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Vastu for Bedroom

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra

The traditional Indian system of construction is known as Vastu Shastra. This is the science of architecture, which is being followed from the ancient time of the Vedas right until the present.

As part of the Vastu aspects of a residential building, let us have a closer look at what Vastu has to suggest in case of a bedroom.

Vastu for Bedroom

Bedroom holds the master key to the process of living itself, or that is what Vastu seems to think about this unique space in any home, known as the bedroom. Going by the elaborateness with which this august science deals with this portion of the house, there can be no doubt about this.

Vastu for Bedroom

Vastu treats a bedroom as, much more than an important part of a residence, and specifies guidelines for its location suitable for people of different ages and those at various stages of their lives. Young children, youngsters or grown-up children who are doing higher studies or are at the threshold of starting their career, newly-weds, middle-aged persons, and the elderly – name one, and Vastu is there with its rules and recommendations specific to that genre.

Southwest direction represents the element earth and hence denotes stability. A bedroom in this part of the house can ensure a stable life, and therefore, Vastu recommends for the master bedroom to be made in this direction, for use by the head of the family for a stable life for himself and the entire family.

Northeast is the direction owned by the God of creation Brahma, and this is also ruled together by Mercury, the planet of intellect and Jupiter, the planet of wisdom. Venus is the planet for love, pleasure, and enjoyment, and hence it is he who is believed to wield a strong influence over a bedroom. However, Venus and Jupiter are not considered to be on friendly terms with each other, and hence Ishan, the Northeast is not deemed to be an ideal place for having a bedroom. However Northeast also represents water and indicates growth and development, and hence a bedroom in the Northeast is deemed suitable for children, and only for children till they reach the age of around sweet 16. As elders are past their prime, and will not be in any mood to seek pleasures from the bed, a Northeast bedroom is suitable for them too.

Southeast is ruled by Venus and also remains as the place of the fire element. Occupying a bedroom in the Southeast can create the fire of passion among the couple so that there will be plenty of enjoyment of conjugal bliss and a strong desire for conceiving a child. However, the fire element can create friction especially among the newly-weds, and they need to be cautious about this.

Direction of Bed Rooms For Family & Friends

If marriage is regarded as a longtime relationship which is based on mutual love, affection and trust, and also as one that can generate lasting happiness, then Vastu recommends the Northwest as the highly proper direction for having a bedroom for the newly-weds. The possibility of conception is also high here, especially when the couple sleeps with their heads towards East or South. Further, Vastu advises this to be used even for guests, as the fast-moving Moon and air rule this direction and that may make the guests vacate the place early!

While the Northwest bedroom is also suggested for children of marriageable age, older children can have their bedroom in the Southern part of the house too.

The center of the house is the highly energetic Brahmasthan, and hence on no account, a bedroom should be constructed there, as this may result in loss of tranquility.

Vastu Colors For Bedrooms

The bedroom doors can be in the West or the Northeast part, while small-size windows can be in its northern or Eastern walls. The walls can also be painted with pleasing colors like chocolate, light green, light pink, etc., but it is not advisable to use white marble in the bedroom.

Care should be taken not to have pictures of departed forefathers, or those of wild animals or birds, or of any scenery that can create an unpleasant feeling in the bedroom. These are considered inauspicious by Vastu standards.

Sleeping Direction

It is well known that sleeping with the head towards North will not provide sound sleep and proper rest. Vastu only confirms this belief and suggests that any direction other than the North, like the East, West or the South can be chosen for one to have a rejuvenating sleep. This apart, such a sleeping posture can bestow a variety of benefits like wealth, fortune, good name, reputation, spiritual inclination, and peace.

It is also advisable for the bed to be very close to the walls and for the room doors to be visible from the bed. However, care should be taken not to have the bed in a position that makes the feet stretch directly in front of the door, as this may generate marital discard.

Connect With The Divine

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Vastu Yantra

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