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Updated Personalized Features

  • Panchang

    Panchang - Dynamically calculated based on your location

    Understand how the day favors you

  • Thirukanitham

    Gowri and Thirukanitham Panchang

    Find auspicious times of the day for success in your tasks

  • Hora watch

    Hora watch

    Plan your time efficiently based on hours ruled by planets

  • Chandrashtama

    Chandrashtama sign of the day (When the Moon Transits 8th House from Your Natal Moon)

    Balance your emotions for a better & happy you

  • Moon phase

    Moon phase details

    Choose/avoid acts based on the Moon phase of the day

  • star

    General Dos and Don'ts based on the ruling star of the day

    Schedule your daily chores based on the day’s star energy

  • Moon sign

    Daily Dos and Don'ts specific for your Moon sign

    To make the best of every day

  • Predictions

    Personalized Daily Predictions for all Moon signs

    Know how the day shall turn out for you & your loved ones

  • birth chart

    Hourly predictions specific for your birth chart

    Plan important tasks in your favorable hour

  • Virtual Pooja

    Virtual Pooja Deity for the day

    Perform Virtual Pooja to the deity of the day anytime, anywhere

  • Dasa Bhukti

    Dasa / Bhukti changes and their effects

    Know the Major/Minor Planetary periods that influence your life

  • Planetary transits

    Planetary transits & influences based on your birth chart

    Movement of major planets & their exclusive effects on you

Astroved App Astroved App

What's New

There is an exciting update on our AstroVed Assistant App!

Introducing Artificial Intelligence based voice assistant- Sia

AV Assistant App is not only user-friendly but also hands-free. After extensive research, we have updated our App with Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature to help you ask your questions and get answers instantly from our voice assistant!

This new feature gives immediate and accurate answers to a limited number of questions (See the list of questions answered by Sia).

For instance, if you want to know the current Hora, all you need to do is ask 'What is the current Hora?' If you're going to plan your next day, all you need to do is ask 'What is my lucky color tomorrow?' and Sia will answer it for you. It's as simple as that!

You can try this feature in AstroVed Assistant Android App

Astroved App

Key Features

  • Ask your question and get answers instantly
  • Easy-to-use, no technical skills required
  • Access your Voice Assistant 24x7

So what are you waiting for? Update to our App's newest version to make use of AI feature and get answers to all your questions right away, without having to navigate through the App!

You can try this feature in AstroVed Assistant Android App

Astroved App

App ScreenShots

AstroVed Assistant makes your day blessed and filled with happiness through a wide range of tools that help you know daily/monthly/yearly horoscope, connect with your favorite deity though virtual Pooja, watch live and archived rituals on Web TV and many more!

iOS Apps

Version: iOS 9.0 or later
Size: 63.8 MB
Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Android Apps

Version: 4.1
Size: 25MB
Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up

Sample Questions
  • What is panchangam?
  • Tell me about pradhosam
  • Which star having chandrashtama today?
  • When is chandrashtama for Ashwini?
  • Currently which star have chandrashtama?
  • When is my chandrashtama?
  • What is today prediction for me?
  • which is my favourable god today?
  • How should i fast on Pradosham?
  • What should i do on new moon?
  • When is next Diwali?
  • When is pradosham in next month?
  • When is new moon?
  • What is current hora?
  • What is next hora?
  • What is hora at 8 am today?
  • What is my birth star?
  • What is my moonsign?
  • When is good time today?
  • What is moon phase today?
  • What is the star tomorrow?
  • When is Ekhadasi?
  • Can i start a new business today?
  • Favorable day to buy new car?
  • When is Saturn transit?
  • How is Jupiter transit for me?