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AstroVed Store Reviews


    Dear Supporters, Nanaste, After joining, I find myself becoming morre energetic, less thoughts, and happier. Thanks a lot! Jing Yue Siu

    AstroVed Calendar 2018 – INDIA

    A user friendly guide with an insight on the daily movement of the stars, planet, the galactic universe and its energetic impact from a vedic perspective. I find this calendet informative and helpful in understanding the divine power time energy on a daily, hourly, minute and even seconds. Great tool for making the right move in accordance with the celestial time energy.

    AstroVed Calendar 2018 – USA (NYC)

    I have been ordering this calendar for years. I use it daily. I love it. It is a great way to keep up with all the stars!

    AstroVed Calendar 2018 – USA (NYC)

    The Astroved calendar is a precious tool for me in my daily routine. I get up at 4 am every morning and it do not take so long to look at it to align me with the cosmic life: which planet governs the day, what is the phase of the moon, what is the time in the day for a change of the nakshatra, Pradosham?, any planet moving into a new sign ? ...and then at 5 am I go outside to contemplate the sky and trying to pull out energy from the moon or any planet I can see in the sky. I have the chance to live at the top of a mountain in a rural area where the full darkness is prevalent at this time of the day. On the other hand, I do not use the Rahu time because I do not know what is the exact meaning of it and if it is a good or bad time... Thank you Dr Pillai for all this knowledge. Greatly appreciated!

    Venus Incense 6 Pack

    product is good


    Very nice package.feeling positive vibes.very helpful for me. T.G.VIJAYAKUMAR.

    Obstacle Removing Coconut Smashing at Special Vortex (4 Coconuts)

    Very beneficial

    Venus Fire Lab (Homa)

    Hariom, Very Good Service. Vedic pandits were very learned and conducted Homam very well.Good service by ASTRO VED..

    Sun Pooja


    Sun Pooja


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