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AstroVed Store Reviews

    Vishnupati Powerful Ceremonies


    Free Homa: Gain Wealth and Success Interactive Fire Lab

    I am always thankful to AstroVed because they are giving absolutely free homa to everyone and I really enjoy and utmost benefited by the Free homa that given by Astroved and financial and other conditions has so much improved by this free homa. AGain thank you very much by giving such a so costly homa to free homa.

    Essential Chitra Poornima Package

    Every thing was done in an excellent manner .& thanks so much with great gratitude to the lord of the universe BABAJI & i say this for being my guru in this lifetime...

    Essential Chitra Poornima Package


    Root Out Obstacles and Receive Shortcuts to Success Interactive Fire Lab May 13th /14th IST

    Happy to participate in the homa for rooting out obstacles. Good job by Astroved!

    Astrologer Prescribed Remedy for Your Problem

    Thank You Dr Pillai and Astroved for your service

    WEALTH LAKSHMI: Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam for 3 Fridays

    It was a transforming time.

    Rahu Pooja

    Honest and reliable service. Prasad is being sent after the completion of pooja.

    Free Homa: Receive Miracles and Protection for Your Prosperity Interactive Fire Lab

    In looking more closely at my financial situation, I see that I have no problem making money; the problem comes when people are late in paying me or someone needs to borrow at the last minute or I miscalculate. This to me means there is a different kind of obstacle to my money getting to the bank on time to pay the bills, which keeps me in a crisis cycle mode energy around it. Lately, I've been seeing my money in the bank consistently in time for automatic bill payments without having to ask or by asking more casually with calmness. I'm pretty sure the obstacle is some old energy programming in me that is finally being dissolved. I also have more confidence spending without fear there won't be enough to occasionally lend out for my son's young family and treat my cousin to lunch.

    One Year Detailed Money & Prosperity Report

    I think everything is fine on the calculation and make sense.

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