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AstroVed Store Reviews

    Dr. Pillai Birthday Proxy Enhanced Package

    I really love the energized products. The silver Sri Datatreya pendant is so charged that my hands started to burn almost from the powerful energy and the Shreem Brzee cube emits a lot of energy that I can easily feel when I enter its presence. The vibhuti and kumkum smells amazing and purifies the chakras with eaves of blissful energy. Thank you to the Pillai team for the quick shipment!

    Dr. Pillai Birthday Proxy Enhanced Package

    I am very happy with my Birthday Package! Everything was very well packaged! I would like to thank the staff for always working hard on these proxy packages.

    Ratha Saptami Essential Package

    Pooja done and prasad recd prompt. Very happy with the service

    Ratha Saptami Essential Package

    Really helps in removing negativity

    Energized Sword Pendant

    Really helps in getting good relationships.

    Live Astrology Consultation

    Hi, Lalitha gave me a 30 minute astrology report which really explained everything I needed to know about what was going on in my life the last few years and what changes are coming up that I need to be aware of. Everything made total sense and I really appreciate her guidance. Thanks, Tony

    Gaja Pooja

    Start from a personal story or experience. One word descriptions like "Nice" or "Good" do not add much value to readers who want to read your product or service experience. Kindly explain what you liked and did not like about the product or service.

    Karmic Astrology Report (Past Life Influence Report)

    Good evening Generally speaking, I've found the karmic report very well done, and consise - but, perhaps, a little bit too much concise than I expected. In my opinion, the karmic report does not have any personal link or touch regarding me, as the person who is being analized. Perhaps this would be natural in a usual natal or transit report (most are automatic and the client knows); in a karmic one, I believe it should be different and perhaps should have a different organization. So, for instance, I speak of my most problematic issues, I get that all of them are caused by a series of bad aspects or chart positions. But no developed explanation on each, or any solution which not envolves buying any product (which comes only in the end of the report) is given. I'm not talking of too long texts to "fill the report". But a personal aproach, an explanation, which can lead me, for instance, to go deeper, and make my research. I'm one of those believers on the spirituality of the individual, an that said, in the strength of our body and mind (our most powerful instruments). And of course, there might be issues I disagree: the karmic report tells that I disrepected my parents on another life, which for me is currently impossible to assimilate or even imagine, given the love and the respect by then, or any elder (anyone). It's natural in me, like it was on my moral DNA. But I respect what the report says - don't get me wrong. But perhaps, if there was an explanation on why, I could understand possible different scenarious, and not only one possibility. Either way, the feedback would be completely positive if it weren't these (and other) small details. However, my sincere thanks for the great work and, mainly, help. Kind regards, Rui Miguel Fernandes

    Amavasya Tarpanam

    Each day I commit to Tarpanam for my ancestors...and tho there are some days I miss, it is rare. However, I became aware of my father being covered in light, with a crown of light on his head shortly after Amavasya Tarpanam was performed for my ancestors. I believe that my ancestors are being helped tremendously each time I invest the support of the priests performing Tarpanam on my behalf and I intend to continue to support them in this way. Thank you Astroved for making these rituals possible and thank you Dr. Pillai for creating this ritual for us to follow at home!

    Mars Pooja

    Thank you i hope this will help me

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