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Vadivudai Amman Virtual Pooja

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About Vadivudai

Goddess Vadivudai Amman is the form of Shakti that represents Parvati, the Divine Mother, and consort of Lord Shiva. She represents the creative feminine energy or Shakti who brings blessings of Wisdom. On worshipping her, she activates energies responsible for enhancing the beauty and good character traits.

Who Can Perform Vadivudai Amman Pooja?

Vadivudai Amman Virtual Pooja

Apart from her devotees who feel naturally connected to her with special reverence, others who can bestow you with specific blessings namely:

  • Activate beautiful energies within you to bloom as a well-endowed personality
  • Enhance your physical appearance and beauty
  • Acquire confidence and strong character
  • Get married and want to attract a life partner
  • Desirous of having children
  • Blessed with success for your efforts and endeavors

What Are The Blessings You Receive On Performing Vadivudai Amman Virtual Pooja?

Praying to Goddess Vadivudai Amman (Mother) online can confer the following benefits:

  • Beauty, charm and boosts your self-esteem
  • Knowledge and wisdom
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Desirable life partner and also with children
  • Good health and long life
  • Liberate you from your past Karma
When Should You Vadivudai Amman Virtual Pooja

You can perform Goddess Vadivudai pooja on Fridays.

Fire Lab or Vadivudai Amman Puja:

You can also participate in real time Vadivudai homa or puja performed with elaborate rituals amidst Vedic chants by priests in India.

Mythology Behind Vadivudai Amman

According to mythology, Parvati playfully closed her consort Lord Shiva’s eyes for three seconds and darkened the entire universe. Infuriated Shiva cursed his consort to be born thrice in the physical world as Icha Shakthi, Gnana Shakthi, and Kriya Shakthi, after which he will remarry her. This is the legendary story behind the three important temples of Mother Shakti in Tamil Nadu, South India.

In Vadivudai Amman temple, the Goddess is present in the form of Gnana Shakthi – the one who blesses her devotees with divine knowledge and wisdom. It is also believed that Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva received the vision of the supreme cosmic dance of the Lord at this temple.

This place was once a dense forest filled with trees and shrubs with scented flowers, called the Suganda Vanam. Once people from the neighboring villages found a grazing cow showering milk on a shrub, under which they found a Swayambu (self-manifested) Lingam. They worshipped the Lord as Sungandavaneswaran. In due course, the name transformed to Thirumanangeesar, a Tamil name.

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