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7 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Spiritually Inclined Mothers

Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to remember and celebrate the women who gave us life, and the best kind of love there is – unconditional love. Who else but a mother accepts and embraces us despite all our shortcomings and loves us without any strings attached?

An American lady called Anna Jarvis was the one who founded Mother’s Day. She was a peace activist. She also cared for soldiers wounded in war and was involved in issues related to public health. When her mother died in 1905, she began a campaign for a day to honor and celebrate all mothers. By 1911, thanks to her efforts, the holiday was introduced in all American states. In 1914, the then President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation which said that the second Sunday in May would be observed as Mothers’ Day, and it would be a national holiday. Today, Mother’s Day 2020 is observed in most parts of the world.

Many people buy gifts for their mothers on this day. Usually, they choose to buy a dress, a watch, jewelry, and similar things. Some prefer to take her out for lunch or dinner. Others may bake a cake or throw a party for her. But what if your mother is someone who is spiritually inclined? Not to worry, there are many gift options for such mothers too.

Here are seven of the best Mother’s Day gifts for spiritual mothers.

Seven Best Mothers Day Gifts for Spiritually Inclined Mothers

1.Spiritual books

If spirituality interests your mother, you could gift her books on this subject. These books explore key issues related to human existence like the purpose of life, what is karma, how to escape karma, and so on and so forth. There are many profound and enlightening books written by eminent authors that you could find in many online gift stores.

2. Religious Scriptures

The holy scriptures of India include the Upanishads and epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha. These, too, make excellent gift options for Mother’s Day. They are very profound works, and their teachings have great relevance, even in the modern world. Such scriptural works are available in online stores, often with attractive covers and encrypted in gold.

3. Religion-themed jewelry

women have a weakness for jewelry. The good news is that jewelry using religious motifs is also available now. Pendants and earrings shaped like Om, Swastikas, the cross, and Hindu gods/goddesses like Ganesha, Lakshmi, Krishna, and Shiva are available in online stores. They are made of silver, gold, or alloys. Online buyers can get attractive discounts too on special occasions.

4. Idols of Hindu God and Goddesses

This is a spiritual gift that is very commonly given. Idols of Lord Ganesha, especially, are very popular. These are gifted for special festivals and occasions. The belief is that keeping an idol of Ganesha in a corner of the room can get rid of evil forces from the house. Similarly, idols of Goddess Saraswati kept in children’s study rooms are believed to bring academic success, as she is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Idols of Goddess Lakshmi are also popular and are found in homes as well as shops, as she is the goddess who bestows wealth and good fortune. Some people also keep idols of gods in the bedroom. Idols in various sizes and made of different metals like silver, gold, bronze, etc. are available in online stores.

5. Home décor items

Home decoration is a favorite activity of mothers. So home décor items make a good gift for your Mom. Beautiful artefacts, centerpieces like the Laughing Buddha, Lotus flowers made of crystals and Enlightened Buddha statue, lovely wall hangings, etc. would make great gifts. If you go online, you will be able to find many such interesting and beautiful home décor products. Online stores offer many interesting options when it comes to such gifts.

6. Good Luck Plants

Some plants are believed to be lucky as they have a positive aura. Four-leaf clover, bamboo, money plants, basil etc., are thought to be very auspicious. Bamboo plants are commonly used in Feng Shui. Such plants are given as gifts for all kinds of occasions. Money plants are kept in homes and offices to attract wealth. It is said that these lucky plants have the power to attract wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and overall well-being. Good Luck plants draw positive energy from the universe and into our lives.

7. Spiritual services

Spiritual services include Homas and other rituals meant to invoke divine blessings so that your mother will have a long, happy, and healthy life. Now, AstroVed is offering 15% off on Homas, specially for Mother’s Day. Or you could book a online astrology consultation for her with our Star Astrologer, Ms. Vijayalakshmi. Your Mom would be thrilled to have her future told at 30% Off!

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For most mothers, religious and spiritual beliefs play an important role in their lives. When times are hard, or when they feel overwhelmed by life, it becomes a source of comfort and helps sustain them. So spiritual gifts are a sure winner with most Moms.