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Nakshatra porutham or star matching is a mandatory process as a pre-requisite in a Hindu wedding. First, the family of the bride and groom sit together and call upon their astrologers. The astrologer then analyses the Janam kundalis of the future bride and groom and determines if the couple would live a harmonious marital life.

In this process, star matching happens, which determines the compatibility between two people after marriage. The better the stars match, the more intimacy, and harmony will be in the marriage.

Nakshatra Porutham

For stars matching or nakshatra porutham, one should consult a professional astrologer as he has expertise in analyzing the birth charts. Individuals can also make use of the online star matching tools which are available on astrology websites. Astropedia brings you one such tool using which you can determine the compatibility score between you and your future partner.

These days various couples prefer to choose their partner by choice, which means they fall in love first and then get married. Some people also prefer their partner from the matrimony websites. People under the influence of modernization often forget to check the list of marriage. They don’t value the star matching process, which troubles them later in their marital life.

Hence it is recommended to get your kundalis analyzed by a professional astrologer. To get an idea quickly, you can also rely on the star matching tools that are available online, free of cost.

When we talk about nakshatra porutham, it means we search the compatibility score between the birth stars of two people. If one star matches another well, the couple gets blessed for a happy marital life; however, if not, the couple faces the opposite results and marital clash.

Here is a general idea about the stars compatibility or nakshatra porutham.

Based on the table, you can have an idea if your birth star is compatible with the birth star of your partner. If Porutham is present, the married couple experiences marital bliss all their life and has a successful marriage. However, it is a must to remember that Nakshatra porutham is not the only determining factor. One can’t decide if a couple would live happily based on the stars alone. There are several other factors that contribute to calculating the compatibility score between two people.

It is recommended that for a complete analysis of your kundalis, you consult a professional astrologer and get a proper star matching performed along with other readings.