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AstroVed Store Reviews

    Saturn Pooja

    Great come backs from this pooja.Thank you

    Saturn Pooja

    Great come backs from this pooja.Thank you

    Muruga Pooja


    Entertainment Fame Report

    Astrologer has great depth of knowledge he used divisional charts asthkavarga etc very much impressed with the report

    Live Astrology Consultation

    Ms. Lalitha Devi is very kind, sweet, detailed and very patient during her consultation. I had a great great consultation with her recently. She answered my every single question with detailed explanation. I am so glad that I spoke to her. I would highly recommend her. Will definitely contact her in future.

    Prasna Nadi 5 Question

    I was faced with finding out about very near term outcomes and remedies of events that took place few weeks ago. The answers to five important questions as explained by the astrologer were quite startling! I hope the remedies suggested by the astrologer will help my family successfully navigate these events.

    Jupiter Fire Lab (Homa)

    Wonder service from ASTROVED and priests were also good exp Sri RAMAKISHNAN

    Energized 5 Metal Vel

    Few months back I diagnosed with hypothyroidism I didn't know how to cure this problem from root level until I see the video of muran vel, spoke by guruji... The day I started to worship the vel and drinking poured water on vel, my thyroid problem is getting healing, I really experiencing miracle of murugan ve,l tq guruji and Astro ved staff for their support

    Consult Our Astrologer – Ask up to 3 Questions

    Astrologer explained clearly with reasoning for every question

    Dasha Bhukti : Current Major-Minor Planetary Period – Dasha Bhukti Report

    Through Dasha-Bhukti report, I gained insights into the period of planet influence. The report reflects my child's current state of mind and behavior. Having known what will be coming, the remedies would give a piece of mind that I have done my best for my child. Look forward to see the resuts through this coming 12 months period.

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