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Benefits Of Worshiping Lord Kala Bhairava – The God Of Time

Bhairava is an aggressive form of Lord Shiva and has the power to eradicate evil, annihilate negative energies, and surround you with a positive aura. There are a total of 64 Bhairavas, who are believed to be guarding the cardinal points and controlling the different directions. Kala Bhairava is the chief of all the Bhairavas, and he is regarded as the supreme ruler of universal time. Kala Bhairava is dark and fierce in countenance, is three-eyed, wears a garland of human skulls and snake on his body, and has a crescent Moon on his head. He holds a trident in his hand and also a begging bowl in his other hand that is said to be the head of Lord Brahma. He rides on a black dog.

“Kala” signifies time, and Kala Bhairava is a God who rides over time. He represents timelessness where human perception of time as past, present, and future converges.

Kala Bhairava- Benefits of worshiping the Defender

Mythological Story Behind Creation Of Bhairava

Once, Lord Brahma and Vishnu got into a verbal duel as to who was the mightier among the two. When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he emerged as a massive pillar of light that stretched beyond the universe. He then declared that whoever finds the ends of that unending brightness will be considered stronger. Vishnu took the form of a wild boar and went down searching for locating the bottom, but he could not. Brahma, on the other hand, went up in the form of a swan to find the upper end, and he too could not go anywhere near the top. However, while Vishnu accepted his failure and returned, Brahma started boasting that he found the top of the light column.

Brahma also produced the Ketaki flower as an eyewitness of seeing him reach the top. Shiva was furious about Brahma lying about this and created Bhairava from the fire of his third eye. This ferocious Lord plucked out Brahma’s fifth head, which actually made the false claim. Brahma repented for his mistake and bowed to Shiva as atonement for his wrongdoing.

It is also believed that the separated skull of Brahma stuck to Bhairava’s hands, causing Brahmahatya Dosha. He had to wander around place to place, trying to get rid of the severed head from his hand. As he went about seeking alms in the skull stuck to his hand, Bhairava came to be known as Bhikshadana, the mendicant. Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi gave him food, at last, filled the skull, and immediately, it fell off his hands, relieving Bhairava of the affliction. It is for this reason that Bhairava is also regarded as a wandering form of Shiva.

Swarna Akarshana Bhairava – The Gold-Attracting Form Of Bhairava:

Swarna Akarshana Bhairava is the Bhairava form who can bless you to attract gold and material riches. As per scriptures, Swarna Akarshana is portrayed wearing a diamond crown, holding a pot of divine nectar (Amrit) in one hand, and a trident in another hand, along with his consort Bhairavi. It is believed that worshipping this supreme form of Bhairava can solve financial problems, bestow prosperity, worldly comforts, and help lead a satisfied and blissful life.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Kala Bhairava – The God Of Time:

Kala Bhairava is regarded as the archetype in charge of time, and worshipping him can grant good time management skills and timely success in endeavors. He can change your bad time to a good time and change your destiny. As per scriptures, propitiating Kala Bhairava can also bring relief from debts, bad karma, fear of death, and improve financial status.

Bhairava is also considered the ruling deity of Saturn. Hence, offering prayers to Bhairava on Saturdays can bring relief from the adverse effects of the karmic planet.

Connect with Kala Bhairava, the Lord of time, especially on Ashtami (8th waning Moon) and Kala Bhairava Jayanthi, his birthday, for the following blessings:

• Ability to handle time efficiently
• Good fortune & overall prosperity
• Financial stability
• New opportunities
• Success in endeavors