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Saturn Virtual Pooja

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About Saturn

In Vedic astrology, he is known as the Planet for Karmic deeds- effects of good or bad deeds from your past and present life. He rules over longevity, aging process and death. Saturn represents elderly members of family, parents, and ancestors. Saturn also rules over long-lasting relationships, growth in profession and gains in life. Saturn takes 30 years to go round the zodiac, he delivers life lessons to each Moon sign. Saturn instills discipline, focus, deepens commitments, gives insights, opportunities, and fortitude for the things that really matter in life. Saturn is feared for the sufferings and frustrations it brings into our life. However, Archetype Hanuman controls Saturn with his tail.

Saturn Virtual Pooja

Who Should Perform Saturn Pooja

According to Vedic Astrology texts, you can invoke the blessings of Saturn if

  • Under Saturn Dasa (Major Period of Saturn)
  • Under Saturn Bhukti (Minor Period of Saturn)
  • Saturn is not well-placed in your birth chart
  • Saturn is debilitated in your birth chart
  • You are living through Saturn’s transit phase of seven and a half (7 1/2) years

Blessings And Benefits On Performing Saturn Virtual Pooja

According to Vedic Astrology, connecting with Saturn can bestow you with the following benefits:

  • Overcome limitations due to your past karmic deeds
  • Develop compassion, humility and a strong character to meet challenges
  • Learn to make good use of opportunities as well as develop a sense of duty and commitment
  • Instill tremendous survival instinct to rise above any obstacle and reach your goal
  • Bless you with everlasting success and happiness
  • To overcome disputes, disharmony, and delays
  • To overcome disappointments, anxieties, and miseries
  • Elude the process of premature aging
  • Find relief from drug addiction and even imprisonment
  • Reduce hardship for a good career growth
  • Bring happiness in relationships
When Should You Perform Saturn Virtual Pooja?

Virtual Saturn pooja can be performed every day at Saturn hora/hours or on Saturdays.

Saturn Fire Lab or Saturn Pooja:

You can also participate in real time Saturn homa or pooja performed with elaborate rituals amidst Vedic chants by priests in India.

Mythology behind Archetype Saturn

The Sun married Sanjana, the daughter of Dhuvashta and gave birth to three sons. When Sanchigai wanted to visit her parents without the knowledge of her husband (the Sun), she left behind her shadow, Chaya Devi.

Saturn is one of the three children born to the Sun and Chaya Devi.

Once, the God of death, Yama, who is the son of Sun through his first wife, was angry with his step-mother Chaya Devi and in a fit of rage hit his step-brother Saturn on his legs. This crippled Saturn and he became lame.

Saturn was granted the status of a planet by Lord Shiva because he established a lingam (a form of Lord Shiva) at Benares and fervently prayed to it for a long time.

Connect With The Divine

The sacred scriptures prescribe fire ceremony, Abishekam (hydration ceremony), Pooja/Archana (Light and Sound ceremony), Yantra and Mantra (special sounds) as the ways to offer your prayer to the divine. Out of these, fire ceremony is the most evolved spiritual technology on earth to connect with the divine beings. Participate in the remedial services to clear your karma and receive the blessings.

Saturn Pooja

Participate in Saturn Pooja to bring success in personal and professional lives.

Saturn Fire Lab

Participate in Saturn Fire lab to enhance your sense of duty, discipline and responsibility.

Saturn Yantra

Keep Saturn yantra with you to get relief from depression, despair and mental confusion.

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