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Mother’s Day: Celebrate The Super-Woman In Your Life

Mothers are the guardian angels of our lives, who nourishes and protects through every walk of life. Gift your mother Divine blessings for sound health, wealth, happiness, and wellness through special Fire Labs, powerful mantra writing, Nadi Astrology, and Vedic Astrology consultations.


Homa (Fire Lab) technology is prescribed in the Vedas as the fastest way to communicate your prayers to Archetypes for miraculous intervention in life. Fire Labs are exclusive ceremonies performed by expert Vedic priests who follow scriptural standards in invoking archetypes according to personalized needs.

Consider your unique needs and desires and order your personalized Homa (Fire Lab) from our wide array of choices.

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Mantras are the sacred sound vibrations to invoke the spiritual force. It also helps you connect with your higher self. Sound Writing is a simple, yet very effective technique to ground the energy of this sound into the writing. Writing sounds involves focus and dedication, and the constant repetition is known to transform the sponsor’s consciousness. This can empower your manifestations and bring the consciousness of creating an effect without a cause.

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Nadi Astrology is a rare, divine technology that uses your thumb impression to identify your Nadi leaf that holds the secrets to your future. The ancient Nadi leaves also prescribe remedial measures to resolve your past karma and remove future problems.

Help your mother discover the journey of her soul and find answers to her questions with Nadi Astrology, the Divine predictive method.

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As a gift for you to consult with top astrologers on our Astro Speaks portal, we would like to give you 25% Cashback on Wallet Recharge. You need not wait for appointments. You can choose your astrologer, call and speak to your personal astrologer.

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Consult and counsel with Vedic expert Vijayalakshmi who can help you identify problems and positives of health, wealth, relationship, and career. Based on your needs, you can choose 30-minute/1-hour consultation and counseling session with Vedic astrologer Vijayalakshmi.

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