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AstroVed Testimonials

Satisfaction With The Service

Dear Mr.Sivakumar,

The grahapravesham function went very well today. The homas and pujas were performed excellently by the Sasthrigal. My family and I are extremely happy. The arrangements were exactly as you mentioned and Sastrigal performed it in a very satisfactory manner (special mention about both of them not using any mobile phones which is very rare to see today).

Please accept my thanks Mr. Sivakumar for coordinating and being patient with my questions and follow-ups.

Thank you once again.

most trusted partner - Satisfaction With The Service

I want to take the opportunity and put into words what I feel daily. I have immense gratitude for Astroved as they have been the most trusted partner in changing my life for the better. Rituals have to be performed at the precise time in the precise order with understanding of the divine, something we are but students of in the west. They are masters, lead by a master- Dr.Pillai.
I am so so busy, my days are filled with much work and study and the demands are high. In addition I face karmic challenges, needless to say, I am running out of time to do the rituals needed with regularity and perfect timing. No fret however, Astroved is there for me, and with a partner like that, I have 24/7support.
Specifically, I have received Nadi readings, which were so astonishing, I ordered a Nadi plus remedies for my daughter who is in her 20’s and confused as many youngsters are. The remedies will set her on the right course in Life and Study, instead of wasting years and money on an education she will neither like nor thrive in. Money well spent.
Faithfully allocating funds to one’s Karma Cleaning results in measurable improvements in daily life but fills one’s path with purpose. Nothing feels better.
God Bless my Astrologer Vijayalakshmi and my Nadi Readers as well as anyone performing the rituals on my behalf.

accuracy - Appreciable Horoscope Prediction Service

Daily predictions are always accurate.excellent work. astroved has good team work.

Great Customer support - Excellent Customer Service

Astroved has an wonderful customer support team. Shalini Priya did a commendable job in solving all queries in timely manner with great precision. She also handled some payment related issues in total diligence and came up logically with alternate solution. I truly appreciate her effort !!

Customer Support

Thank you for your calling me today…
Thank you for all your help, all your prayers, and for being a great listener. You are so caring. I always enjoy talking with you. I’m so very grateful and so very fortunate to be here and to have found Baba and yourself and Sucharita and Mohini, And J.Radha, and the astrologer. I do apologize I forgot her name.

Effective Remedy Services

Dear Mr. ShivKumar,

Thank you for arranging the homa at such short notice. It did help a lot. He was in critical condition in Cardiac ICU when I called you and made that request.

Since then he was moved to room and later discharged from Hospital. However, he once again got admitted to ICU after reaching home and later moved to room in Hospital. I am hoping that he may be discharged today or tomorrow. At least I can say that thanks to all blessings he is not critical right now.

Prashna and Horoscope analysis indicates that allotted time in Horoscope has more or less run out. But thanks to the remedy we at least still have him around.

Amazing Predictions

I would like to thank Astrologer Vijayalakshmi Madam and Astroved team for orchestring positive changes in my life. I was amidst of nowhere until I met Vijayalakshmi Madam, she was very accurate in predicting and helped me overcome the challenges I was facing. She was very candid and real in explaining the facts with a great dose of positivity. My family is grateful to her.
Kudos to the her and the team.

Customer Support

Customer support is excellent. Fast and precise. Keep up the good work.

Very accurate!!! - Appreciable Horoscope Prediction Service

Thank you Astroved for the free daily readings and much more. Your readings are the most accurate by far and I enjoy reading them daily.

Customer Support

Dear AstroVed , Sridevan,Siva, Shalini Priya

It was very nice to know and communicated with all the members of Astroved,
You Guys were of great Help to me, and your Services are Excellent.my sincere Thanks to all.

Excellent Service From AstroVed

Namaste Dear Astroved Team Members

We would take this opportunity to thank each and every one at Astroved for their kind assistance during our visit to Chennai and Rameswaram. D.Kumarji, thank you very much for spending time with us and guiding us through the remedies, which we are sure, will produce results & thank you for guiding us to visit a most important temple on our way to Rameswaram. We were really blessed to have made it to the Bramapureeswarar temple.

The Mrithunjaya homa was very auspicious and we felt the full divine grace flowing through & thanks to the priest who performed the pooja very well.

We personally attended the Thila Homa at Rameswaram and we found the service amazing right from booking the hotel closest to the temple to all the 5 priests participating in the Homa. We understood the importance of why we should perform the Thila homa as the priest gave a very good explanation beyond our imagination & we were very much satisfied. We have to render our special thanks to Muraliji for his exemplary service provided to us, including taking us to the end of Dhanuskodi by getting special permission from the police to do the final rites. Without Muraliji, we would not have achieved our desired goals at Rameshwaram. We are grateful to Muraliji for also arranging an assistant to help us through the 22 well baths & the swami Dharshan at the temple which was very special.

Thank you Sivakumarji for coordinating with us until everything was done without any hindrance. The trust you placed in us to perform an important Homa for myself as recommended by Kumarji before even the payment was made is really appreciated by us.

Excellent Service From AstroVed

I do not have words to say because everything is good. Good, very good! Faith in GOD never fails!
Thank you so much to each and every one of you who are working so hard to meet our requirements.
Excellent and please take care Astroved staff, all of you are too precious.

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