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Is Panguni month auspicious?

Introduction to Panguni Month:

Panguni month is one of the auspicious months. Panguni is the last month of the year as per the Tamil calendar. It is the month where the celestial weddings or divine marriages of gods took place. Panguni Uthiram is one of the revered festivals of Tamilnadu, which is celebrated with a lot of significance. It is the day when the Uthira Nakshatra coincides with the month.
It is a full moon day and is considered the brightest day of the month. Indian History talk about the celestial marriages between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Murugan and Devayani, Andal and Ranganatha, and Rama and Sita happened on this divine day. Lord Ayyappa, the incarnation of Goddess Mahalakshmi was born on this day. This is celebrated as Holi in north India Panguni Uthiram is highly important across all Muruga’s temples. Other important festivals are “Phalguni Purnima”, Basant Panchami which is celebrated in AP, Ganga Mela in UP, Manjal Kuli in Kerala and Dol Purnima in the state of Bengal.

Is Panguni month auspicious

The events at Lord Muruga Temples

The month of Panguni is highly propitious for Lord Muruga temples, where the temple witnesses a lot of devotees. There are extravagant and pompous events organized in temples. Many devotees walk to the temple with Kavadi, and Milk pot. Chariots are highly important this month. Thousands of devotees would pull the chariot across the temples, and the entire temple would be in the mode of a great celebration.

Other events in temples:

It is highly efficient to give the divine bath or Abishegam to the Lord’s idols. According to “Brahmanda Purana”, it suggests that the holy waters of this world would mix with the Thumburu Theerth, of Tirumala Tirupati hills during this month. Thus many devotees would take a dip in the temple pond, and look for salvation.

The significance of Fasting on Panguni Month:

Many people observe fastings this month. All the obstacles in marriage and progeny would be sorted. Challenges due to enemies will be eradicated. Fasting during the months of Panguni Uthiram will remove any malign effect of planets. Dedication towards the almighty will give continuous clarity.


Though this month is highly favorable for temples, worships and other religious activities, people would not perform any other domestic activity like marriages, house warming functions, and even betrothal. This month is entirely dedicated to divine activities.