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Vastu for Bathroom

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra

Vastu is the traditional Indian system of construction. This is based on sound scientific principles, has gained full acceptance from ancient times and the guidelines have even been given the status of Holy Scriptures. Hence, this has come to be known as Vastu Shastra.

Here, let us learn something about the Vastu norms in respect of the washrooms, water tanks, etc. pertaining to a place of residence.

Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu does not approve of the present day concept of bath cum toilet and hence has framed its guidelines separately for bathrooms and toilets.

East is the Vastu-chosen direction for a bathroom, in a house. It is strictly not advisable to construct the place of bathing in any other portion of the residence, especially in the center of the house or under the staircase. Bath under the stairs is regarded particularly inauspicious, as this may lead an encounter between planets Mercury and Moon, considered as mutually incompatible.

The bathroom door can be in the East or North, or even in South or West, but definitely not in the Southwestern direction. The windows can be positioned in their usual directions, East or North. Water taps, shower, and bathtub, if any, can be provided in East or North, the washbasin and the accompanying mirror in the Eastern or Northern walls, and the washing machine in the Southeast or the Northwest corner. Bathroom’s Northwest can be earmarked for washing clothes, whereas the Southeast corner is meant for the geyser.

The bathroom floor should slope towards the Northeast, North or East, so that water drains out in these directions. It will be good if the walls are painted with pleasant colors.

It is essential to ensure that the floor and door do not have cracks, and there are no leaking taps or foul smell, as these may impact the financial welfare of the users negatively.

Vastu for Toilet

The Vastu-sanctioned direction for the toilet is the Northwest, where it should be placed in the North or West of the Northwest corner. If not, a toilet can also be made in the South or Southwest part of the house. South or Southwest corner is the best place for positioning the commode within the toilet, and the user should ideally face North or East, as this can ensure good health. The toilet door can be in the North or East, whereas the window can be placed in the same directions and the West.

Middle of the house is just not the place to build a toilet, and so are the ordinal directions of Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast. This can create problems on many fronts affecting family life, health, and finances. A toilet in front of the main door is also an absolute ‘No.’

Vastu for Wash Room - the Bath cum Toilet

However, the norm of the modern times is the washroom, consisting of both the bath and the toilet together. Such a bath cum toilet facility is also often found to be a part of the bedroom or just adjacent to it. Northwest is then the recommended direction for it, whereas Northeast and Southwest can better be avoided. Wherever this washroom is built in a house, it should be ensured without fail that a wall does separate the bath portion and the toilet.

Vastu for Overhead Water Tank

A majority of the houses are equipped with an overhead water tank these days, and hence its appropriate position is also specified by the system. Going by the principle that the Southwest corner should always remain as the heaviest in a building, it is recommended to have the overhead tank in that same Southwest corner. The tank can also remain slightly removed from that corner that is, just to the South or West of Southwest, and even in the West. This can contribute to good income generation and financial wellbeing.

No other direction is advisable for this tank, and this is particularly so for the center of the roof and the Northeast. Plastic is also not the recommended material for the making of the tank, but when there is no option, it can at least be blue or black. There will also be connecting pipelines in the building, and it will be beneficial if they turn right while going up.

Vastu for Septic Tank

Many houses have septic tanks for collecting sewage, and these are usually provided underground. It is appropriate for installing the septic tank in the Northwest portion of the residential plot of land, to the North or West of the corner. Also, it should always be underground and not touching or be too close to the boundary walls or the foundation of the building. It is also ideal for that to be sunk with its length in the East-West direction, and the width along North-South. Its outlets should preferably be in the East or Northern directions. Septic tank in any other part of the plot is strictly not advisable, as it may give rise to many problems.

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