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AstroVed Store Reviews

    Navagraha Shanti Homa (9 Planets Blessings Fire Lab)

    After this homa was performed, I truly believe that now the planets/Navagraha are blessing me tremendously. I can strongly feel the shift in many areas of my life. Mainly, the right things are happening at the right time!

    Clear Obstacles and Gain Success Premier Package

    wonderful, gentle and nice feeling -


    Astroved support is good. Overall satisfied. Slowly observing effects


    As such no issues found with service. Overall I found good service

    AstroVed 2019 Calendar: USA (NYC)

    This calendar is helpful in identifying key power times like Pradosham, New moon, Full moon, 4th moon, 8th moon, 14th moon etc. I recommend this calendar to be used to keep track of powerful times.

    Maha Mrityunjaya Homa

    The ritual performed on behalf of myself and my mother truly shifted both physical and mental space for both of us. My mother started walking after a difficult operation (slowly) and was transferred to a rehab center that seldom has beds (in Canada). My physical and internal disposition was also greatly improved. Pranams to the devoted priests who performed this ritual and to Lord Siva first and foremost.

    Progeny Astrology Report

    Thanks a lot for your detailed analysis and fine words used in the report. You have studied so deeply, that you were able to sight and suggest a 'light in the tunnel ' by referring neech bhanga raj yoga etc . This gives a lot of hope to us. We pray God for his blessings. We also pray you as a Guru to bless for a child to the couple. We will follow the remediess suggested by you... Namaskarams

    Uma Maheshwara Fire Lab (Homa)

    Thanks for the prayers. Although i am yet to feel the effect of this homa, i appreciate the care and sincerity of the staff and service provided so far.

    Tiger Eye and Black Onyx Mala with Narasimha Pendant

    Really helps in getting good concentration and protection.

    Energized Copper Vel


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