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Water in Vastu Shastra

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra

Vastu or Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of architecture, which is being practiced in the construction of structures, right from the olden days of the Vedas. This system is essentially nature-driven and hence, attaches a lot of significance to the basic elements of nature like the Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. Here let us try to understand something about the Vastu aspects of water.

Significance of Water in Vastu

Significance of Water in Vastu

Water remains as one of the lifelines of existence. The great importance that water wields in the day-to-day lives of the living beings need not be overstressed. The science of Vastu Shastra acknowledges this prime position of water and provides it pride of place in its architectural designs.

Vastu links water directly with prosperity. More the free flow of water in a location more is the fertility and affluence that the people concerned will experience. Vastu also associates water with auspiciousness and hence holds that the presence of water bodies like the river, pond, well, etc. in the auspicious Ishan, that is, to the Northeast of the plot or house will prove highly beneficial for those using the location.

Vastu-Approved Directions for Water

Suitable provisions for making adequate water available should be made in a plot of land even before the building construction begins. These provisions may be in the form of an open well, tube well, water tank or even a hand pump. According to Vastu, having such facilities in the Northeast of the plot will ensure the all-round welfare of the occupants. This is true not only for a plot of land but also in respect of a constructed house. In other words, water source should ideally be in the Northeast portion of the dwelling place, whether it is inside or outside of a residence.

Vastu goes further into the directional details and insists that instead of the exact Northeast corner, it will be much more advantageous to have the water facility slightly to the East or North of the precise Northeast corner spot. Further, such water sources can be in the proper Eastern or Northern directions too, for good fortune. The same applies to the Western direction also, where the existence of water sources like well or pump can bestow wealth and joy.

These Vastu guidelines are valid not only for places of the dwelling but also for all structures like business houses, offices, factories and even to places of worship.

No-Water Zones of Vastu

Vastu, however, warns in unmistakable terms against having water facilities in any direction other than the ones advised as suitable, as above. These not-so-good-for-water directions are the South, Southeast, Southwest and also the Northwest, as it is feared that these can contribute to troubles, enmity, losses, ailments, and even to untimely deaths in some cases.

What now remains is the center of the land or house, and this is just not the place to have the water facilities. Having a water tank, pump or tap anywhere in the middle of the location of a dwelling may prove disastrous for family life in more than one way, with miseries surrounding the residents from all-around.

Vastu for Overhead Water Tanks

Today a large number of people reside in flats and multi-storied buildings, especially in big towns and cities. They get their water mainly from the tanks constructed at the top of the buildings. As per Vastu, the ideal directions for putting up such overhead tanks are only West and Southwest, as this can ensure regular income and good finances for the residents. Even the usually preferred Northeast is not recommended for this particular facility. Overhead tank in the middle of the building is also a strict ‘No,’ as this may spell misfortune.

Let people get guided by these Vastu guidelines on water and live a life of good health, wealth, fortune, and happiness.

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