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Pushya Nakshatra

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May 13, 2024, Monday


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Pushya (To provide nourishment) (93°20′ to 106°40′ Cancer)

Pushya nakshatra is located entirely in the Zodiac sign of Cancer and is comprised of the stars: Theta-, Gamma- and Eta-Cancri. Pushya is translated as "nourisher" which expresses the essence of this star. The symbol of this nakshatra is the udder of a cow, again representing nourishment. The cow is revered in the Vedic tradition and is a symbol of fertility and productivity. Brihaspati (an aspect of Jupiter) is the ruling deity of Pushya, who bestows qualities of benevolence, while Saturn, the ruling planet, brings commitment and practicality. People born under Pushya nakshatra have a strong sense of family, home and community as well as an affinity for good food and social enjoyment. They need a balanced approach to life or they may become too comfortable or rigid. Pushya is the most benign of all stars and is considered a favorable nakshatra for spiritual pursuits. Those born under this star are dependable, generous, protective and calm.




“The Star of Nourishmnet”


A Goat

Ruling Deity of Saturn









Light and swift

Tree: Common Name

Sacred Fig

Seed Sounds

 Hoo, He, Ho, Dah

Related Planets

Moon, as the ruler of Cancer.
Jupiter exalts in this star.


The udder of a cow;
Flower; Circle

Star Energy

Brahmavarchava Shakti

Controlling Planet



Devas (God-like)








Sea Crow

Tree: Botanical Name

Ficus religiosa


Blackish Red

Presiding Deity

 Brihaspati, a form of
Jupiter who is the God
of Sacred Speech and Prayer.

Sacred Energy Vortex

Vilankulam Sri Akshayapureeswarar

The energy vortex that resonates with Pushya nakshatra is located in Thanjavur near Peravoorani in Tamil Nadu, India. People born und the star of Pushya should visit and worship the sacred temple of Sri Vilankulam Sri Akshayapureeswarar at least once during their lifetime.

Pushya is the star of Lord Sri Saneeswarar. According to the Siddhas, the inner meaning of Pushya is "to gain the affection through the glorious feet of God." Sri Saneeswarar incurred a foot injury as Yama, the God of Death, kicked Sri Saneeswarar, leaving him with a disabled foot. To remedy his ailment, Sri Saneeswarar began begging for grains, which he then cooked and fed to the poor. He also made offerings and prayers to Lord Shiva at the sacred shrine of Vilankulam. Sri Saneeswarar received the grace of Shiva at this temple and his foot was healed. Those born under Pushya will gain the affection of Lord Sri Saneeswarar at this temple. This is where Lord Shiva revealed himself as Lord Akshayapureeswarar. He was present for Sri Sanesswarar and he is always present at this temple. People born under Pushya have abundant luck and if they offer prayers at this shrine, they will easily attain the benefits of penance.

Sri Saneeswarar can provide longevity and remove worries so that people may live in happiness. It is especially beneficial for people in the major or minor period of Saturn (Shani) to make an offering to Sri Saneeswarar to remove the evil effects committed during their previous lifetimes. Foreigners born under Pushya nakshatra should visit this temple once a year and circumambulate the temple, from left to right, eight times. This will eliminate problems with the planet Saturn.

It is recommended to anoint Lord Sri Saneeswarar with sandal paste and offer sesame sweets. Giving the sweet food to poor people at the temple is another remedy for any afflictions of Saturn. Unexpected health problems, chronic ailments and, large debt problems due to health treatment can be eliminated by making offerings at the Vilankulam Lord Sri Saneeswarar Temple.

Pushya nakshatra natives, your incense is made with the herb Peepal as prescribed by the Vedas.

Burning one of these pillars is like performing a mini fire ritual for that particular star formation. For your specific Birthstar, you will be able to connect inwardly to your planet of energetic origin and gain support with the positive aspects that are you.

Burning the other Nakshatra pillars on that specific Nakshatra day will tune you in with the favorable activities with that star’s energy for the day. It is recommended to at least burn your own personal Nakshatra pillar daily to stay connected to your essence. It is advantageous to burn the days Nakshatra pillar as well.

  • Spiritual
  • intuitive
  • intelligent
  • learned
  • passionate
  • creative
  • helpful
  • likeable
  • respected
  • socially adept
  • inclusive
  • selfless
  • philanthropic
  • humanitarian
  • independent
  • nurturing
  • counselor
  • financial expert
  • fight for public interest and whole-heartedly defend belief system.

General Characteristics

Knowledgeable in a variety of subjects; admired; in control of passions; wealthy and fond of performing charitable deeds.

Padas (quarters)

Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters called padas that contain more specific characteristics of a person born in that pada (quarter):

First Pada Second Pada Third Pada Fourth Pada
93° 20′ to 96° 40′ in Cancer 
Navamsa sign: Leo
Soul Sound: Hoo
Keyword: Achievement
96° 40′ to 100° 00′ in Cancer
Navamsa sign: Virgo
Soul Sound: He 
Keyword: Service
100° 00′ to 103° 20′ in Cancer
Navamsa sign: Libra
Soul Sound: Ho
Keyword: Luxury
103° 20′ to 106° 40′ in Cancer
Navamsa sign: Scorpio
Soul Sound: Dah
Keyword: Esoteric
Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa)

Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa

The Navagraha and Nakshatra Homa is a powerful ritual performed to alter the effects of karma accorded to you by the nine planets, thus changing the course of your destiny. Appeasing the nine planets and acquiring their blessings play a crucial role in resolving difficulties in day-to-day life and charting a course toward peace and happiness.

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