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Saturn Transit Personalized Prediction Report


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Saturn Transit in Aquarius: Brings wealth and fulfillment of ambitions

The Karmic planet Saturn will transit in its mooltrikona sign Aquarius from April 29th, 2022. However, Saturn will revert to Capricorn from July 12th, 2022. Saturn will be back in Aquarius sign from January 17th, 2023. From January 2023, Saturn will be transiting in the Aquarius sign till March 29th, 2025.

During this transit in Capricorn, the key qualities of its sign Lord Saturn, namely, patience, perseverance, and persistence, will come to the fore, and these qualities of Saturn will bring new contacts, associations, friends, success, wealth, and wish-fulfilment during its stay in Aquarius sign.

Saturn, the stern taskmaster, shall give practical challenges in different walks of life to make you understand the importance of hard work in enjoying the fruits of an effort. He may delay but never denies you success, provided you learn the karmic lesson. Saturn’s transit in its own sign, Aquarius, would pave the way for new opportunities with success and a rise in income on a global level. Many unemployed people will get Jobs or have earnings during this time.

What the Upcoming Saturn Transit Has in Store for You?

Saturn, upon moving to Capricorn aspects

  • Aries – the 1st house of Status, fame, health, appearance, and prosperity
  • Leo – the 5th house of romance, education, intelligence, and creativity
  • Scorpio – the 8th house of occult, spirituality, hidden wealth, hidden activities, and hidden talent.

As the planet of karma moves into its own sign Aquarius, there would be an inclination towards the spiritual and material aspects of life. This transit of Saturn will help one realize the value of money, family, creativity, love, and relationships, and thus can help lead a balanced life on all fronts.

Get Your Personalized Saturn Transit Report

Do you want to know how this Saturn transit in Aquarius impacts your life in matters concerning career, love, relationships, health, business, and finances?

Get your personalized Saturn Transit 2022- 2025 Horoscope Report from our expert Vedic astrologers to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges and enjoy the positives of the transit period.

You can also know about the Saturn transit impact on you by talking to the best astrologers in India instantly on the phone.

Unique Features of the Report



The Saturn transit 2022 report is personalized and highlights the detailed effects of what the planet of karma has in store for you.

Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis

During its stay in Capricorn, Saturn will be transiting in the stars(Constellations)- Shatabhisha, Dhanishta, and Purva Bhadra. Our expert astrologers perform an in-depth analysis of your birth chart and give predictions based on the positions of these Star Lords in your birth chart.

 Planetary Period Influence

Planetary Period Influence

The report will also include the influence of your current Dasa (major planetary period) and Bhukti (minor planetary period) during this Saturn transit period.

 Dos & Don’ts of the Transit

Dos & Don’ts of the Transit

Get your personalized dos and don’ts, based on the houses that Saturn aspects during this transit period.

Transit Summary

Transit Summary

A quick summary of the benefic and malefic influences of the Saturn transit period for instant guidance.

Simple Home Remedies

Simple Home Remedies

Our astrologers suggest simple and personalized home remedies to boost the positives and correct the negatives of the transit.

Personalized Saturn Transit Short Stay Report

2020 Prediction Report

After 30 years, Saturn is going to enter his own sign, Aquarius during his fast forward movement in April 2022. Saturn is the planet of karma and career and Aquarius is the 11th house of fame and gains in the natural zodiac. You can use the 74-day period to rectify any professional and personal relationships issues, use innovative ways to approach a problem, persist in finding a solution, and march towards the future with positivity. Your personalized Saturn transit in Aquarius report can help to prepare for the upcoming challenges and enjoy the positives of the transit period.

Note: Please allow a minimum of 5 working days to deliver the report.

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Live Astrology Consultation

Book your Live Astrology Consultation with our expert astrologers, who will analyze your birth chart and explain how this Saturn transit will impact your personal, professional, and financial lives. Our astrologers will also suggest simple measures to make the most of this transit period.

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