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Worship of Lord Vishnu in Reclining Posture


Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of protection, is worshipped with great faith and fervor by people not only in India but also in many countries of the world. There are innumerable temples for Vishnu, of which 108 are held as particularly sacred, as the deities enshrined here […]

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Mahamaham Tank – Significance


Importance of Mahamaham Tank The Mahamaham Tank located in the scared town of Kumbakonam is regarded as extremely holy. Lacs of people take bath in its sacred waters during the auspicious occasion of Mahamaham with the firm faith that this can wash away their sins and lead […]

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Katyayani Mantra


Greatness of Goddess Katyayani Katyayani is one among the Nava Durgas, the nine forms of the Goddess Durga. Katyayani is a fierce manifestation of Sakthi, the divine female power. The term Durga means ‘the invincible’, and Katyayani, the warrior Goddess, remains as one. Regarded as the sixth […]

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Navagraha Mantra


Importance of the Navagrahas Our ancient sages and enlightened ancestors found in their profound wisdom that there essentially exist nine planets in the celestial sphere, which very strongly impact the people in all aspects of their lives. They also found that the careful study of these planets […]

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Story of Kalaratri: The Dark Goddess


Goddess Kalaratri Goddess Kalaratri is considered as the 7th manifestation of Durga, the mother Goddess. She is the seventh of the nine aspects of Durga and is regarded as the most ferocious form of the Goddess. Kalaratri is genuinely a ‘Dark Goddess,’ and that is what her […]

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Goddess Kalaratri Mantra From Vedic Texts


Goddess Kalaratri Kalaratri is the aggressive manifestation of Durga, the supreme Goddess. She is the seventh of the nine aspects of Durga and is considered as the most violent form of the Goddess. She is worshipped on Saptami, the seventh day of the nine-day Navaratri festival. The […]

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Chandi: The Ferocious Form of Adi Parashakti


Goddess Chandi Chandi is a powerful manifestation of Sakthi, the ultimate, universal energy. She is a mighty Goddess, who is regarded as a divine combination of the three supreme Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Kali. She is considered as one of the extremely aggressive forms of Adi Parashakti, […]

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Importance of Vellerukku Vinayagar


Greatness of Vinayaka Vinayaka or Ganapathi is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. He is hailed as a remover of obstacles and a harbinger of success, and is both loved and venerated. He has an elephant face, but also has a primordial form with a […]

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Sun God Worship on the Day of Pongal


Kavi Gangadhareswarar Temple is one of the very few monolithic cave temples in India. This is also one of the very ancient temples in the state of Karnataka, and legends regard the caves here to be much older even to the hoary Treta Yuga. It is also […]

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Worship Lord Hanuman Through Mantra and Yantra


Mantra and Yantra, an Introduction Mantra is a series of words or even sounds that is normally in praise of a particular God or Goddess. When chanted with devotion, it can get for the devotees, immense divine blessings. Yantra refers to a mystical diagram. It is a […]

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Significance of Different faced Rudraksham


Rudraksham, an Introduction Rudraksha or Rudraksham is a sacred bead that is closely associated with Lord Shiva and his worship. Rudraksha literally means ‘the teardrops of Rudra, that is, Shiva’. This is traditionally used as a prayer bead in Shiva worship. These beads are strung together as […]

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Hanuman Mantra


Greatness of Lord Hanuman Hanuman is a unique God of the Hindu pantheon. Also known as Maruthi, he is a great devotee of Lord Rama, the important incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Rama is said to always dwell in the heart of Hanuman and hence, he is often […]

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