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Vastu for directions and body parts

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra

The ancient Indian system of construction is known as Vastu Shastra. This has been designed based on sound scientific principles and carries in it specific guidelines on all aspects of architecture in respect of structures put up for any purpose. It is believed that these principles when observed can bestow various benefits on the people using those buildings.

Directions represent and impact the various body parts. Likewise, colors remain related to the Planets and also to different directions. Let us here take a look at the Vastu principles in respect of such directions, body parts, and colors.

Vastu for Directions and Body Parts

There are 8 directions – 4 cardinal and 4 ordinal – and each of them influences a few organs of the body and some parts of it. East governs over the head portion and the mouthpart of it. West impacts the belly; North - the right chest portion, heart and a part of the lung; South - the left chest and the other part of the lung; Northeast – the right arm and eye; Southeast – the left arm and eye; Northwest - part of the belly, large intestines and right leg; and Southwest - kidney, private parts, knees and left leg.

Based on this linkage of body parts with directions, and depending on which direction in a house is defective, Vastu can specify and forewarn, as to what sort of ailments the people living there are likely to suffer from in general. This can help people to take timely corrective measures and save themselves from many problems.

Vastu Colors for Directions

Further, Vastu Shastra also holds that planetary gods are governing the different directions. It is the Sun who rules the East; Saturn - the West; Mercury - the North; Mars - the South; Jupiter - the Northeast; Venus - the Southeast; Moon - the Northwest; and the Shadow Planet Rahu - the Southwest.

These planets have their chosen colors too, and Vastu suggests that this can be utilized to nullify or minimize the effects of any flaws in the construction or other aspects of a house.

Any deficiency in the Sun-ruled Eastern part of the residence can make the people sickly and also contribute to heart or vision problems.Colors for Directionsd Using Sun’s copper color or yellow there, can add to the courage of the residents, and improve their health. A defective West, controlled by Saturn can lead to marital discord and also Vata Dosha, resulting in fear, anxiety, and loss of energy. Usage of blue, black or grey in that direction can help to overcome these drawbacks. Any failing in the Mercury-dominated North can affect intellect, communication abilities, and prosperity, apart from chest, heart and lung ailments. These can, however, be neutralized by using the green color that side. The warrior planet Mars rules South and a flawed direction can affect the energy and dynamism of those living there. Using bright-red or orange color can be an effective remedy for this. Problems concerning liver and reproduction may crop up when the Jupiter-ruled Northeast portion becomes defective in a house. People are advised to use yellow and saffron for relief. Venus controls the Southeast, which, when deficient, can affect the urinary system and private parts, and drain enthusiasm. White color can be used here to good effect. An improper Northwest, which is ruled by the Moon can create stress and strain, apart from cold. White color in this direction of the house can help to instill tact, spread peace and mitigate ailments. Southwest is ruled by the malefic planet Rahu, and when it is flawed in a house, that may even give rise to severe conditions like polio, paralysis or nervous disorder, and also to accidents. Blue is the best color for using here, as that can provide the much-needed relief to the residents.

Vastu can thus provide invaluable help to people for leading a healthy, peaceful and joyful life in their places of dwelling.

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Vastu Yantra

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