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Shankara Rudra Homam : Its Glorious Benefits

On November 03, 2022

Lord Shankara Rudra Shiva

Lord Shankara Rudra represents the ultimate avatar of Lord Shiva. In this avatar, Shiva combines the powerful energies of Lord Rudra and Lord Shankara. He can destroy all evil energies and fill the devotee’s life with radiance and glory.

Lord Shankara is the absolute reality and supreme power behind all existence. He is also called Rudra Shiva, the One who destroys ignorance and ego. He is often depicted as a wild and ferocious God. But in truth, he is also full of love and compassion. He is both creator and destroyer. His energy is both creative and destructive.

Shankara Rudra Homam

Lord Shankara embodies the highest truth and the ultimate goal of human existence. Rudra Shiva is one of the 8 incarnations of Shiva. ‘Rudra’ means ‘fire’. He blesses his devotees with power and courage so that they can overcome difficulties in life. Those who worship him with true devotion can be blessed with a happier and safer life.

Significance of Shankara Rudra Homam

Shankara Rudra Shiva Homam is performed to invoke the deity’s blessings. It is said to help people in resolving many problems. The Homam can bestow blessings like good health and wealth. It can improve the skills of the devotees so that they will be able to perform well in their jobs. It helps them to achieve success and gain prosperity.

During the Shankara Rudra Shiva Homam, Sankalp takes place first. The next step is to perform Ganesh Pooja so that all obstacles are removed, and the Homa is fruitful. After the Pooja, Navagraha avahanam takes place. This is followed by Navagraha kalasha sthapana. The next ritual is Sri Rudra Shanakara Homam kalasha sthapana. Following this, Ritvik varnane ritual takes place. Sri Rudra Homam Jaap follows this. After the Jaap, Purnahuti is dedicated to the deity. The Homam ends with the performance of Madhu parka dash daan. The last step is the distribution of Prasad.

Shankara Rudra Homam can bring good fortune and abundance. It can bestow self-confidence and grant your desires. Devotees do better at work and in life and attain peace in life.

The Homam has the power to destroy the tamasic and rajasic qualities within a human being. Such qualities cause ignorance, pride, arrogance, and egoism. Those who suffer from an excess of such qualities will be transformed by Lord Shankara.

Shankara Rudra means ‘One who does good deeds’. ‘Sam’ denotes ‘good’, and ‘kara’ denotes ‘ doer’. Another meaning is ‘One who removes doubts from the mind’. ‘Sam’ also means a state of equanimity or self-absorption (Samadhi). This happens when one transcends from mere jiva to pure consciousness. Shankara Rudra removes doubts and stabilizes the devotee’s faith. He is the destroyer who ends one cycle of creation to start a new one.

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Of the Rudraan (Rudra avatars), I am Shankara’. Shankara Rudra is 100 percent Shiva Tattva, the physical manifestation of pure consciousness.

It is said of the deity, Samsukham karo, Iti Shankaram’, which denotes that Shankaram gives prosperity.

Benefits of Shankara Rudra Homam

  • Removes sins and past karma through purification.
  • Relief from various diseases.
  • Postpones death in critical health conditions.
  • Removes suffering caused by long-term illness.
  • Brightens wedding prospects for singles.
  • Bestows a good life partner.
  • Boosts love and affection in family relationships
  • Bestows marital harmony.
  • Bestows wealth, ornaments, and abundance.
  • Good for material and spiritual progress.
  • Success in career and business.
  • Protects from ghosts, evil spirits, and vampires.
  • Removes the fear of death.
  • Relief from adverse effects of malefic planets.
  • Brings peace of mind.


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