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AstroVed Store Reviews

    DNA Astrology Consultation

    For the past few months I’ve been taking reading with Ramkumar sir. Not only have the remedies been effective, his advice has also been extremely practical beautifully married with the spiritual. My faith in Lord Karrupasamy has increased after my readings not only because of the truth in the predictions but also it has given me patience and more perseverance to follow what needs to be done. Ramkumar sir has been guiding me at what steps to take and his practical and yet deeply spiritual advice has been extremely helpful. I am deeply grateful

    Karuppaswamy Homa (Fire Lab)

    My husband was jobless for a while and he got a job offer immediately after performing this Homa. Thank you Dr. Pillai.

    Consult Our Astrologer : Ask up to 3 Questions

    Thanks to Mr.Sastry for answering my doubts. I am very much satisfied with his anaswers and convey my regards to Mr. Sastry.

    Immediate Satisfaction Interactive Fire Lab on June 21st

    Every prayer of mine start with Lord Ganesha. As He plays very important role in my life and my family members lifes, I was once again very satisfied with the results of the Fire Lab dedicated to Him. He helped me once again in very delicate moment of my life and I am very gratefull to Him. I would recomend this Fire Lab to every devotee who is searching to eliminate obstacles on His or her spiritual progress. Om Sri Sai Ram.

    Narasimha Homa (Lion Man Archetype Fire Lab)

    It is amazing...Narasimha is giving me the power and streght I need at moment....Facing hard challenges....Negativity from different points come to me....Issues because help others........But Narasimha ig giving me the power to destroy all and continue my path....destroying demons..... I have also the statue....I recomend that everyone use this powerful Arquetype.....Blessings

    Kurma Yantra

    Kindly thanks for the article awaiting for a good and prosperous time

    Narasimha Homa (Lion Man Archetype Fire Lab)

    Thank you much appreciated

    Narasimha Homa (Lion Man Archetype Fire Lab)

    That's really great service! It was a big Homa with great effect! Thank you a lot!

    Lakshmi Pooja

    Reliable poojas that are done under dattreyas expert astroved ashram. Thank you

    Sun Pooja

    Thank you for this wonderful conne cvtion to surya the sun . Jai surya

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