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AstroVed Store Reviews

    Power Rituals for 4 Vishnu Saturdays

    I love participating in Astroved's fire Rituals and ceremonies. I feel that the rituals or pujas work on a subtle level yet deeply healing my DNA for achieving a higher spiritual Calling and super conscious awareness. I have now placed my beautiful conch Shell and Vishnu discus (which was energized during the ritual) on my altar n front of a framed picture of Sree Laxmi after all Lord Vishnu is her husband. I am currently offering them a ghee lamp asking Maha Laxmi & Lord Vishnu to bless me with the Abundance needed for my operation. Thank you Astroved for all that you offer in terms of programs, rituals, and free information/guidance. Appreciation.

    Karmic Astrology Report (Past Life Influence Report)

    The analysis and remedies seemed to be good and done in detail with precision and care. Report was delivered within 3 days. Thanks for the satisfactory service.

    Diwali Ultimate Wealth Blessings Elite Rituals

    At the outset, let me thank you for having considered my request for above services. I always believe that all my prayers shall be granted by the Almighty God/Goddess. As regards to the current service in question, it is too early for me predict the outcome in the form of wealth creation or any other fruits. As and when some thing big happens, I will share the same. Hence, now only I am rating for the services provided for my betterment.

    Diwali Ultimate Wealth Blessings Enhanced Package

    Products and services are very results oriated and satified. Please use the products and services for self and family protection, growth, prosperity etc in lfie

    Ayush Fire Lab (Homa)

    The service was so promptly arranged and completed (within few hours of requesting). I recovered from my post c section complications promptly after the homa and I am doing great now with Gods and Godess’ grace. I am also grateful for all the people involved in arranging the homa and performing the same. Thankyou Astrroved

    Crystal Siva Lingam – Small Size

    The crystal Shiv Linga that was delivered to me is beyond my expectation. What the product picture displays online is totally different from what I have received. Perfection! I was so happy and satisfied when I opened the package with the prasad intact in the box. The crystal linga is perfectly crafted. Well done Astroved for the premium quality in your service and product. Astroved you have gained my trust.

    Power Rituals for 4 Vishnu Saturdays

    I am very satisfied from the fire rituals performed in my behalf at Astroved. I sall continue to send new orders. Ravi

    Food Feeding for 108 People

    Thank astroved for providing this opportunity

    Energized 8 inch Kamadhenu Kalpavriksha Statue

    As always the product is excellent.

    Food Feeding for 9 People

    The day following the food feeding service was extremely auspicious for me. To say it was blissful is an understatement.

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