Kerala, one of the divine destinations of India is known for its rich cultural heritage and unique customs & rituals, performed by expert Kerala priests, who carry out the ceremonies as prescribed in the sacred texts.

Muttarukkal (Kerala Remedy at Powerspot)

Vedi Valipaadu (Kerala style of thanking the divine to answer the prayers)

Makara Jyothi – Invite Prosperity Power Ritual at Kerala


of AstroVed’s Kerala Remedies

AstroVed’s Kerala remedy services are performed at handpicked Kerala energy vortices and AstroVed Remedy Center. Each energy vortex where the ritual is performed is unique for exerting powerful remedial effects, offering solutions to your life problems.


Abishekam is hydrating the idol of the deity with special items chosen from the sacred texts along with chanting prescribed mantras. This powerful ritual can bring the deity to life and surround you with a positive aura of their blessings


Archana is a personal mode of offering your prayers to the deity, performed by Powerspot priests by chanting specific mantras for the deity. Your name and birth star are recited during the Pooja to seek answers for your prayers


Nivedhyam is the special and fresh food offering made to the deity as a part of the worship, before consuming it. It is believed that the deity tastes the Nivedhyam during the ritual, which is considered to energize and bless the Prasad (sacred offering)


I was participating in the Bhagavathi Seva pooja. I got a call from my friend saying that his grandfather, has been admitted in ICU. So I immediately started to pray for him and next day got a message that he is slowly recovering. Thank you for giving the opportunity to participate in a wonderful pooja.


Amazing things have been happening since I watched the Chandi Fire Lab. Can’t thank all of enough for your guidance, assistance support and help. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I am eternally grateful. Thank you with all my heart

Robin S

This is to thank the astrologer with whom I had two astrological consultations. I appreciate his calm, cordial style of communication. Much gratitude to the astrologer and all of you at AstroVed.

George Mathew

I was watching this morning the pratyangira homa puja I was coughing soo much, after the priest were performing the rituals my cough stopped so it was a amazing puj. Also say a biggggg super huge THANKYOU to all the kind priests who performed this puja on behalf of all of us.

Ms. Shakuntala Gounder

For me, the rituals done in AstroVed.com helped in overcoming the strained relationships in the family, to get a better job, and also to evolve spiritually. It is only through AstroVed.com, that I am able to perform the rituals at a nominal price, and also got the desired benefits out of the same.

S. Ramalingam

I spent years of my life to find solutions for my problems, and did not find them. Now I believe Astroved has the best service to solve issues in your life. Every remedy they recommended has worked for me. Their prediction has always been accurate for me, only sometimes I have to wait a bit, but it helps me.