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AstroVed's Personalized Vedic App

Updated Features of the App

  • Name Calculator

    Name Calculator

    Find out if your name favors you based on your date of birth

  • Numerology


    Experience the magic of numbers to improve your life

  • Favorable Gemstone

    Favorable Gemstone

    Know the lucky gemstone for your Moon sign for success

  • Dosha Prediction

    Dosha Prediction & Remedies

    Find out if you have any Dosha in your birth chart and remedy them

  • Horoscope Matching

    Horoscope Matching

    Planning for a marriage? Match horoscopes to know how compatible the couple is

  • Talk To Astrologers

    Talk To Astrologers (Astro Speaks, Schedule, Prasna)

    Consult our top astrologers instantly or schedule an appointment for all your concerns

  • Instant Grace

    Instant Grace

    Get prompt answers for your questions

  • Product Store

    Product Store

    Browse & order energized statues, Yantras, bracelets, Malas and more for a positive shift in life

  • Order History

    Order History & Track Order

    Now you can easily track your order and check the order history of your account on App

  • Notifications


    Get regular notifications for Hora, daily prediction, festivals, Thithi, Chandrashtama, Dasa/Bhukti and planetary transits

  • Live TV

    AstroVed Live TV

    Live Web Streaming of our special events, daily Poojas and rituals with options to set reminders and mark your calendar

  • AstroVedPedia


    Detailed information on festivals, astrologically important dates, temples, deities and free astrology tools

Astroved App Astroved App
  • Panchang

    Panchang - Dynamically calculated based on your location

    Understand how the day favors you

  • Thirukanitham

    Gowri and Thirukanitham Panchang

    Find auspicious times of the day for success in your tasks

  • Hora watch

    Hora watch

    Plan your time efficiently based on hours ruled by planets

  • Chandrashtama

    Chandrashtama sign of the day (When the Moon Transits 8th House from Your Natal Moon)

    Balance your emotions for a better & happy you

  • Moon phase

    Moon phase details

    Choose/avoid acts based on the Moon phase of the day

  • star

    General Dos and Don'ts based on the ruling star of the day

    Schedule your daily chores based on the day’s star energy

  • Moon sign

    Daily Dos and Don'ts specific for your Moon sign

    To make the best of every day

  • Predictions

    Personalized Daily Predictions for all Moon signs

    Know how the day shall turn out for you & your loved ones

  • birth chart

    Hourly predictions specific for your birth chart

    Plan important tasks in your favorable hour

  • Virtual Pooja

    Virtual Pooja Deity for the day

    Perform Virtual Pooja to the deity of the day anytime, anywhere

  • Dasa Bhukti

    Dasa / Bhukti changes and their effects

    Know the Major/Minor Planetary periods that influence your life

  • Planetary transits

    Planetary transits & influences based on your birth chart

    Movement of major planets & their exclusive effects on you

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AstroVed –Astrology & Remedies makes your day blessed and filled with happiness through a wide range of tools that help you know daily/monthly/yearly horoscope, connect with your favorite deity though virtual Pooja, watch live and archived rituals on Web TV and many more!

iOS Apps

Size: 54.6 MB
Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Android Apps

Size: 22MB
Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up