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Benefits Of Worshipping Lord Shiva

On October 06, 2022

Lord Shiva is one of the main Hindu gods. Shiva means ‘auspicious one.’ Shambhu (“Benign”), Mahesha (Great Lord) Shankara (“Beneficent”), and Mahadeva (“Great God”) are some epithets that are used to describe him.

Shiva has many forms and moods. As Nataraja, he is the cosmic dancer. As Adi Yogi, he was the first Yogi who taught the Yogic sciences to the Sapta rishis. He is also Adi Guru. As Rudra, he is fierceness incarnate. As Kala Bhairava, he destroys time itself. As Dakshinamurthy, he is a teacher of many kinds of knowledge. As Bholenath, he is childlike and innocent. As Ardhanarishwara, he is half-man and half-woman. As Pashupata, he is the Lord of cattle. As Bhikshatanamurthy, he was a handsome mendicant beggar who charmed the chaste wives of powerful sages. He is a great ascetic as well as the master of fertility. He is the God of both poison and medicine. It is difficult to pigeonhole Shiva, for he is a complex, ambiguous, and fascinating figure on many levels.

Both the Gods and demons held him in great reverence. For instance, Ravana and Bhasmasura were his devotees. He is popular with men and women alike. Unmarried women long for a husband like him. His temples can be found even in places like Java, Champa ( Indo-China), and present-day Cambodia).

While Brahma creates and Vishnu preserves, Shiva’s role is to destroy what they have created and preserved. But the destruction itself is constructive and creative, as it regenerates the universe in a new and fresh avatar, free of imperfections.

Shiva has legions of worshippers in India. His devotees are known as Shaivites. Shaivism is a major sect of Hinduism, and it has many sub-sects like Veera Shaivism, Kashmiri Shaivism, Pasupatha cult, Natha cult, Aghoris, etc.

Shiva is known to be very generous towards his devotees. His generosity often landed him in trouble, too, when he gave away boons to those who did not deserve it, like many demons who used his boons to gain power and torment others.

Hindus believe that there are many benefits to worshipping Lord Shiva. Here are some of them:

Lord Shiva Worship Benefits

Gain mental and spiritual well-being Shiva bestows Moksha or Nirvana. You can worship him for mental and spiritual well-being. It will give you peace of mind and also enhance your chakras which leads to better spiritual health.

Gain wisdom and knowledge Shiva is the God of all kinds of knowledge. He is Adiguru. He is the master of all the knowledge in this universe. By worshipping him, you can gain great knowledge that will transform you utterly.

Overcome the fear of untimely death Untimely death is something many people fear. There is a belief that one can avert untimely death if one worships Shiva, the God of destruction.

He’s easy to please Shiva’s anger is well-known. He burnt Kama deva, the God of love, to ashes for disturbing his meditation. But, being a bundle of contradictions, he is also very easy to please. The worship of Shiva need not be very elaborate. Just sit in one place, chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya,’ and meditate quietly.

A long and blissful married life Shiva’s love for his wife is legendary. He became crazed with grief when his wife, Sati, immolated herself. He agreed to let Parvati be a part of his body. While Brahma and Vishnu had a weakness for women, Shiva is an ‘Ekapathinivrathan’ or a one-woman man. They share a very loving relationship. It is also a balanced relationship due to their complementary natures.

When Shiva performed the destructive Tandav dance, Parvati matched his steps, but at a slower tempo, to calm him. Their union is the model for a perfect marriage. So, if you worship him, you can be blessed with marital happiness.

Acquire patience Shiva’s wrath is terrible. Even the Gods quake before an angry Shiva. They know that if he opens his 3rd eye, they will be reduced to ashes. After all, he cut off Lord Ganesha’s head in a fit of anger. But, he is also very patient. It takes a long time and repeated offenses to make him lose his cool. Through the worship of Shiva, you can gain the gift of patience and restrain uncontrollable anger.

Own your anger This may seem contradictory, but sometimes, you need to express your anger. If we remain patient and silent in the face of oppression and injustice, it is not a good thing. So anger can be useful to fight evil. If you are the sort who lacks self-confidence and the courage to stand up to injustice and evil, worship Shiva. He will show you how to own your anger and use it for good.

Get rid of negativity Negativity is an obstacle to success and happiness. Fear, hate, envy, jealousy, and ego are all forms of negativity. Worshipping Lord Shiva can help you get rid of all negativity from your life.

Acquire inner strength and confidence If you lack inner strength and feel mentally and physically weak, worship Lord Shiva. He will give you the courage and strength to deal with the challenges of life.

Cultivate a sense of detachment Lord Shiva is mostly depicted in a state of meditation. He is calm and composed, impervious to the things around him. Petty things do not affect him. You can be like him, too, if you worship him regularly. Worrying or losing one’s cool over petty things leads to stress. Be calm and cool like Shiva.

He protects your pets Lord Shiva is also called Pashupatinath. He takes all creatures under his wing and protects them. If you wish your pet to be healthy and have a long life, just pray to Shiva. He loves all animals, and he will ensure that they come to no harm. So, if your pet is sick, pray to Shiva. He has the power to heal everyone, humans as well as animals. These are some of the benefits of Lord Shiva worship.


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