others to meet their needs, problems in relationship, feels intensely restrained or mentally anguished, problematic relationships with children and siblings, secretive - keeps weaknesses to themselves, lack self confidence, stubborn.

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