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The Airavatham (white elephant) statue carries the energy and blessings of the 11 Ganeshas installed at the Ganesha Vortex for the Golden Age.

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3” Five-Metal Ganesha Statue Ganesha is more popularly known as the elephant-headed archetype who removes obstacles of all kinds. His elephant head symbolizes super intelligence and it is this great ability of his that allows him to overcome all obstacles.

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Place this statue of Lord Padmanabha (a special form of Lord Vishnu in a reclining pose on a snake bed with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva) on your altar to aid you in attaining moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death), as well as extreme material riches, good progeny, and removal of wealth-creation obstacles.

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Place this statue of Goddess Saraswathi on your altar to enhance intelligence and bestow divine wisdom. This 6-inch tall statue is exquisitely crafted and will be energized in a Fire Lab before being sent to you. It is made of 5 metals to absorb and retain the positive energy generated from the ritual. The Yogis claim that the 5 metals serve as the perfect medium to hold and retain divine, cosmic energy.

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108 Crystal Siva Lingam 1 Set (8 to 10 grams) The Siva Lingam represents Archetype Siva in his formless aspect, allowing you to honor the vast ocean of divine consciousness and light in a small form within your home.

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