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Remedies to Mitigate 12 Major Types of Doshas Caused by Malefic Planetary Placements

Dosha: Unfavorable Association of Planets


According to Vedic Astrology, “Dosha” is a term that refers to unfavorable conditions caused by the bad placement or association of planets in the birth chart. This affliction or Dosha, which has the potential to reduce all the positives of the favorable associations in the birth chart, is derived from the Sanskrit word “dush,” which means bad. Vedic seers and sages have laid out a set of rules in the ancient astrology texts to identify the planetary combinations which can cause Doshas (Afflictions). The strength of these planetary afflictions depends on the placement and association of the planets and these placements and association of the planets are determined by your Karmic actions from the past. Vedic texts also prescribe remedial rituals be performed to mitigate the adverse effects of the Doshas.

Doshas in Vedic Astrology

Dosha (Affliction): What to Expect 


There are various types of Doshas detailed in Vedic astrology. When an affliction or Dosha is present in the birth chart, it indicates the sin caused by an individual in one of their births. Depending on the severity of the affliction, the person experiences the result in the present life. It depends on the type of sin caused, and accordingly, the person would experience difficulties in those particular areas of life. Some afflictions also indicate unfinished businesses from the previous life. These afflictions are a forewarning for an individual not to repeat the same action in this life and accrue bad karma, rather repent for the past acts.

These afflictions, depending on the severity, affect various areas of life, health, wealth, relationship, fortune, and happiness.

12 Types of Doshas (Afflictions)


Kala Sarpa Dosha

All the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. This Dosha can cause decline from power if in politics, grant success after very hard work, and bring marital discord and heavy losses. Know More


Manglik Dosha

This Dosha is caused when Mars is badly placed from Ascendant, Moon, and Venus. Marital discord, loss of spouse, legal separation, and lack of marital bliss are the adverse effects of being Manglik. Know More


Sarpa Dosha

When Rahu and Ketu are placed in the 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 8th house from Moon or Ascendant, Sarpa Dosha occurs. It indicates a curse from serpent Gods and is incurred either by killing or harming a snake in previous life. This Dosha can cause anxiety, depression, terminal illness, and skin ailments. Know More


Chandala Dosha

This Dosha occurs when malefic Rahu or Ketu is associated with benefic Jupiter. This Dosha manifests as a result of harming a Guru or priestly people in the past life. It could cause obstacles, accidents, pessimism, break in education, and poverty. Know More


Kalathra Dosha

This Dosha is formed when Venus and Ketu are placed together in any sign. It can cause separation from spouse either legally or physically, betrayal of a spouse, give multiple partners or marriages, and unsuccessful marriage. Know More


Amavasya Dosha

This Dosha results when the Sun and the Moon are placed together in the same degree. It can occur due to disrespecting ancestors or harassing old people in the family. This Dosha could bring struggles in all walks of life, misfortunes, and bad name. Know More


Eka Nakshatra Dosha

This Dosha is caused when more than one person in the family is born in the same star. This Dosha affects the overall wellbeing of the family members. Know More


Kemadruma Dosha

When there are no planets on both sides of the Moon, Kemadruma Dosha occurs. This Dosha can affect the mental wellbeing of the person and cause misfortune and poverty. Know More


Ganda Mool Dosha

This Dosha is caused when the Moon is placed in certain stars that are considered inauspicious. This Dosha can hamper the wellbeing of the person and family members, bring loss of wealth, and make one struggle to become successful in life. Know More


Ghat Dosha

This Dosha happens when Saturn and Mars share the same sign. This Dosha can make the person face a lot of impediments and struggles in life. The person can be surrounded by negative energies, which could pose impediments towards progress. Know More


Grahan Dosha

This Dosha is formed when the Luminaries are affected by Rahu and Ketu. This Dosha can result in delayed/ no marriage or unsuccessful marriage, uncertainty causing depression, loss of reputation and money, and lack of peace. Know More

How Can These Afflictions
Impact You?


As per Vedic astrology texts, the afflictions formed by the association of the planets in the birth chart can bring 

  • Losses
  • Poverty
  • Bad relationship
  • Bad health or physical deformity
  • Lack of Happiness through progeny
  • Separation or loss of loved ones
  • Terminal illness
  • Denial of ancestors blessings
  • Lack of marriage prospects
  • No children
  • Accidents in the family
  • Untimely deaths

AstroVed’s Dosha Remedial
Program Explained


Our unique remedies include targeted Fire Labs/ Poojas, which have been prescribed by our Expert Vedic astrologers that are personalized and delivered to one of you. These rituals are performed at particular power times that can help mitigate the adverse effects of the Doshas in your life.