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Vastu Shastra for Building House

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Introduction to Vastu Shastra

Vastu is the ancient science of architecture. This was designed by our ancestors, taking into account the various aspects that can ensure the well-being of the occupants. Its significance has got for it the name Vastu Shastra, giving it the status of sacred scriptures.

Here, let us learn about some general aspects of the construction of the house and the staircase as suggested by Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for Building in a Plot

A building should be constructed in a comfortable spot within a plot. A residence erected at the middle of a piece of land is considered propitious. A house that has good space all around, and which people can access freely and walk around, is deemed to be beneficial; and so is the one with more open space in North and East.

Vastu has its own standards on the proportions of the house like the length and breadth, and these should preferably be in the ratio 1: 1.5, relaxable to 1: 1.2.

If there are Verandas (porch) around a house, those should ideally be in the North and East, and not in other directions; and these should be well lit and have roofs which are not higher than the roof of the main house. Outhouses, servant quarters or any other rooms built outside the main building should preferably be in the Northwest or Southeast corners, with their roofs lower than the main house roof. These should however not be too close to the compound walls, especially in the North and East. Provision for car parking can be in the Northwest or Southeast portions of the plot, but this too should be at least a few feet away from the Northern and or Eastern walls.

The house should have doors and windows in even numbers, and it will do good to the residents if a majority of them remain in the Northern and Eastern sides of the house.

There are Vastu standards also for the sizes of the different rooms of the house, but in the present days of skyrocketing real estate prices, in practical terms, it is the constraints of space, which actually decides the room sizes and shapes. However, Vastu is clear in laying down that at least the master bedroom in a house should be bigger than any other room, and if possible, also be at a slightly higher level too.

Vastu for Staircases

Vastu for Staircases

Vastu regards the Southwest direction as the best for constructing the stairs in a multi-level building, and the Northeast as the least preferable. While Southwest is considered as highly auspicious for this purpose, the Northeast stairs can result in financial and professional losses. Another principle recommends placement of stairs away from both, the Northern and Eastern sides of the plot. Considering all these, staircases can be erected in the Western and Southern directions too, apart from the first choice of the Southwest.

A staircase should also have an odd number of steps, and preferably such that when divided by 3, it should leave 2 as a reminder. Hence, the steps can be something like 11, 17, 23, etc. Ideally, the steps should run up turning in a clockwise direction, that is, they should always turn to the right while going up, and this can be from East to West or from North to South. The system also lays down that the staircase should not be near the entrance; not curved or spiral; should have railings on both sides; and that it is best to leave its underneath free.

Connect With The Divine

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Vastu Yantra

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