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Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha (6°40′ to 20°00′ Aquarius)

A group of faint stars, completely within the sign of Aquarius, form the nakshatra Shatabhisha. When gazing at this nakshatra in the sky, Sadalachbia (Gamma Aquarii) is the brightest star of the group. Shatabhisha is known as "100 physicians" and is connected to medicine and healing abilities. People born under this star are independent and intrigued with puzzles, research and getting to the bottom of things. The symbol of Shatabhisha is an empty circle, which indicates the ability to explore mysteries and philosophies of the unknown. Shatabhisha is a secretive star with a focus on the hidden powers of life. This may lead to a reclusive life and those born under this star must be cautious of depression and seclusion. Overall, Shatabhisha bestows a truthful, perceptive and ambitious nature.

General Characteristics: Independent; harsh, yet truthful speech; grief-stricken, but conquers enemies; thoughtlessly engages in work.
Translation: "Hundred Physicians", "Hundred Medicines", "Possessing a Hundred Healers"
Symbol: An ox cart; an empty circle or round charm.
Animal Symbol: A Female Horse
Presiding Deity: Lord Varuna, the God of rain and cosmic waters.
Controlling Planet: Rahu
Ruling Deity of Rahu: Durga
Nature: Rakshasa (demonic)
Mode: Active
Gender: Neuter
Dosha: Vata
Guna: Tamasic
Element: Ether
Disposition: Moveable
Bird: Raven
Common Name: Kadambha
Botanical Name: Anthocephalus cadamba a
Seed Sounds: Go, Sa, Si, Su (see Padas of Shatabhisha)
Also related to Planets: Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, gives practicality

Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters called padas that contain more specific characteristics of a person born during the pada of Shatabhisha:


First Pada 06°40′ – 10°00′ of Aquarius.
Ruled by Jupiter
Soul Sound: Go
Keyword: Enthusiasm
Second Pada 10°00′ – 13°20′ of Aquarius.
Ruled by Saturn
Soul Sound: Sa (Saa)
Keyword: Pragmatic
Third Pada 13°20′ – 16°40′ of Aquarius.
Ruled by Saturn
Soul Sound: Si (See)
Keyword: Forward thinking
Fourth Pada 16°40′ – 20°00′ of Aquarius.
Ruled by Jupiter
Soul Sound: Su (Soo)
Keyword: Imagination

Strength: Independent; original; truthful; sharp mind; perceptive; emotionally controlled; interested in getting to the bottom of things; prosperous; economical; clever; able to defend themselves; enterprising; interested in astrology and other esoteric subjects; likes to solve puzzles; provides good service; finds happiness within themselves; strong principles; strong sense of justice; charitable; skilled in writing; sharp memory; daring; bold; artistic nature; defeats enemies.

Weakness: Loneliness; lacks self confidence; restricted; quiet yet will blurt things out in an unrefined manner; con artist; unstable; argumentative; uncommunicative; hides true intentions; miser; dependent on others to meet their needs; feels intensely restrained or mentally anguished; problematic relationships; reserved; secretive; keeps weaknesses to themselves; stubborn.

Professions: Physicians, healers, surgeons, X-ray technician, astronomers, astrologers, engineers, aeronautics, space engineer, pilots, nuclear physicists, researchers, electricians, writers, clerical work, secretaries, film and television, drug and pharmaceutical, working with herbs, drug dealers, waste disposal, plastics and petroleum, automobile industry, explorer, Zen practitioners

Famous Shatabhishas: Paul Newman, Robin Williams, Elvis Presley, J. Edgar Hoover, Paul Klee, Joe DiMaggio

Favorable Activities: Signing business deals and contracts, land and property deals, education, travel, bike riding, acquiring new vehicles, recreational ventures, meditation, sexual activity, astronomy and astrology, medicine, therapies, media events, technological activities, visiting the sea/ocean

Unfavorable Activities:

Marriage, childbirth, fertility treatments, law suits, arguments, negative action, new beginnings in general, too much socializing, financial matters, buying clothes or jewelry, domestic activities


Sacred Energy Vortex: Thiruppuhaloor gracious Karundhaarkuzhai Samedha Sri Agneeswarar Temple

The temple associated with Shatabhisha star is located at Thiruppuhaloor in the Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu, India. This temple called the Gracious Karundhaarkuzhai Samedha Sri Agneeswarar Temple has divine energy capable of revealing the past, present and future.

Those people born under Shatabhisha star should anoint Lord Shiva, named Sri Agnesswarar, with sesame (gingili) oil and sandal paste on Shatabhisha star day, especially if it falls on Saturday. It is also auspicious to perform abhishehkam, archana and a fire ritual. Conducting these rituals will bring healing for illnesses. Worshipping at this temple also provides assistance to overcome problems cause by the influence of Saturn.

It is favorable to light sesame (gingili) oil lamps in the shape of a crescent and offer food made of rice and milk. It is also beneficial to partake in charity work or philanthropy. Those people born under different stars may also perform abhishekham and archana and ask for the Grace of Lord Shiva. It is especially powerful on Shatabhisha day during the month of Chittirai (April 15- May 14). Visiting this temple brings blessings of good health and longevity.

It is believed that the first Sandal tree originated on Shatabhisha star. It is considered an auspicious service to grind the sandalwood with one’s own hands. A person can anoint the deity with this sandal paste and ask for peace of mind and spiritual knowledge. If sandal paste is given as prasadham and applied to the forehead it will reduce anxiety and provide divine energies.

Shatabhisha natives, your incense is made with the herb Kadambha as prescribed by the Vedas.

Burning one of these pillars is like performing a mini fire ritual for that particular star formation. For your specific Birthstar, you will be able to connect inwardly to your planet of energetic origin and gain support with the positive aspects that are you.

Burning the other Nakshatra pillars on that specific Nakshatra day will tune you in with the favorable activities with that star’s energy for the day. It is recommended to at least burn your own personal Nakshatra pillar daily to stay connected to your essence. It is advantageous to burn the days Nakshatra pillar as well.