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AstroVed Testimonials

Nadi Astrology

If I had to describe my nadi remedy trip in one word, it would be – miraculous! The whole trip proceeded smoothly and with grace. The hotels selected were very good. I could not have had a better guide than Mr Dinesh Babu who served as the translator for my mothers nadi reading. His familiarity with my mother (and my nadi reading) and his patience and expert guidance at each temple helped me better understand the ceremonies involved and the temple history and mythology. This enhanced my whole experience a lot. The driver Rajathurai was pleasant and obliging. Thank you so much for advising me to do it in person!

Nadi Astrology

I would like to express my sincere thanks and satisfaction at the courteous, helpful and thoroughly professional manner in which my Nadi reading sessions were conducted. Dineshji was very kind and helpful, and the readings were done with great care and sincerity, offering appropriate remedies. I am looking forward to the next Gnana Kandam reading session.

Satisfaction With The Service

AstroVed became a part of my every day prayer and rituals, service is awesome and more than satisfaction

Charming Service

I always give excellent ratings for the support and help I receive to complete something. The Pillai Team go above and beyond the call of duty. Within seconds my stress level disintegrates and when we hang up I know I have been taken cared of and I sleep beautifully

Excellent Customer Service

The AstroVed team is amazing. They answer requests professionally and very fast. Thank you everyone for your support and care. All the best wishes to you and your families.

Excellent Customer Service

Hello,  I would like to provide positive feedback about Maanick on your team. He handled my query with utmost care, professionalism, empathy and was so efficient and patience in handling my questions. He is a great team worker and an asset to your team. thank you Maanick for the leadership and help you provided today. Pooja

Customer Support

Namaste Astroved, I received wonderful, thorough and kind assistance from Sathish via the chat this evening. I am very happy with the way he answered all of my questions and helped me successfully navigate completion of my purchases. Thank you. All the Best Wishes, Pat Golden

DNA Astrology Consultation With Mr. Ramkumar

I am  Mdm Vijyaletchumi, from Singapore. I had a few DNA astrology consultations with Astrologer Ram Kumar. My son also had his astrology read under his scrutiny.

His examinantion of our birth charts was simply superb. My son who is new to such readings found a wealth of reassurance in Mr Ram Kumar’s words. My son reiterates that Astrologer Ram Kumar,  was intuitive in his reading . My son has been listening to his astrology recording at regular intervals to charge himself with the positive vibrations he felt upon getting his reading done.

I am very impressed with the depth of his knowledge on his field  of astrology.  He was able to deliver my reading with precision and clarity. His approach to astrology is practical. He foresees specific happenings at stipulated periods in one’s astrology chart and advices how one should navigate one’s life during certain occurrences.   His approach was very professional yet delivered with equal compassion and understanding of client’s apprehensions. He gave me the comforting feeling that he was actually able to feel my pain and anxiety as I related my struggles in some areas of my life. He is an expert in deciphering the time periods one is going through in  life and prescribes exact remedies to resolve the issues at hand. There is clarity in his explanation of why certain happenings are occurring at a specific period in one’s life. He reassures that issues are like passing clouds and will be solved when matched and paired with  specific remedies.  He is very encouraging in his reading and gives the clients lots of positive reassurance and encouragement to trust the remedies performed on our behalf.  I feel great sincerity in his words and tone of his voice as he speaks from the inner voice.  I approach him with the confidence that he will guide me to resolve my pressing issues in due course. There is no empty promises from him. He is genuine in his guidance and one can naturally sense that he is speaking with Divine guidance, every word that he utters is resounding.

Astrology Consultation

It’s been pleasure to talk and chat with you since two days.im very much impressed the way you taking care of your subscribers and making them feel comfortable regarding the sessions with vijayalakshmi madam.Pretty much satisfied with the way you recieved the query and in resolving the issue.Its my first meeting with Astrologer Vijayalakshmi Krishnan madam.Im hoping for the best in my fortune with her blessful predictions.Ill be thankful throught my life to Vijayalakshmi madam and Astroved if my problems gets solved.Thank you so much Astroved.Special thanks to CRM Team for arranging the appointment in a short time and for understanding my scenario. Regards, Prashantth.

Agastya Live Channel Reading

This reading is not from this world. It is accurate, gives hope and above all His predictions materialize.

Karuppasamy Divine Reading & Remedies Program

The reading session was very good. Without my inputs on the session, the reader was able to predict accurately my requirements. Will definetly recommend for anyone to go for it. Thanks

Benevolent Service

Hello Astroved Friends, this was my very first time contacting Astroved as I am Dr. Pillai’s follower on Youtube. I was helped by a gentleman. A very polite and patient gentleman who has the knowledge of his content explained/ suggested a resolution to my problem. I’m thankful for his patience. I hope and pray my problem is resolved ASAP by Uma Maheshwar Homa.