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Sun Transit in Capricorn (14 January 2022) Effects And Remedies


The sun will transit into the Capricorn sign on January 14th, 2022, for 30 days. This transit of the Sun in the Capricorn sign will bring subtle changes in the routine, mundane life of all individuals. People will become more focused and hard-working during this one-month phase. The transit of the Sun will impart mixed […]

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Mercury Transit in Capricorn (29 December 2021)


Mercury will start transiting in Capricorn sign from 29th December 2021 till 6th March 2022. During these big 65 days of Mercury transit in Capricorn sign, Mercury will be combust and powerless in most days but it will give result according to other planets. Mercury will be transiting in Capricorn sign till 6th March 2022 […]

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Results of Birth in Various Nakshatras


There are total 27 Nakshatras or constellations in horoscope which are divided though all 12 houses in our horoscope. When our Moon sign placed in any particular nakshatra(constellation) in our birth chart according to our time of birth then it is called our Birth Nakshatra. Talk to astrologer to know more about the Impact of […]

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Effects of Ketu in 12 Houses of Kundali or Birth Chart


Effects of Ketu in Different Houses Ketu which is also known as South Node of Moon represents isolation, aloofness, travel, Nature wandering, spirituality, foreign things, foreign culture, foreign food, air travel, wind diseases etc. Ketu always posited in 1-7 axis to Rahu which is always opposite to Rahu or 7th position from Rahu in every […]

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Effects of Rahu in 12 Houses of Kundli or Birth Chart


Overview of Rahu in Vedic Astrology:- North Nodes of Moon is commonly Known as Rahu in Vedic Astrology. Rahu is a shadow Planet which imparts its result and impacts the horoscope with the help of other planets like its sign lord and sub lord of its constellation (Nakshatra). Talk to Astrologer now to know more […]

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Astrological Combination & Prediction to Become Doctor or Expert in Medical Field


Planetary Combination in Horoscope or birth chart to become successful Doctor:- In our society the medical field is taken as the field of high esteemed with utmost respect especially if one become a Doctor. It’s a field known as respectful with high income. People see God in the face and form of Doctor. Hence there […]

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Effects of Sun in 12 Houses in Astrology Birth Chart


Overview of Planet Sun:- Sun is the indicator of Aatma or soul desire in an individual’s life. Sun in Astrology signifies ego, leadership quality, ambition, righteous attitude, optimism, fame, health, wise nature, eloquent speech, family’s wealth, overall prosperity as well as success in life. So, the good position and placement of Sun in horoscope increases […]

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Medical Astrology & Heart Failure in the lens of Vedic Astrology


Heart attack-Heart Disease in Vedic Astrology:- Through Vedic Astrology, calculation of planetary placement in Horoscope in both Lagna chart (D1 chart) and in Navamsa chart (D9 Chart). Heart disease happens due to failure or malpractice of blood in Cardiovascular System. Dysfunction of blood vessels leads to heart failure or Heart stroke. Abnormal functioning and pumping […]

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Certain Yoga for Wealth, Money, Property in Horoscope with significant Planetary Combinations


Astrological Combination for Wealth, Money, Property in Horoscope are as follows:- The 4th house in a birth chart is regarded as house of assets and property along with House, Vehicles etc. Our Residence, comfort and luxury in life can be predicted by 4th house of Natal chart or D1 chart. S, whenever 4th house lord […]

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What are the astrological combinations responsible for Success, Wealth and Fame


There are many individuals who are a triumph and have name and acclaim in their life. Individuals are very pondering that when they will get achievement and notoriety in their excursion. Certain individuals are truly endeavoring to make progress yet their all endeavors go to no end. We can utilize astrology as a strategy to […]

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Effects of Jupiter in different houses of Horoscope in Vedic Astrology


In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter signifies our Education, Spirituality, Marriage, Wisdom, Wealth, Fortune, expansion in our life, Prosperity and protection from any unwanted happenings in life. Jupiter is the most auspicious and most favourable planet according to Vedic Astrology. It has special 3 aspects which are 5th, 7th and 9th aspect from its position of placement […]

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Mars Transit in Scorpio and its effects on 12 zodiac signs


Mars is transiting in Scorpio sign from 5th December 2021 till 15th January 2022. Mars will be joining Ketu which will cause negative yoga but malefic effect of Ketu will be reduced till 15th December due to Sun transiting with Mars in Scorpio. The bad effects of Mars –Ketu transiting in the same house can […]

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